Woodland Fantasy

This entry was posted on 9th December 2010

With these past few winter months having been somewhat chilly and with the festive-season drawing closer and closer, it would appear that now is the right time to indulge in your very own forest fantasy. And what better to base your forest fantasy around than your Christmas tree?  The lush green leaves, the beautiful smell, it all screams out woodland fantasy to me! So you have your main centrepiece in place, it looks the part, it smells the part, but what about the rest of your fantasy?  Well here are my ideas for making your home like something out of fresh woodland, with the use of many earthy delights and simple pleasures. Your fantasy will be a reality before you know it! Embrace the woodland mood in the comfort of your own home with Controliss electric blinds. Just to stick with the mood, wooden blinds are best here, or better still why not go eco-woodland and go for Eco-impressions Wood Effect Blinds, the perfect accompaniment to your woodland wonderland. After you have selected your desired wood shade, you will need to decide on your palette, why not go for earthy greens and browns, even with a touch of red. The earthy colours will make your chosen room feel warm and the touch of red will add that little bit of jazz. Winter to me screams out warmth and snuggles (within your house that is), so either an open fireplace or a collection of strategically placed candles, will provide that relaxed, woodland ambiance. This along with a vast collection of snugly cushions and faux fur throws will really make your home feel like a woodland fantasy! So go on, why not embrace your inner naturals and make that woodland fantasy a woodland reality!

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