The smart scales that keep you fit

This entry was posted on 7th November 2013


There are plenty of apps and tech designed to keep track on your health and fitness. But few that connect up all the data to help you get and stay fit. The Libra scales from Runtastic take one-step closer to a joined tech solution by measuring a lot more than just your weight. It also provides you with body fat measurements, body mass index, bone mass, muscle mass, calorie calculation and body water content. Data that is collected via a Bluetooth based sensor. By generating such detailed body metrics the Libra allows you to review and analyse the data and set yourself realistic health goals. Naturally it comes with an app that syncs with the scales to help you monitor your data on the go as well as syncing with the Runtastic website. As this kind of tech gets smarter it’s only a matter of time before your scales and your fridge start talking to each other to keep your diet on the straight and narrow, or to tell your treadmill to give you an extra hard workout. Find out more: Runtastic Libra Scales

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