Warming Up For Winter

This entry was posted on 25th October 2011

As our very late summer sun sinks away and the cold blustery weather forces its way upon us, all thoughts of flip-flops and cocktails subside, and are replaced by hotpots and Horlicks instead!

We are currently involved in the conversion of an early 1900's barn , a beautiful brick built building that the developers are trying to coax in to the 21st century.  Creating a contemporary scheme within a traditional facade, retaining the character and integrity of the barn throughout. Having managed to achieve UV values in excess of those specified by Building Control, by utilizing specialist glazing and over specifying the insulation, the clients are keen to achieve a stylish, open-plan environment yet still feel nice and warm! In large, open-plan expansive spaces, underfloor heating is the perfect choice.  Underfloor heating ensures a clutter free streamlined look, no restrictions in terms of  furniture placement and most importantly in the current climate, the wet system is extremely cost effective to run.  UFH eliminates the hot spots that are created by radiators, the heat generated, whether a wet (warm water) system or an electric system, is more uniformly spread, evenly throughout the floor. Robbens Underfloor Heating is the system to be installed in the barn to all floors.  The ground floor and the bathrooms will all be finished in stone; the bedrooms are engineered wooden floors.  The system operates effectively with both flooring finishes, although it is worth seeking advice from your flooring supplier, if you wish to use beneath solid wood flooring. The UFH pipes are laid on top of the insulation in the floor, and then covered with a product called Gyvlon screed.  This is a liquid screed that is pumped in, and cuts down on the heavy labour, and time entailed if completed conventionally. Here is a photograph of the ground floor, prepared ready for screeding, which takes place tomorrow!

Having gone to so much effort to ensure that the Barn is toasty all year round, we will be introducing our sophisticated Controliss 240v blinds to the full height glazing.

At Controliss, we have a fabulous range of stylish, contemporary fabrics and as a member of the Controliss Design Team, I know that we have all of the Solar and Optical ratings of each and every fabric.

From the funky metallic effect screen fabrics to the light and heat defensive blackout fabrics, we can be certain of retaining the heat generated without compromising the design aesthetics.

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