The Beauty of Luxury Wallpapers in Controliss Roller Blinds

This entry was posted on 18th October 2010

Luxury wallpapers such as Georgia Horton's fine hand-printed wallpapers are rich with nature-inspired patterns and colours. Georgia Horton is an artist and designer who has recently exhibited her latest collection called "New Naturals" at Decorex the international design conference. Taking her artistic influences from South Africa and Italy, Georgia Horton has designed bold symmetrical patterns that are reminiscent of the incredible themes found in nature. If you like the beauty of luxury wallpaper but feel you want something that's functional as well, we suggest purchasing Controliss roller blinds which provide the perfect balance. Here are a few patterns in our roller blinds collection that echo the bold, organic and architectural patterns of Georgia Horton's fine collection.

Roller blinds in Monarca Dew have a superb print design with pearlescent print overlay weave. These roller blinds allow light to gently filter into the room when they are completely lowered. This print is also available in a darker shade, the Monarca Desert. Both fabrics feature a symmetrical print that’s the height of sophistication.

Other classy alternatives are Reina Beluga which takes black and white to the next level. If you’re into bold colours, check out our opulent Reina Berry which confirms that you can never go wrong with the colours used by royalty.

Another roller blind that is similar to Georgia Horton’s Follow Me pattern, the Paraiso Sable has a beautiful print of foliage and butterflies in an asymmetrical pattern with a pearlescent finish. Because its background is in a neutral colour it will be effortless to add to any interior design. With these decadent prints in electric roller blinds, you’ll have a touch of extravagance in your interiors without the guilt that often comes when purchasing a lavish item.

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