Window Blinds Reduce the Risk of Burglary by 6%

This entry was posted on 23rd September 2010

Window Blind Security

A recent Home Office report on Crime in England and Wales revealed that domestic burglaries can be reduced by six percent with homeowners taking preventive measures, such as installing window blinds on windows in the ground floor. The study also shows that people who have less than basic home security measures are six times more likely to be a victim of burglary than those who have basic home security in place. To maintain basic home security, electric window blinds offer the best protection because it prevents burglars from scouting your home for valuables, deters burglars from entering unnoticed, and can give a semblance of human presence in your residence even when you're on vacation. One of the ways that burglars pinpoint their potential victims is to do some reconnaissance work. They may want to surreptitiously peer through your windows and scout for potential valuable items. Vertical blinds are the best way to let in light without sacrificing home security. These kinds of blinds provide the privacy needed especially in bedrooms and lounges. The home interiors are also safe from the prying eyes of possible burglars. Another way that window blinds can protect your home from burglary is that they may create noise that may alert homeowners about a house intrusion. Window blinds may also pose a challenge for burglars to navigate through and may give you a few precious seconds to alert authorities. Electric window blinds offer some very important advantages  over manually operated blinds in providing your home more security especially when you're away from home. Burglars often choose an uninhabited abode as their targets for a hassle-free job. New wireless control systems allow you to set specific times to occasionally raise and lower your window blinds to give outsiders the impression that there are people inside your home. Indeed, electric window blinds do more than giving you control over light and privacy. They are also excellent additions to your basic home security to prevent your home from being stripped of its valuables by housebreakers.

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