The Colour of Glass

This entry was posted on 6th May 2011

It’s so nice to loll around in bed at the weekends, that well deserved lie in is a real treat, that is until the sun streams through the window, burning through your eyelids. Then you have to get up. Despite how many curtains and old bed sheets you hang in the window you can’t quite seem to block those early morning rays. You could go very continental and install shutters, but beware, if you need that loo break in the middle of the night, you stagger around in the dark and could end up breaking something else! You could be a clever clog and install Controliss blinds, that way you wouldn’t even have to get out of bed. Why? Because they are remote control, and it’s doesn’t get much better than that, all you need now is a robot to bring you your tea and morning paper and maybe some kind of system to help you decide what you need to do over the course of the day and which clothes will suit your chores. Another way to dress your windows, which seems incredibly popular at the moment, is stained glass. I understand that you probably wouldn’t want to wake up thinking you’re at the altar of a church but it’s a lot more colourful and creative, you wouldn’t even have to cover the whole window, there are smaller stained glass pieces you can hang in the window that catch the light. There are a lot of places that provide stained glass courses so you can make your own creative piece of art in stained glass. If you think that’s too much effort there are lots of very talented artists such as Abinger Stained Glass and Richard Pett of Stained Glass Art who you can purchase from or have that extra special something commissioned that has real meaning to you. And some reclamation companies out there offer reclaimed stained glass that has real depth and history. So the next time you’re woken at 5am by the sun, think about how to harness those beautiful rays, with a remote control blind and a piece of colourful glass art.

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