• Zen Your Space With Natural Wood Blinds

    Posted on 18th June 2011 by Andy.

    If your house is anything like mine, with random artefacts left around, people’s clothes on the back of chairs and so on, it looks like a clutter, and unbeknown to you could be creating bad energy in the home. You might, however, be fully aware of bad energy it has already created in you, such as when your children haven't taken their stuff up to their rooms. Never fear, the power of Zen is here. The word 'Zen' originates from a word meaning "meditation" or "meditative state". A lot of us have such busy lives that we need to be able to return home to a place of calm and relaxation. Turning your home into a place of serene surroundings, suitable for your routine of meditating or unwinding, does not necessitate a major overhaul. If you have Controliss Remote Control Blinds on your windows, you can create a barricade between you and any outside distractions with one effortless push of a button. Let's start on the settings by reverting back to the basics, choose neutral colours, off whites, and natural muted versions of greens. Next, if you’re choosing furniture, choose pieces with low lines, made in natural materials. This means no fancy legs or frilling, just clean, modern lines. Try to choose furniture made from natural materials every time, and avoid man made plastic and steel, our collection of natural wood blinds are perfect here. Lighting does not need to be brash and harsh, but soft and calming. If you have places in a room with recesses in the walls or pieces of furniture which could be lit from underneath, take that step to create a relaxing ambiance. If your lighting is still in the obvious places, change the bulbs to a softer tone or choose a natural lampshade of rice paper. Allow as much natural light as possible into the home, it lifts your mood immediately. If you’re thinking about accessories, candles and plants are perfect, providing light along with that connection with nature. Choose bamboo shoots which grow quickly and are incredibly green and curly, these can create an interesting focal point. If you’re thinking about flooring, again choose natural materials such as stone or wood. After all, Zen is all about creating that calm and relaxed space in your home, connecting with nature, going back to basics and un-cluttering your life. Therefore, no matter how stressful your day is, when you come home, it’s a calm sanctuary. You can promote Zen anywhere, even at your office so I'm now off to add a few Zen touches to my office at Controliss Blinds...

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  • A Twist of Tudor Design

    Posted on 10th March 2011 by yasmin.

    The 16th Century Tudors adored opulence almost as much as they did rich banquets and public executions.  However, executions aside, we're pretty sure Henry VIII would have loved some of these latter day furniture pieces and he would have surely insisted on the Controliss fully automatic mains powered electric wood blinds. The opulence of the Tudor era is on its way back with rich fabrics, dark woods, statement furniture and ruffles all being on the style agenda this season!

    Like a statement Mulberry or Chloe handbag, the neck ruffle was an essential accessory for Tudor women back in the 16th century. Perhaps more comfortable than the neck ruffle, here at Controliss blinds we love the beautifully designed Peacock Chair. Designed by New York based designer; Dror Benshetrit for Cappellini this stunning chair with an ultra-modern edge is handmade out of three sheets of felt and minimal metal frame.  The tight weaves of the chair create a ruffle type effect, reminiscent of 16th century Tudor times.

    Tudor furniture was more often than not used as a status symbol, and for those who had wealth and power their furniture was hand-carved and embellished to the highest of possible standards. This dinner table fit for any banquet feast, has Tudor design and embellishment down to perfection with an added contemporary touch. The Hollandaise Small Console Table, designed by Astier de Villate is simply stunning. Astier de Villate’s furniture is made with natural materials whose beauty is believed to be enhanced with time. Here at Controliss we cannot deny this workmanship philosophy as this table is simply stunning and would look regal in any Tudor themed home.

    Nothing screams Tudor times more than rich velvets and embellishments do. Fill your rooms with these Tudor accents with the help of throws and cushions. Go back in time and embrace the Tudor theme. If it's good enough for King Henry...

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  • New Country

    Posted on 18th January 2011 by yasmin.

    Update your country home with a palette of soft pastel colours; warm, inviting fabrics and luscious textures! The new country look can work brilliantly in any home, whether it's a modern apartment or a traditional country cottage that you call home. The style aims to look effortlessly comfy as well as classically relaxed. Light, pastel colours work extremely well here as do textured soft furnishing fabrics in gentle hues. Here I will explain how to achieve this look. The colour scheme - A neutral background highlighted with soft pastel colours such as cool blues, light teals and creams looks best to set the scene here. Add a touch of drama with cherry reds and darker teals on accessories such as cushions, rugs or throws. To compliment the scheme even further wood blinds are available in a variety of wooden stain finishes such as Milton wood or classic country style painted shades like the Controliss English Oak wooden blind collection. New country interior - You can take your pick of new country styles here which in turn means you have free reign on what fabrics and textures you want your room to adopt. Whether you are after an elegant new country home, a girlie floral new country home or a brightly patterned new country home, the fabrics and textures available will allow you to achieve your desired country effect in no time. If you have gone for a palette such as above, then why not add floral, tartan or faux fur to your upholstery, this will create an old country meets new country style. Lighting is key - Get the light right in your new country room; to go with the feel and style your room also needs to appear warm, friendly and inviting.  The key is to use different types of lighting to highlight specific areas of your room creating an ambience that invites a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

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  • Beautiful Beige

    Posted on 15th January 2011 by yasmin.

