The Old Ways Are The Best

This entry was posted on 20th May 2011

If you’ve been reading previous blogs, you may know that over the weekend I stayed in Nottingham to look after a friend’s house and dog and to visit the guys at Controliss Blinds. One morning as I got up to go and freshen up I heard some clatter downstairs. It was the cleaner! The cleaner! Which is brilliant, and I realise that people do have busy lives and children and so on, so having a cleaner come for an hour or two to spruce up the house is wonderful, and to be honest she was fantastic, I couldn’t make a work surface sparkle like she did, and how did she do it? with minimum fuss and effort. Which got me thinking about how many products there are out there that do everything from  descale your kettle to clean the inside of the oven and remove stains on the carpet. But also these are highly formed chemicals, which although do a great job could be toxic. Kim and Aggies How Clean Is Your House created a flurry of home owners going back to the good old ways of using cupboard ingredients to clean. This saved them a lot of money on costly cleaning products and the results were just as good if not better. You’ll probably have some of the essentials for cleaning lying around the home and under the sink, like Lemon, white wine vinegar, baking soda and olive oil. These products are great for cleaning tiles, wooden floors and the great thing is they’re not harmful. White wine vinegar breaks down mineral deposits, olive oil will polish your furniture to a high sheen and protect it, and lemon will deodorise and destroy grease. They are all you really need!

So the next time you peer through your beautiful Controliss electric blinds and spot murky windows grab some white wine vinegar and a newspaper and rub the window panes until they sparkle! The old ways are definitely the best.

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