Window Blinds Advice for Every Room in Your House

This entry was posted on 11th August 2010

Window Blinds Advice

Are you putting off purchasing new window blinds for any room of your house? We understand the frustration of having so many choices so we've made window blind shopping easier with these handy hints for every room in your house: Living Room - The focal point of most living rooms are large windows that offer the best views. Large windows, however, have their downsides. They let in too much sunlight that results to UV-damaged furniture and overheat the living room. For living rooms, look for window blinds that block the UV rays. If you have an entertainment centre in your living room, choose blinds that darken the room, such as Venetian blinds in Satin black to reduce the glare. Kitchen – Window blinds for the kitchen should allow the breeze to enter to cool down the space. If your kitchen is adjacent to a neighbour's window then make sure you can create privacy when needed. If you’re the type who loves cooking, then make sure that the fabrics or materials of the window blinds can put up with higher heat and humidity. They should also be easy-to-clean for a hassle-free cooking experience, metal venetian blinds may be the best option for most kitchens. Dining Room – Dining rooms are often private affairs and thus, window blinds are essential. Look for blinds in soft fabrics that allow soft natural light to enter. This creates for an elegant setting that encourages conversation. Bedroom – Bedrooms are highly private areas. Look for window blinds that give maximum privacy. If you’re a person who values long sleeping hours, then opt for window blinds that have room-darkening properties. Use seamless designs to prevent light from entering through the gaps or seams so keep the device firmly inside the window frame. Home Office – Anti-glare properties are a must for the home office, especially if you spend copious amounts of time on a computer. However, look for versatile designs that allow you to control the light coming into your home office. In this way, you can let the sunshine in when you are reading or meeting with clients. Bathroom – It goes without saying that privacy is your main concern in a bathroom. Motorised blinds are perfect for the bathroom as it allows you to control the blinds from your bathtub. Look for materials that can withstand humidity and won’t warp or crack. Mildew-resistant materials are a must. Nursery – Safety is of utmost importance and so look for wands or loose cords should not be placed in an area where your child or baby can reach. Again get a tight fit around the window frame to ensure that your child will get adequate sleep even in the summer months when it is still light outside at bedtime.

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