    A revival for this classic hue has already begun with many using this colour throughout their homes to add neutral sophistication and class. With a combination of beige shades, textures and patterns this versatile and popular hue doesn't have to be bland! The beautiful thing about beige is that the more shades you mix together the better the look. Beige really does provide elegant sophistication to a space and the looks that can be created are endless. You can mix a beige palette with whites and creams to create a light look; alternatively, you can add dark shades to the palette in order to add a more dramatic effect. You can create a light space with beiges as they appear more interesting than whites and creams alone. Why not paint your walls a light shade of beige, add to this a cream carpet and surround it with a palette of browns and further beiges. Choose light beige blinds such as our beautifully textured Viveza Riviera roller blinds to create even more light from the sun in the daytime. Alternatively, if you want to create drama you could mix strong browns and blacks into your palette. Why not add a dramatic dark wood blind to your look, our Sorcerer or Tudor Beam wood blinds would be perfect here. Or why not add a dark leather sofa to your home, adding both sophistication as well as classic drama. If dark colours aren’t for you then why not incorporate textures into your interiors. By doing this you will ensure that certain aspects of your room stand out. For example; add textured cushions and a collection of sheer faux fur throws to your sofa to add a touch of warmth to your home. Or why not add a statement rug to the centre of your space. Fabrics such as tweed and leather also work well against a beige palette and Controliss venetian blinds will add a touch of hi-tech sophistication to any window. Believe me, when it comes to using beige, the possibilities really are endless. Whether its drama, sophistication or class you desire, a palette of beige can create the style that you are looking for!

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  • And They Call It Mellow Yellow

    Posted on 10th January 2011 by yasmin.

    Think the sun, lemons and electric light, the list is endless...... Yellow is a brightly stunning yet understated and underused colour that really can add fun and brightness as well as sheer genius to your decor depending on what you decide to combine your yellow shades with. The key to using yellow in your home is to not over kill it, carefully choose your shade of yellow and combine it carefully, allow the colour enough space to stand alone but support it with other shades and colours that can hold their own. In this instance, most prominently, warm browns and fresh whites are what I am going to base my palette on. Yellow can be used in a very modern manner, picture this; white walls with one block wall of strong, bright yellow; shades of browns with wooden furniture and an electric wood blind , and perhaps a hint of acid green for a jolt of something unexpected and exciting. If the thought of having white walls is too cold for your liking, then why not go for a light shade of brown on your walls, accompanied by a Daffodil yellow or lemon grass vertical blind as a statement piece? If you’re not keen on yellow being on your walls or windows, however, then why not add slight glimpses of yellow to your home via your accessories. Yellow cushions and throws can add zest and brightness to your living room or bedroom. Alternatively you could use yellow accessories such as vases and picture frames, which will add electric touches to your home. The possibilities really are endless, so don’t hide behind demure colours, add some electricity to your home, whether it be a little or a lot, your home will be instantly brightened!

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  • Creative Flair for The Bedroom

    Posted on 11th December 2010 by yasmin.

    You can create anything you want to out of your bedroom, whether it be a magical paradise, a Narnia style getaway or just a place to provide you with that oh so needed sanctuary after a long, hard day at work. Whatever it is, first things first, you wish for privacy, right? Well press the remote control for your Wooden blinds and block the rest of the world out and let’s get started! A bedroom should be a calm, tranquil place. A place where you feel safe, a place where you feel warm so why not embrace those factors and truly make the one room in the house that is solely yours, a special one. At this present moment I am loving the ‘English rose’ style look. The soft pinks and creams of a palette, the Havana silks and other soft fabrics, the vintage style furniture, the list goes on. However, if this is too country and girlie for you then why not try something different. Why not reinvent that old creative flair and create something that is truly unique to you. You could go neutral, dramatic, macho, the choices are endless. Then again, you might not want to stick to one solid style, you may want to mix it up a little and make something that is truly unique. Once you have chosen your style it’s time for the exciting bit. The bit where you choose your own fabrics, furniture, decor, textures and blinds. Granted this may take a while if you are in a full time work. But just imagine the finished product, your very own haven of tranquility that you have solely handpicked to perfection. Its over to you now, why not give it a go and make that special room of the house extra special, embrace your creative flair and just go for it!

