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  • A Twist of Tudor Design

    Posted on 10th March 2011 by yasmin.

    The 16th Century Tudors adored opulence almost as much as they did rich banquets and public executions.  However, executions aside, we're pretty sure Henry VIII would have loved some of these latter day furniture pieces and he would have surely insisted on the Controliss fully automatic mains powered electric wood blinds. The opulence of the Tudor era is on its way back with rich fabrics, dark woods, statement furniture and ruffles all being on the style agenda this season!

    Like a statement Mulberry or Chloe handbag, the neck ruffle was an essential accessory for Tudor women back in the 16th century. Perhaps more comfortable than the neck ruffle, here at Controliss blinds we love the beautifully designed Peacock Chair. Designed by New York based designer; Dror Benshetrit for Cappellini this stunning chair with an ultra-modern edge is handmade out of three sheets of felt and minimal metal frame.  The tight weaves of the chair create a ruffle type effect, reminiscent of 16th century Tudor times.

    Tudor furniture was more often than not used as a status symbol, and for those who had wealth and power their furniture was hand-carved and embellished to the highest of possible standards. This dinner table fit for any banquet feast, has Tudor design and embellishment down to perfection with an added contemporary touch. The Hollandaise Small Console Table, designed by Astier de Villate is simply stunning. Astier de Villate’s furniture is made with natural materials whose beauty is believed to be enhanced with time. Here at Controliss we cannot deny this workmanship philosophy as this table is simply stunning and would look regal in any Tudor themed home.

    Nothing screams Tudor times more than rich velvets and embellishments do. Fill your rooms with these Tudor accents with the help of throws and cushions. Go back in time and embrace the Tudor theme. If it's good enough for King Henry...

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  • Window Restoration Advice for Period Homes

    Posted on 2nd December 2010 by jenny.

    Living in a period home truly has its benefits. Their old-world charm makes them very attractive to home buyers. No wonder they are in demand in the housing market. Period homes may even come with original wooden sash windows, which are a rare sight nowadays. Despite their scarcity, wooden sash windows may become problematic, especially if they show their old age. These windows may let in a draught during winter. Some may be hard to open. Others creak and rattle when strong winds blow. Worse, the timber may be showing signs of decay. Why Restore Period Windows? You may be tempted to replace these old windows with UPVC types that are are commonly found throughout the UK. Before you do, remember that plastic windows will look out of place in period-style homes. These 21st century contraptions will change the character of period houses, greatly reducing its value should you decide to sell your house in the future. For home buyers, original wooden sash windows contribute greatly to the attractiveness of period houses and demand for homes with well-maintained original windows are high. Restoring windows are also the greenest option, contributing less to environmental damage because you don’t have to replace the windows. Restoring Wooden Sash Windows Because of these reasons, it is usually best to restore these windows to their former glory instead of replacing them. Hiring specialists to restore your period-style windows may seem pricey at the outset, but they are considerably cheaper than replacing your windows. Conservation specialists say that restoring traditional sash windows is possible, even with extensive damage. When a sash window still has 50% of its wood remaining, conservation specialists would advice restoration instead of replacement. Restoring windows is also cost-effective because they will last for a long time, even longer than UPVC windows. If the wooden frame has been partly damaged, you can cut out the damaged timber about 50 mm beyond the point where it has decayed. The remaining timber will be treated and a new piece that matches the wood will be spliced into the frame. The window will then be sanded, filled, and painted. New seals will be installed to keep draught and noise out. These new seals also lead to better operation of the windows. Restoring Metal-Framed Windows Aside from wooden sash windows, some period homes have metal frames, especially homes built in the early to mid-20th century of the Art Deco and Early Modernist styles. These features may also be found in houses with mullioned windows. Metal-framed windows may become rusted or their paint may build up leading to problems in the window mechanisms. Some frames may become distorted because of age and the hinges and the latches may fail. For rust and paint buildup, repairs may be made without removing the frame. If the window needs major repairs, the frame must be removed and sent off to repair specialists. Be sure to photograph the window before removing and label the parts clearly. Badly rusted areas will be replaced and new hinges and latches may be installed. Energy losses from period-style windows can be mitigated by fitting them with electric blinds. Wooden blinds will be a great fit for these windows, enhancing their natural beauty.  Period homes may need more tender loving care than the average home, but as folks living in these places steeped with history would admit, their efforts are well worth it.

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  • Top 7 Window Treatment Tips from the Best Designers

    Posted on 29th July 2010 by jenny.

