The Automated Home: Are the Jetsons Moving into Your Neighborhood Anytime Soon?

This entry was posted on 18th August 2010

The Jetsons

Oh, you know the Jetsons; they're the family of the future. Their home has a network of appliances and furniture that does everything efficiently, on automatic mode. From brushing the teeth to dressing up, home gadgets and home circuitry do the work at the Jetson home. To top it off, Mr. Jetson, the dad, goes to work on a flying car, which folds up neatly as a suitcase once he's done using it. This animated show may be fictitious, but home engineers claim it's not too far off for people to enjoy the same ‘Jetson’ privilege. In the 1990s, a home like the Jetson’s became mildly possible, although the automation only went as far as orchestrating the lights, the garage, and home entertainment into one cohesive system. One would think that consumers will grab home automation like hot-cakes, but the truth is that most homes have remained awfully low-tech until this very time; there are no signs of the Jetsons flying into your neighbourhood anytime soon, even if we’re now in the 21st century. So why aren't people getting their homes automated? The first reason is that it is terribly expensive. Developing technology for smart homes can cost an arm and a leg. A vacuum cleaner robot can cost from £775 while a top-of-the-line vacuum cleaner can only cost about £150. Amidst the economic downturn, people are satisfied with having ordinary refrigerators or vacuum cleaners. Homeowners also find that the smart counterparts of home appliances do not satisfy their needs enough to justify the cost. Robotic vacuum cleaners cannot climb the stairs and do not do clean as well as they should. Then there's the fact that smart home appliances over complicate their tasks. An intelligent washing machine may often detect that clothes are not loaded as they should and stop. Intelligent refrigerators need supermarkets to sign up so they could order automatically. Fortunately, Controliss have answered all these automation problems with their affordable line of remote-controlled window blinds. The remote control can individually operate each blind so you can effortlessly meet your light and privacy needs. Controliss window blinds are as simple as their installation instructions and you’ll never think twice about their cost. Why don't you take the first step towards a smart home with our line of Controliss products? You’ll be one step closer to the Jetsons’ futuristic home.

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