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  • Woodland Fantasy

    Posted on 9th December 2010 by yasmin.

    With these past few winter months having been somewhat chilly and with the festive-season drawing closer and closer, it would appear that now is the right time to indulge in your very own forest fantasy. And what better to base your forest fantasy around than your Christmas tree?  The lush green leaves, the beautiful smell, it all screams out woodland fantasy to me! So you have your main centrepiece in place, it looks the part, it smells the part, but what about the rest of your fantasy?  Well here are my ideas for making your home like something out of fresh woodland, with the use of many earthy delights and simple pleasures. Your fantasy will be a reality before you know it! Embrace the woodland mood in the comfort of your own home with Controliss electric blinds. Just to stick with the mood, wooden blinds are best here, or better still why not go eco-woodland and go for Eco-impressions Wood Effect Blinds, the perfect accompaniment to your woodland wonderland. After you have selected your desired wood shade, you will need to decide on your palette, why not go for earthy greens and browns, even with a touch of red. The earthy colours will make your chosen room feel warm and the touch of red will add that little bit of jazz. Winter to me screams out warmth and snuggles (within your house that is), so either an open fireplace or a collection of strategically placed candles, will provide that relaxed, woodland ambiance. This along with a vast collection of snugly cushions and faux fur throws will really make your home feel like a woodland fantasy! So go on, why not embrace your inner naturals and make that woodland fantasy a woodland reality!

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  • Decorating with Texture

    Posted on 7th December 2010 by jenny.

    Does your room still look flat and bland despite a dynamic colour scheme? What your room is lacking is texture. Texture is a decorative element that gives life to a room because it has tactile or visual depth and contrast. Different materials have different textures which can revitalise any space, encouraging you to experience the wonderful interplay of sight and touch. To start decorating with texture, it is important to recognise it in nature. Nature provides us with a mood board of sorts on what kind of textures we are naturally drawn to. The natural texture of stone can be brought into floors or walls. Stone’s texture can also be imitated using a scratch coat of plaster on the walls. A break from stone’s rough surfaces is the gloss of metals. The fine finish of stainless steel, brass, gold, or silver will reflect light. These glimmers of light can also be made through the use of glass and mirrors, granite, and tiles. Take a cue from which materials you love and begin adding them in layers. Play with the contrasts that materials make when you look at them or touch them. Mix the matte with glossy surfaces. The smooth and the rough can be an exciting combination. Textures can be applied to almost any part of a room. For example, wooden floors can be polished to gleam. Add a thick rug and you’ve created texture. More natural alternatives can be created using rugs made from sisal or woven sea grass for a casual style. Formal rooms may have their floors covered in carpet. Walls can be covered with wallpaper to hide imperfections. Many specialist wallpaper manufacturers have come up with a wide array of different materials. Some materials imitate leather or wood, giving your walls a touch of elegance. Leather especially gives a masculine touch to a room and will feel warm and sensual. Aside from the walls, ceilings can also be an area where you can put texture. You can strip your ceilings bare and have the beams exposed for a rugged look. You can also cover your ceilings with tiles made of steel, brass, or chrome. Covering your ceilings with fabric will exude a romantic atmosphere unless you hang striped fabric which will remind you of a circus tent, a great idea for children’s rooms. You can also add texture on your window coverings. The warm textures of wood blinds will make any room comfortable, while suede vertical blinds will provide your windows with a luxurious effect. Texture can bring any dull room into life with vivid combination of materials. Create contrast and depth with different textures and you’ll have a room that’s interesting and comfortable as well.

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  • Window Restoration Advice for Period Homes

    Posted on 2nd December 2010 by jenny.

