Oscuro Kiwi 240V RTS Remote Control Electric Vertical Blinds

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    • Telis 1 Modulis RTS Pure(+£40.86)

    • Telis 4 Modulis RTS Pure(+£51.07)

    • Tells 6 Chronis RTS Pure(+£144.95)

    • Smoove Origin RTS(+£29.95)

    • Telis 16 RTS Pure(+£129.95)

    • Telis 16 RTS Silver(+£133.96)

    • Telis 6 Chronis RTS Silver(+£152.95)

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    Controliss Oscuro Kiwi 240V AC mains RTS remote control electric vertical blind: This fabric is bold and striking natural pea green colour. Perfect to use either as an accent colour or to blend with a natural palette. It's a rich fabric inspired by natural tones that will create an air of relaxation in your home. Controliss vertical blinds are suitable for a wide range of applications and are characterised by their flexibility, durability and the efficient, versatile solar protection they provide. The 89mm fabric louvres can be adjusted to follow the course of the sun and are an excellent way to control and direct the light. Vertical blinds can be used to create a variety of very different lighting effects, as there are many possibilities for regulating the incoming light depending on the position of the louvres. For private homes, the focus is on the decorative aspect, as well as the solar protection. The electric vertical blind gives unique luxurious control of a product that has its own distinct character and yet leaves a great deal of scope for architectural design.

    Min Width: 45 cm Min Drop: 20 cm

    Max Width: 450 cm

    Max Drop: 300 cm

    Delivery: 7-10 working days

    In the Box

    In the Box

    Ready to install Controliss 240V AC mains powered RTS remote control vertical blind with 240V AC mains electric motor to offer full control of the draw and the rotation of the vertical blind fabric louvres. Installation brackets suitable for either top fix or face fix.