The Best Colour Advice from Controliss

This entry was posted on 27th November 2010

In life, too many choices are not a good thing and that's exactly why choosing a colour palette for your next interior decorating project can be so hard. While it may be quite tempting to play Russian roulette in choosing the colours you are going to use, there's a better way to choose the colours without leaving your decision to chance. Start with a favourite item, painting, or fabric. For inspiration, think about an object, work of art, or fabric that you love. This will help you find which colours you are naturally drawn to. Feel the colours in that object spring to life in your room by creating a mood board out of this favourite item. You can also look at your wardrobe and see which clothes you usually wear. Chances are, these are the colours that look best on you and which might be a good start for the colour scheme of your room. Pick the lightest colour as background. For your floor, walls, or ceiling, you can pick the lightest colour from your favourite item and use it to fill the biggest space in your room. This will be a nice background on which you can base all the other accessories. Work the medium tones into your furniture.  The colour of the fabric in your furniture or even in your window blinds could be the medium tones. Controliss Blinds has a wide range of colours you can choose from so visit our web site for the perfect window blinds for your renovation project. Pick the darkest colour for your accents. Look at the tiniest details of your favourite item and find the darkest colour. This colour will work well if you distribute this colour as accents throughout the room. The dark tones will create the drama that will make your room breathtaking. These simple instructions will help you create a colour scheme that is to die for. By basing the scheme according to your personal preferences, you can decorate a room that is truly your own.

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