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  • Batteries For Your Controliss Blinds

    Posted on 28th May 2011 by Chris.

    Over 80% of the batteries sold worldwide, are of the AA or AAA sized batteries. These batteries power a massive number of everyday devices, including Controliss battery powered remote control blinds, and are primarily categorised into single use, disposable and the rechargeable form. Different devices possess different levels of power demand and in correspondence to this, different types of batteries are better suited to different devices. There are currently 4 more commonly used technologies used in disposable AA and AAA batteries: Zinc Chloride, Alkaline, Oxyride and Lithium. Zinc Chloride batteries are the cheapest version and cope best with low power devices, such as a small basic radio. When used in anything that is more demanding, the power is consumed very quickly. Alkaline battery technology is the most popular compromise between cost and performance. An alkaline battery will usually cost around twice as much as a zinc chloride battery, but will last 2 to 5 times as long in most circumstances. While different battery manufacturers use of this technology may alternate in their batteries, varying brands will typically perform to within 5% of each other. Oxride battery technology was launched fairly recently and is designed to last longer than alkaline in high power applications such as a digital cameras and MP3 players. Lithium batteries are capable of lasting more than twice as long as alkaline batteries in more demanding devices. The range of operational temperature of Lithium batteries is much wider than others, making them the battery of choice for devices that are to be used in extreme temperature conditions.

    Rechargeable Batteries

    Disposable batteries will hold charge for a long period of time, in contrast to rechargeable batteries that, without use, can lose their charge in matter of months. However, we love the newer rechargeable batteries like the Sanyo Eneloop's that work great with all of the battery powered Controliss Blinds including Roller blinds, Venetian blinds, Vertical blinds and Wood blinds. These fantastic batteries can be recharged up to 1500 times, will hold up to  75% of their charge for 12 months and can perform just as well as disposables. The 2 common types of rechargeable battery are: Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH). NiCd Rechargeable batteries are the cheaper option. They usually discharge quickly, should be fully drained before recharging to maintain effectiveness, and are not recommended for high power applications. NiMH Rechargeable batteries can be used for higher power devices as they have up to three time the capacity of NiCd batteries. Capacity is measured in milli-ampere-hours (mAh). The higher the mAh of a battery, the longer it should last in your device. Recent developments in rechargeable battery technology have allowed the production of rechargeable batteries that have a high capacity and much lower discharge rate than was previously available. Rechargeable batteries such as Sanyo's Eneloop and Gold Peak Group's GP ReCyko+ can hold 75% of their charge after a whole year without use. Rechargeable batteries can also work out much more economical in the long run than the disposable batteries as, with every recharge, you are reducing the number of batteries going into landfill sites. Showing that it pays for both you and the environment to choose wisely.

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  • Spring Fresh Window Blinds

    Posted on 16th January 2011 by yasmin.

    Why not prepare your home for spring, after all if supermarkets (sorry the Easter bunny) can get their Easter eggs ready on the shelves then what’s stopping the rest of us from getting ready for those lush spring days. Why not add a twist of citrus and a splash of green to a palette of fresh whites and woods to create an airy, spring-like scheme that will take your senses straight to spring itself! Spring equals fresh, clean new starts; baby lambs are born, flowers bloom etc etc. So why not take this view into your home? White washed walls work here, by using white you will be creating the perfect ‘fresh’ backdrop for any spring theme. If you have a large room then perhaps you could paint one of your walls in a citrus shade, adding to the spring theme. Wooden flooring is also in-keeping with the theme of spring as it adds the feeling of being out in the open with the trees, as does using wood blinds . Keep to light shades, however, like our Arctic Ice white wood blinds so you don't overshadow the freshness of your room with dark colours. Once you have your fresh, white space it is now time to brighten it up with twists of citrus and splashes of greens. Why not add citrus and green cushions and throws over your sofa to instantly brighten up your room, or why not dress your window with our Liso Zest, lime green roller blind it will instantly lift your room and make you feel as though you are in a fresh field in the middle of spring! Alternatively if Lime on its own isn’t for you then why not go for our Fresco Spring roller blind. This roller blind design really is the epitome of spring fresh. The blind encompasses citrus shades, limes, whites and other shades all in one!