    Living in a period home truly has its benefits. Their old-world charm makes them very attractive to home buyers. No wonder they are in demand in the housing market. Period homes may even come with original wooden sash windows, which are a rare sight nowadays. Despite their scarcity, wooden sash windows may become problematic, especially if they show their old age. These windows may let in a draught during winter. Some may be hard to open. Others creak and rattle when strong winds blow. Worse, the timber may be showing signs of decay. Why Restore Period Windows? You may be tempted to replace these old windows with UPVC types that are are commonly found throughout the UK. Before you do, remember that plastic windows will look out of place in period-style homes. These 21st century contraptions will change the character of period houses, greatly reducing its value should you decide to sell your house in the future. For home buyers, original wooden sash windows contribute greatly to the attractiveness of period houses and demand for homes with well-maintained original windows are high. Restoring windows are also the greenest option, contributing less to environmental damage because you don’t have to replace the windows. Restoring Wooden Sash Windows Because of these reasons, it is usually best to restore these windows to their former glory instead of replacing them. Hiring specialists to restore your period-style windows may seem pricey at the outset, but they are considerably cheaper than replacing your windows. Conservation specialists say that restoring traditional sash windows is possible, even with extensive damage. When a sash window still has 50% of its wood remaining, conservation specialists would advice restoration instead of replacement. Restoring windows is also cost-effective because they will last for a long time, even longer than UPVC windows. If the wooden frame has been partly damaged, you can cut out the damaged timber about 50 mm beyond the point where it has decayed. The remaining timber will be treated and a new piece that matches the wood will be spliced into the frame. The window will then be sanded, filled, and painted. New seals will be installed to keep draught and noise out. These new seals also lead to better operation of the windows. Restoring Metal-Framed Windows Aside from wooden sash windows, some period homes have metal frames, especially homes built in the early to mid-20th century of the Art Deco and Early Modernist styles. These features may also be found in houses with mullioned windows. Metal-framed windows may become rusted or their paint may build up leading to problems in the window mechanisms. Some frames may become distorted because of age and the hinges and the latches may fail. For rust and paint buildup, repairs may be made without removing the frame. If the window needs major repairs, the frame must be removed and sent off to repair specialists. Be sure to photograph the window before removing and label the parts clearly. Badly rusted areas will be replaced and new hinges and latches may be installed. Energy losses from period-style windows can be mitigated by fitting them with electric blinds. Wooden blinds will be a great fit for these windows, enhancing their natural beauty.  Period homes may need more tender loving care than the average home, but as folks living in these places steeped with history would admit, their efforts are well worth it.

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  • Give Your Kitchen a Taste of Scandinavian Style with Remote-Controlled Wood Blinds

    Posted on 2nd September 2010 by jenny.

    Remote Control Wood Blinds

    If you're feeling like you're in outer space whenever you're inside your kitchen, you're not alone. Most kitchen appliances have this cold, futuristic look that it's hard to create a homely atmosphere. To balance out the starkness of your modern kitchen appliances with the nature-inspired finish and discreet elegant style of Scandinavian interior design. Interior designers love the simple lines and charming details of an eighteenth century Swedish country home. It has a touch of Nordic classic style but made from down-to-earth local materials. The look is very distinct but with restrained detailing. The Scandinavian style gives you just a tinge of the traditional mixed in with minimalistic lines.

    Scandinavian Colour Palettes and Finishes

    If you’re won over and would like to incorporate Scandinavian home design into your kitchen, you can work on a palette that is cool, like pale blue-grey, blue-green, or grey-green. These colours can be painted on your walls and then for the ultimate Swedish look, paint your kitchen cabinets the same colour in a darker, more solid shade. If you find these colours too cold for your kitchen, stick with pale ochre or a yellow on the creamy side. However, stay clear from pastel colours because Scandinavian colours are deep and luminous.

    Painted Wood Finishes

    Aside from the colours, Scandinavian interior design’s distinct characteristics are matte painted finishes. Paint your walls and then use a stronger tone of the main colour on your doors wooden and wooden mouldings. The finish should be soft so choose eggshell as paint. Although Scandinavian design uses wood, it is often painted. Wood can be incorporated as panelling or as flooring. Any kind of wood can be used as long as they are on the pale side. Scandinavian design does not use wood in dark finishes.

    Tiled Surfaces

    Tiles will look great on the floors and also on stove tops and the splash board. Create a chequered pattern with the tiles or add decorative panels in a plain background. If your dining area is also near the kitchen, separate the two areas with different floorings. Use carpeting that use natural materials, such as coir, sisal, or seagrass in the eating area. These can create interesting floor coverings plus they can withstand food spills better than any other material.

    Scandinavian Accessories

    Scandinavian lighting should exude an earthy feel. Go for dull metals instead of crystal or glass. Modern lighting such as pendant lights or recessed lights goes well in this design style. Aside from the lighting, window treatments should also echo the simple natural lines of Scandinavian home design. Speaking of nature-inspired accessories, wooden blinds are perfect in a Scandinavian-style kitchen because it softens the hard mainstreamed appearance of most kitchen surfaces. Our collection of Basswood wooden blinds will definitely satisfy your need for Scandinavian-style windows, because they are real wooden blinds in a painted finish. What’s more, they are operated through infrared remote control. Now that’s what we call the fusion of the traditional and the modern that characterises Scandinavian design.

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