The Home of the Future

This entry was posted on 27th June 2011

The Grand Designs Live exhibition came to London this year in April and is set to show again in Birmingham starting on the 7th of October. One of the main exhibitions in April was The House of the Future sponsored by Virgin Media. This high tech home displayed all the latest products and innovations currently on the market from some of the biggest brands. At Controliss Blinds, we are always interested in the development of new home innovations. If you feel you need to step up your game in terms of technology, look at some of the most innovative products around now.

Electrolux showcased a product not only needed in every home, but they were incredibly kind to the environment whilst doing it. The innovative Vac from the Sea is made with recycled plastic, that is collected from numerous plastic islands that have come to rest, or float around on our oceans, and of course come to rest on shores and beaches. There are 5 different versions of this The Vac from the Sea including a North Sea Edition.

Everyone dreams of floating away on a cloud when going to sleep and now they can, with the Liftbed. This is such a great idea for those who have little space in the home. You may need one of your rooms as an office or wardrobe but also need a bed for guests, lift bed neatly raises to the ceiling in the day so you can use the room as normal and then, at the flick of a switch, the room transforms into a beautiful bedroom. If like my brother, you have hundreds of books lying around the home, and have nowhere to store them or don’t really want to put more shelves on the walls, what about a Long Form Library?  This incredible invention is made from plywood, with inlaid lights that change colour to create an ambient mood and the user can rock whilst reading. The inbuilt shelves can accommodate hundreds of books. It’s a real quirky innovation. So there are some ideas for the future, take a bold step and invest in something with a great story. For tickets to the next Grand Designs exhibition, click here.

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