The Perfect Bachelor Pad Accessory

This entry was posted on 7th December 2010

So, you're sat at home playing the latest version Call of Duty on your PS3, when all of a sudden a great beam of light shines through your Vertical blinds and the dreaded words 'Game Over' appear on your screen. Well, don't fear boys, here at Controliss we have the perfect accessory for you that will save those 'Game Over' moments! Yes, here at Controliss Blinds we offer a wide range of roller blinds, is that it? You say. Well no actually it's not it, what makes our Roller blinds ideal for the bachelor lifestyle is the fact that they come with a remote control. Perfect for when your mother pops around unexpectedly, or for when the Avon lady knocks on your door for the fifth time in a week. You see all you have to do is press a button and the whole world is blocked out! If you have gone for the minimalist look of stainless steel appliances, white walls and black furniture then our Liso Jet Black Roller blind is for you. These fantastic remote controlled blinds will help prevent the words 'Game Over' ever appearing on your television screen again as well as coming in handy when you've had one too many Jack Daniels and you cannot face seeing a spec of daylight! If your bachelor pad is more neutrally toned, or even colourful for that matter then don’t fear, here at Conroliss Blinds we offer our roller blinds in many fabrics and textures, depending on your personal preference and taste. You can go all out with our funky Fresco Spring roller blind, or go for something more demure with our Textura Golden roller blind the choice really is yours. So, there you have it, they are cool, convenient and easily installed. So why not give it a go and get your hands on this seasons new must have accessory, the remote control roller blind!

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