Window Blinds for Every Design Style

This entry was posted on 21st August 2010

Window Blinds Style

One of the design dilemmas you might be confronted with when it comes to choosing window blinds is how to incorporate window blinds in your overall design style. Don't make another design mistake with this advice on how to choose window blinds for every style: Formal/Traditional Formal design features abundant beauty in rich textures and colours. Formal design styles include the use of heirlooms and antique furnishings, elegant wall papers, and intricately-designed surface treatments. Add to the opulence of this design style by including the organic beauty of wooden blinds or the more luxurious suede Beaujolais vertical blinds. Contemporary For the contemporary style, functionality and comfort are paramount. Clean lines and experimental use of different materials, such as concrete, wood, glass, and metal characterize this design style. To achieve windows that echo the modern style, look for window blinds in an understated colour. Choose the sheer weave of Verso Dairy vertical blinds because it softens the harsh lines of modern design without veering away from the contemporary style. Casual Spacious rooms with a light and airy atmosphere create a comfortable and casual style that can put anyone at ease. Wood furnishings and comfy down-filled couches can be unified with stylish but simple vertical blinds. Invite the relaxed atmosphere of lazy Sunday afternoons with City Denim textured vertical blinds. Eclectic An eclectic design style fuses different design styles in unexpected combinations. Think about Art Deco meeting French country or Japanese minimalism uniting with American contemporary designs. If you want the window treatments to be the focal point of your room, choose solid-coloured blinds in a bright shade. Our Venetian blinds collection now has shades as bold as Satin Fire Red that’s perfect for the eclectic style. If you want to highlight other furnishings in your room, choose more muted shades for your window treatments such as Satin Castle Stone venetian blinds or sheer vertical blinds in haze white.

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