Glydea DCT Curtain Track

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    Glydea DCT electric curtain track: The simple form and sleek lines of our made to measure motorised curtain tracks compliment the most prestigious of projects, from high-end luxury homes and hotels to commercial conference venues and meeting centres. These superior curtain tracks offer whisper quiet day-to-day operation with smooth soft starting and soft stopping motions each time the track begins or completes its movement. Furthermore, the powerful mains powered Glydea 60e motor can drive track lengths up to 10 metres wide and carry a curtain weight of up to 60kg.

    With an innovative ultra slim rail design, this track is suited to all pencil pleat style curtains, whether you want centre opening curtains that will stack evenly at each end of the track or a side opening curtain running across. Your drapes will simply affix to the hooks that are conveniently positioned from end-to-end along the entire width of the track to allow the curtains to completely cover the track when closed and to subtly hide the motor at all times.

    Controls: With the Glydea DCT curtain track, you will receive a DCT dry contact control cable that gives the capability for direct volt-free operation of your curtains. This offers an endless array of opportunities for control of your curtains as it allows you to integrate this motorised curtain track into a home automation or building management system. The Cat5E dry contact (DCT) control cable, which discreetly plugs into the RJ12 port of the curtain track motor, would need to be connected directly to a suitable blind/curtain control unit while the separate motor power cable would require a 240V AC power supply.

    By combining the splendour of the Glydea curtain track with the practicality of your chosen control system, you are open to a vast selection of control possibilities such as smart phone or tablet control, or even operation as part of a pre-determined 'mood setting' that could control your curtains and lighting simultaneously.

    For added convenience and ease of use, the Glydea DCT curtain track incorporates Touch Motion functionality - gently pull on the curtain and the system will take over to fully open or close the curtains for you.

    A Somfy DCT Setting Tool is required to set up a DCT curtain track or group of DCT tracks before connection to your control system. With this setting tool, you can make adjustments to the way the track operates such as adjusting the running speed, setting the sensitivity for the touch motion feature and altering the points at which the curtains automatically stop so that they open and close exactly how you want them to.

    Min Width: 50cm

    Max Width: 1000cm

    Delivery: 3-4 Weeks

    In the Box

    In the Box

    Ready to install electrically powered, made to measure curtain track with integrated 240V powered motorisation.

    Installation brackets suitable for either top fix or face fix installations, as requested.

    1 metre 240V power cable from left or right hand side of the track

    2.5 metre DCT control cable from left or right hand side of the track

    Comprehensive installation instructions are provided with each track together with detailed configuration options.