The Ultimate Home for Gadget Fans

This entry was posted on 4th September 2010

Homes for Gadget Fans

We've blogged about how the automated home can be rather expensive or impractical, but the team at Controliss couldn't help but think about the possibilities of a home full of gadgets, James Bond-style. That's why if you're a gadget freak, here's the definitive guide to your ultimate dream home:

Solar Roofing

Word's out the solar roofing has become more efficient. Solar roof tiles now claim to be able to provide about 8 to 20% more solar energy than last year's crystalline silicon panels. For example, 30 tiles with 14-inch exposure areas can generate about 860 kilowatts per hour after 6 hours of solar exposure. Not only that, curved solar roofing are now available so your roof can be as suave and sexy as James Bond.

Keyless Door Locks

Nothing is as uncool as fumbling around with your keys after a night out in the pub. While it would be cooler to have a microchip implanted in your brain that controls your doors the moment you think about opening your door, that kind of technology is not available yet. Fortunately, keyless door locks are now available which allow you to open your door when you say “Open Sesame” and silently pressing the key fob.

Gadget Sofa

Let's face it; it's hard to find a cushy sofa that satisfies the gadget lover. Yet, this doesn’t keep you from spending endless hours on it. With the gadget sofa, you can spend your whole life without moving. The intelligent sofa has two LCD screens inside each armrest that could pop out and fold back nicely when they are not used. It also has an iPod and iPhone dock and hidden speakers with a subwoofer.

Touchscreen Walls and Surfaces

Hollywood's touchscreen surfaces may be just around the corner because of the invention of a thin polymer film that can be applied to plastic, wood, or glass. This film can detect up to 16 touches at the same time. Think about all your walls magically transforming into a television or wallpaper that can change according to your mood. How about connecting with your friends in social media sites on your wall?

Remote-Controlled Window Blinds

Now this technology is within your reach. Imagine how cool it is to have your window blinds go swoosh whenever you press a single button in the remote control. You can have light enter the room by tilting the slats of Controliss venetian blinds or completely blocked out such as our superb collection of blackout shades. With all these cool gadgets in your room, you can act and feel like James Bond. With Controliss remote-controlled blinds, the futuristic home is now within your reach.

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