Visio-Lux Titanium 240V RTS Remote Control Electric Roller Blinds

  • 240V AC Mains RTS Power
    Control Options
    • Tells 1 RTS Pure(+£25.94)

    • Telis 4 RTS Pure(+£41.95)

    • Tells 6 Chronis RTS Pure(+£144.95)

    • Smoove Origin RTS(+£29.95)

    • Telis 16 RTS Pure(+£129.95)

    • Telis 1 RTS Lounge(+£44.06)

    • Telis 4 RTS Lounge(+£62.03)

    • Telis 1 RTS Silver(+£35.24)

    • Telis 4 RTS Silver(+£51.52)

    • Telis 16 RTS Silver(+£133.96)

    • Telis 6 Chronis RTS Silver(+£152.95)

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    Controliss Visio-Lux Titanium 240V AC mains RTS remote control electric roller blind:  Create an immediate impression with our contemporary titanium roller screen fabric. The nature of the screen fabric determines a 3% openness factor that allows light to gently filter through, bathing the room with subtle diffused light. These high-fashion fabrics are presented in highly desirable finishes, perfect choices for modern loft-style apartments and high-end new builds alike! An increasingly popular choice for those wanting a covering for architectural windows or bi-fold doors, these visually impacting fabrics are flame-retardant and durable, so they will not only look spectacular for many years to come, they will perform excellently on the roller blind too.

    Min Width: 59 cm Min Drop: 20 cm

    Max Width: 400 cm with a Max drop of 270 cm

    Max Drop: 400 cm with a Max width of 300 cm

    Delivery: 7-10 working days

    In the Box

    In the Box

    Ready to install Controliss 240V AC mains powered RTS remote control roller blind with integrated whisper quiet 240V AC mains electric motor to offer the ultimate in luxurious and efficient blind motorisation. Installation brackets suitable for either top fix or face fix.