The Beginner's Guide to Custom made Kitchens

This entry was posted on 11th September 2010

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The thought of a kitchen that is customised according to your needs may send thrills along your spine. However, that thrill might also come from a fear of the unknown and being taken advantage of by unscrupulous interior decorators. So, here at Controliss, thought about putting together a beginner's guide to renovating your own custom-made kitchens.

Plan Your Dream Kitchen

It helps if you know what you want. Take the time to imagine your dream kitchen. How are you going to use the space that you have? Do you have all the time in the world to cook? Do you like to bake? Are you going to use the area for entertaining? Get inspired by poring over interior decorating magazines offline and online. Leaf through product catalogues or visit showrooms, so that you can visualise what you really want. Measure your kitchen and take this with you when you consult a designer.

Find the Right Fit

Begin your search for a company that specialises in custom-made kitchens. Meet with them and look for samples of their work. Most bespoke kitchen companies have galleries where they feature their won work. Research the company before you set a meeting. A great company knows your needs and listens to your plans. Ask for quotes and take the time to compare which company will your budget.

Set the Budget

Decide on how much you’d like to spend on your kitchen renovation. Communicate this with the interior designer so that he or she will be able to find the perfect solutions that will fit your budget. Prepare a decorating brief where you will indicate the colour scheme, the kind of lighting and floor treatments you’d like, and other details. Be assertive about what you want, since you are the one who’s going to be living in this kitchen. Keep resale prospects in mind so strive for a stylish but functional kitchen that will have a universal appeal.

Functionality and Stylishness

Consider “the work triangle” when you’re thinking about the design of your home. This requires that you have ample and clear space between your fridge, your sink, and the cooker. When considering the colour and design, take the time to examine the amount of natural light going into your home. Think about remote-controlled blinds in our Esi-Clean vertical blinds collection that is made from flame-retardant vinyl material. These top-of-the-line vertical blinds will give you ample light or privacy at a touch of a button. The worktop should be made of materials that can withstand any stains or heat while you are cooking. It should also be very durable and easy to clean. Wood, stainless steel, granite, or composite stone are great candidates. Interior decorators say that mixing materials are the trend. If you think that granite is too expensive to apply as kitchen surfaces, you can just use it for the worktop and use matching laminates on other surfaces. You’ll feel more comfortable working with a designer if you did your own research. Think realistically and make the most of the available space and materials and you’ll soon have the kitchen of your dreams.

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