    Top 7 Interior Design Tips

    Window treatments can make or break the look of your own home. If your windows are looking a little bit worn out and need some trendy updating, here are a few of the top window treatment design trends for you to get started on your latest design project: Bring Nature In with Organic Materials. The hottest design trend is literally bringing in nature inside the home and what better way to do this than to use natural materials for your window treatments? Wooden blinds are elegant and refreshing additions for your windows but they can be a bit heavy. Worried about moisture damage to wooden blinds? Try these lovely Controliss Eco-Impressions in Wood. Add Colour Your Windows. Window treatments in various shades of blue are making a come-back with some designers claiming that it is the new “red.” Dramatic blinds in true blue will create striking windows. If you want a more soothing alternative, try blinds in soft spring rain or cool sky. Round out the colours with lavender or gray and you’ll have a soothing palette of colours for your room. Put Some Drama with Luxury Fabrics. Home interior trends often mirror fashion. Although some design styles are leaning towards simplicity, the use of luxe fabrics that beg to be touched and held still remain supreme in the design world. Dress up your blinds with luxury fabrics or add grosgrain and velvet trims to your window blinds to update them. Choose Bold Prints. If you have a love for roman shades, choose bold, splashy prints in florals for your fabric. Nothing looks more modern than colourful stripes or geometric shapes in your window treatments. Drape Your Windows with Silk. Silk draperies have been around for quite some time and though it’s a more expensive option for your window treatments, they can certainly add a touch of class into your rooms because of the shiny fabric. Instantly brighten up a dull room with silk draperies which also come in a variety of styles, from the preppy plaid silks to the more opulent jacquard paisleys. Go Green. With people becoming more aware of environmentally-friendly home styling, window treatments are not only being used to spruce up the look of a room, but to keep energy bills down as well. Honeycomb shades are becoming a more popular choice because they also serve to keep the heat and the cold from entering the home. Fabric manufacturers have also applied the latest scientific principles to fabrics, creating allergen-free and antimicrobial variants. Pick Hi-Tech Blinds. The technological explosion has also invaded home design with remote-controlled blinds. More and more people are investing in luxury technology innovations, such as motorised blinds for their convenience and safety. With these latest window treatment tips, you’ll surely be able to update the look of any room in your house.

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  • Handmade Kitchens Deserve Beautiful Blinds

    Posted on 8th July 2010 by Lee.

    Handmade Kitchens Deserve Beautiful BlindsPlain English is a classic joinery company employing manufacturing practices of 18th and 19th century cabinetmakers. Skillfully crafted by hand at the Plain English workshop in Stowupland, Suffolk these high-end, bespoke kitchens have a outstanding reputation for quality Country and Shaker designs made with outstanding craftsmanship. Hand made features include dovetail drawers that run on candle waxed wooden runners, hand turned shelf pegs and baskets that are hand-woven in Suffolk from willow grown along the banks of the River Box. Iron shelf brackets and hanging pot rails are produced at the local forge and the pull-out trays in cupboard floors were reproduced from the slides in an 18th century linen press. The Controliss range of electric Wooden blinds in 50mm slats adds the perfect fishing touch to a handmade kitchen. Now available in painted shades including Whites and off whites a Wooden Venetian blind offers complete coordination for your dream kitchen.

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  • Bamboo Wood Blinds - A Timeless Treasure

    Posted on 8th July 2010 by Lee.

    Bamboo Wood Blinds

    Beautifully hand crafted and made to measure in the UK. Controliss Bamboo Wood blinds feature timeless, durable, real Bamboo slat that gives an individual grained appearance to each blind. The fast growing Bamboo boasts some serious Eco credentials too with incredibly short harvesting cycles. All Controliss Bamboo wood blinds are supplied with our integrated wireless wood blind motor using standard AA batteries, the Controliss remote control operation offers luxurious day to day convenience and DIY installation is a breeze.

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  • Wood Blinds - Infrared Personal Control Settings

    Posted on 18th June 2010 by Lee.

    Ready to go straight out of the box

    All Controliss blinds are configured to work straight out of the box so you can start to enjoy the remote control as soon as you have installed the blind. All blinds that we deliver are factory programmed to work on channel 1 button so there is no need to alter any settings. 1. Insert 2 AAA batteries into the battery compartment on the back of the remote handset. 2. Point the remote control at the installed blind and press the channel 1 button on the handset followed by the left or right arrow button (because of the battery saving wake/sleep cycle you may need to keep the arrow button pressed for up to 3 secs). The slats of the Wood blind will now tilt.

    Personal Settings

    The remote control offers six channels, enabling you to operate six blinds independently (one blind on each of the six channels), or operate an unlimited number of blinds by programming multiple blinds on to the same channel. Your blind has been factory programmed to work on channel 1 button as standard but it is possible to change the channel for each blind. This can be very useful if you have more than one blind in a room and wish to operate the blinds individually. Changing the channel of individual blinds Point the remote control at the blind you wish to change the channel of. (It is important that the infra red receivers of any other blinds in the room are covered during this process to avoid accidental reprogramming). Press and hold the recessed [P] button with paper clip (or similar) for 5 secs, then press your new channel number button, followed by the left or right arrow button. Your blind is now programmed to operate on the new channel button. The up and down (ALL) buttons are used for operating all blinds in a room. When individual blind operation is required the appropriate channel number button for the blind should be pressed first, followed by the left or right arrow key. Changing the direction your blinds slats will rotate Point the remote control at the blind you wish to change the rotation of. (It is important that the infra red receivers of any other blinds in the room are covered during this process to avoid accidental reprogramming). Press the recessed [P] button with paper clip (or similar) 4 times consecutively. Your blind will now tilt in the opposite direction.

    Remote Control Blind

    Remote Control Guide

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  • Motorised Wooden Blinds - A Design Classic in the Making

    Posted on 18th May 2010 by Lee.

    The Wooden Venetian blind has long been thought of as a 'design classic'; simple, stylish and chic. We all love the harmonious natural qualities of real wood and the Controliss automatic remote control adds a luxurious twist to everyday operation. Wooden blinds have undergone some exciting transitions in recent years with the introduction of striking, vibrant timber designs and exotic textured slat finishes. Gone are the days blinds were viewed as only functional window coverings. A real wooden blind is as important as your favorite piece of furniture and every bit as pleasing. Now with integrated silky smooth motor you can enjoy the natural beauty of real wood with affordable remote control operation.

    Designer Wooden Blinds


    Wooden Blinds


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