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  • Creative Flair for The Bedroom

    Posted on 11th December 2010 by yasmin.

    You can create anything you want to out of your bedroom, whether it be a magical paradise, a Narnia style getaway or just a place to provide you with that oh so needed sanctuary after a long, hard day at work. Whatever it is, first things first, you wish for privacy, right? Well press the remote control for your Wooden blinds and block the rest of the world out and let’s get started! A bedroom should be a calm, tranquil place. A place where you feel safe, a place where you feel warm so why not embrace those factors and truly make the one room in the house that is solely yours, a special one. At this present moment I am loving the ‘English rose’ style look. The soft pinks and creams of a palette, the Havana silks and other soft fabrics, the vintage style furniture, the list goes on. However, if this is too country and girlie for you then why not try something different. Why not reinvent that old creative flair and create something that is truly unique to you. You could go neutral, dramatic, macho, the choices are endless. Then again, you might not want to stick to one solid style, you may want to mix it up a little and make something that is truly unique. Once you have chosen your style it’s time for the exciting bit. The bit where you choose your own fabrics, furniture, decor, textures and blinds. Granted this may take a while if you are in a full time work. But just imagine the finished product, your very own haven of tranquility that you have solely handpicked to perfection. Its over to you now, why not give it a go and make that special room of the house extra special, embrace your creative flair and just go for it!

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  • Bored with your Interiors? Splash On a New Look with Some Paint!

    Posted on 28th October 2010 by Lee.

    This is the perfect time to relive your childhood obsession with colours. Having fun with paint to liven up a room is one of the most affordable and fun ways to dramatically change the look of your home. You have more options than to just painting your rooms walls with a bold colour - now you can make your home vibrant by painting furniture pieces too! How long has it been since you've used your overalls? It's time to take them out of the closet and play with paint for a home make-over. Here are five ways to use paint in the best way possible: Turn a boring wall into a vibrant feature wall.  Adding a sense of drama to a dull area is one great option for a paint make-over.  What's the most boring wall or area in your home? It may be the wall behind your bed, or the dining room wall, or the backdrop wall of your staircase. Paint a bold colour that’s either a similar but darker shade than the other walls; or if you’re daring enough, pick a contrasting colour and start splashing away your brush. This will accentuate your wall and could even serve in zoning your space. If for example you have an open space where your kitchen adjoins the dining room, you could paint the dining room walls with a different colour to zone the space. Complete the look with complementary accessories, and you’d have a stylish home. Feel free to convert any old furniture piece in your home into a modern and whimsical accent piece. For example, you’d be amazed how a boring white bench could turn into a stunning vivid seater if you splash on some deep red paint on it. Paint your floor. Make your floor interesting by painting them with trendy brights or cool neutrals. Floor paints are available in a variety of colours  and the best thing about them is that being hardwearing, the paint could last a long time. Floor paint could dramatically transform your room, especially if you use fun and whimsical colours. Paint some arty patterns with stencils. If you’re the more adventurous type and you’re bored with just adding vibrant colours on your furniture pieces and walls, artsy stencils are perfect for you. Order them from a shop or make them yourself, but the most important thing is that you must love your patterns. After all, you’d be seeing a lot of them after you’re done with your home makeover. Paint your windows. Who says you have to replace your windows to achieve a modern look? You could just paint over the frames to create a trendy feel. For instance, you could splash some vibrant purple paint on otherwise boring white frames for a funky look. Now to make your windows the perfect eye candy, install some coloured Electric blinds. The Basswood Wooden Blinds from Controliss for example, could serve as the last touch to complete the perfect look. The blinds come in subtle hints of colour to perfectly complement the vivid splashes of paint you just had fun with. Controliss Baswood blinds use superior quality hand picked grade (A) wood, and come in a variety of 13 soft pastel shades and popular stained finishes. These blinds are hand finished, and come with an infrared remote control. The efficient integrated motor is powered everyday standard AA batteries.

