What Will You Add When You Use CAD?

This entry was posted on 12th June 2011

If you're thinking about remodelling your home or even just an individual room, it is widely recommended that you have a floor plan drawn up before you make any drastic changes. In the past, whenever you wanted to make major changes to your rooms, such as, knocking some walls through or adding an extension and deciding where items like bookcases, tables, seating, maybe even window blinds will go; you would have had to take out a pencil, ruler and eraser to sketch your plan on graph paper in order to get an idea of how it will look. Or you could have enlisted a professional architect or engineer, who, for decades, have been using computer-aided design (CAD) software to draw up accurate floor plans. Early CAD programs were designed for professional, large scale projects and so would have been difficult for non-professionals to access and, not to mention, expensive if it was only to be used for a single house. Today, however, you can purchase and download software to your PC that is designed to be easy to use by anyone wanting to transform their home or rooms. These programs are available in the form of a CD-ROM or downloadable from a publisher's website, many of which will offer a free demo to give you a limited trial of the program to help you decide whether you want to purchase a full floor plan design suite. The advantage of using a CAD software package to plan your renovation, as opposed to on paper, is that the latest programs can all show a 2D and 3D model of your design and offer a choice of 1000s of furnishings, designs and textures to apply to the room. This presents the most ideal view of your ideas, and will let you play around with colours and styles, without implementing any physical changes to your actual house. Software developers offer various subscriptions for their design tools to allow customers to choose the version that will fulfil their needs without spending more for features that they will never need. For many simple projects, the free online programs, despite the limits placed on them, may suffice in creating a design for your space and choosing the best possible layout; without making any payments for a professional or a full design suite. For example, at www.floorplanner.com, there is a version of their design product available that will allow you to create one plan without charge. Once you have established the style and colours you want for your interior, don't forget that Controliss blinds offers free samples of wood, roller, venetian and vertical blinds. While CAD software can be used to produce a wonderful overall virtual design, our free samples will allow you to get a genuine feel for the physical texture and properties of our materials. For instance, if you order a fabric sample, you can hold it up to the sun light to comprehend how it will look when the sun is shining through your windows, something no design program is currently capable of showing you.

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