Top 7 Window Treatment Tips from the Best Designers

This entry was posted on 29th July 2010

Top 7 Interior Design Tips

Window treatments can make or break the look of your own home. If your windows are looking a little bit worn out and need some trendy updating, here are a few of the top window treatment design trends for you to get started on your latest design project: Bring Nature In with Organic Materials. The hottest design trend is literally bringing in nature inside the home and what better way to do this than to use natural materials for your window treatments? Wooden blinds are elegant and refreshing additions for your windows but they can be a bit heavy. Worried about moisture damage to wooden blinds? Try these lovely Controliss Eco-Impressions in Wood. Add Colour Your Windows. Window treatments in various shades of blue are making a come-back with some designers claiming that it is the new “red.” Dramatic blinds in true blue will create striking windows. If you want a more soothing alternative, try blinds in soft spring rain or cool sky. Round out the colours with lavender or gray and you’ll have a soothing palette of colours for your room. Put Some Drama with Luxury Fabrics. Home interior trends often mirror fashion. Although some design styles are leaning towards simplicity, the use of luxe fabrics that beg to be touched and held still remain supreme in the design world. Dress up your blinds with luxury fabrics or add grosgrain and velvet trims to your window blinds to update them. Choose Bold Prints. If you have a love for roman shades, choose bold, splashy prints in florals for your fabric. Nothing looks more modern than colourful stripes or geometric shapes in your window treatments. Drape Your Windows with Silk. Silk draperies have been around for quite some time and though it’s a more expensive option for your window treatments, they can certainly add a touch of class into your rooms because of the shiny fabric. Instantly brighten up a dull room with silk draperies which also come in a variety of styles, from the preppy plaid silks to the more opulent jacquard paisleys. Go Green. With people becoming more aware of environmentally-friendly home styling, window treatments are not only being used to spruce up the look of a room, but to keep energy bills down as well. Honeycomb shades are becoming a more popular choice because they also serve to keep the heat and the cold from entering the home. Fabric manufacturers have also applied the latest scientific principles to fabrics, creating allergen-free and antimicrobial variants. Pick Hi-Tech Blinds. The technological explosion has also invaded home design with remote-controlled blinds. More and more people are investing in luxury technology innovations, such as motorised blinds for their convenience and safety. With these latest window treatment tips, you’ll surely be able to update the look of any room in your house.

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