Tom Dixon

This entry was posted on 9th May 2011

The first time I experienced and admired one of Tom Dixon's designs was in a bar in Nottingham. A warm friendly bar with an essence of cool and the longest line of the biggest copper lights along the bar you have ever seen. I loved the lights, they were so different, then a friend pointed out they were designed by Tom Dixon. That was the fuel to my fire, I went a bit Tom Dixon mad, researching where I could get one of these fantastic lights. Originally born in Tunisia, Tom Dixon moved to the UK at a very young age.  He attended Art school for a 6 month period until he had a bad motorbike accident which kept him in hospital for 3 months. When he was well enough he spent a couple of years as a musician in a band until another motorbike accident left him unable to play. He spent a lot of time being a nocturnal party animal which enabled him to experiment with welded structures in the day time. He quickly honed his welding skills so he could keep his motor bike on the road, and experimented with scrap, producing all sorts of pieces.  He soon realised he could turn scrap into pieces of practical and beautiful art which people were willing to buy.  Tom started to gather a following of fans and specific commissions to produce bespoke pieces. He was noticed by the Italian furniture company 'Cappellini' who put some of his designs into production such as the curvy 'S-Chair', which ultimately made Tom Dixon’s name and became an iconic piece of modern furniture. Many may not have heard of Tom Dixon before, but he’s more prevalent than you realise, as he is the creative director for Habitat and has been since 1997. The Tom Dixon company  started in 2002, and since then it has has produced its own range of furniture and contemporary lighting, famously the mirror ball range, of which the Copper Shade which I absolutely love was created. It might take me a while to save up for the Copper Shade, but I think it’s definitely worth supporting great British designers who produce iconic pieces of work. For now I will just frequent the bar in Nottingham, buy a glass of Rose and gaze adoringly at their line of Tom Dixon Copper Shades.

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