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  • Natural Versatility with Electric Wood Blinds

    Posted on 26th October 2010 by jenny.

    As an interior decorating material, nothing can be as versatile as real wood and this is also true for electric wood blinds. Electric wood blinds can change from a sophisticated look to a down-to-earth look just by altering the wood stain, colour, and finish. Installing wood window coverings provides your home with a lovely natural texture that will last for years to come. Current interior decorating trends are more open to mixing and matching of wooden accessories, flooring, and furniture. You can match different wood tones in your room and you’ll have a room that is vibrant with life. If you're partial to darker stains of wood, you will love our Essentials Wooden Blinds in Tudor Beam or Sorcerer. We also have Basswood Wooden Blinds in Liquorice stained finish that offer you superior-grade wood that is hand-finished for extreme luxury. Another popular choice is our Designer Wooden Blinds in Blackwood that is professionally enhanced to reveal the beauty of its natural wood grain. These dark finishes will look dramatic especially if they are paired with oranges and other earthy colours and are suitable in formal bedrooms, the study, or office. While dark stains of wood may look authoritative and professional, lighter wood stains evoke a sense of space, serenity, and light. Electric wood blinds such as Fervent Pine, Stripped Oak, or the uniquely textured Milton designer wood blinds will be perfect for dining room or living room windows where you’d like as much air and light in as possible. You can then use paint colours for the walls and fabric that enhance the light wood grain of these electric blinds. A popular and modern choice for today’s designers is bamboo wood blinds. Bamboo is a durable wood that is fast-growing, making this wood an eco-friendly choice. Controliss bamboo wood blinds come in light colours, such as White or Natural or medium tones, such as Spiced. Bamboo wooden blinds with darker wood grains are also available. Check out our Bamboo wood blinds in Rich or Dark. For those who are in love with wood but prefer a more affordable option, we have the Eco-Impressions wood blinds which give you realistic wood effects in a fire-proof and moisture-resistant material, perfect for the kitchen or the bathroom. Try our Maple Eco-Impressions in a romantic-style kitchen or go for a beach-inspired bathroom with the lighter Alba colour. The wide selection of hand picked wood grains and textures available from Controliss lets you play with this flexible design material. These statement pieces bring the natural allure of wood into your home while providing you with the benefits of affordable remote control operation.

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  • Electric Blinds For The Bathroom

    Posted on 5th October 2010 by Lee.

    Luxurious Bathrooms With Electric Blinds Today the humble bathroom is taking on high tech, spa-like qualities to provide stressed-out individuals with a haven for relaxation. Television sets, radios, coffee makers, Jacuzzis, and saunas are finding their way in the modern bathroom. Bathroom window decorations are following suit, complementing your bathroom design style and providing privacy. At the forefront of technology of home automation for your windows are remote control blinds. Window decorations for the bathroom need to handle the humid conditions. Electric blinds in synthetic materials are well suited to the changing conditions, wipe clean and won’t encourage mildew growth. The Eco-impressions wood effect range offers the luxurious look of wooden blinds without the issues with warping that wood blinds suffer in damp conditions. Low voltage remote control blinds are the perfect solution for your bathroom and the easy motorised motion adds the wow factor. Preserve your bathroom’s indulgent beauty and privacy with the perfect window blinds. By choosing window blinds that are well suited to the unique environmental conditions of the bathroom for a long lasting and successful result. To discuss the ideal solution for your bathroom or home please feel free to contact us directly, we are happy to help and advise. With a wide range of high quality blinds for every room in the house we will help you achieve the best results.

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  • Prepare Your Home for Autumn

    Posted on 16th September 2010 by jenny.

    Autumn Wood

    Autumn conjures up memories of the start of the school year, the ripening of blackberries and brambles and the turning of beech leaves. Just as the trees start to shed off their leaves in preparation for winter, we also start to make arrangements for cooler weather. We put on clothes that are warmer in texture and colour and women even change their makeup for autumn. So why don't you do the same thing to your home with the following autumn updating suggestions? - Paint a vertical wall with the warm and rich colours of autumn. - Add a rug made of sisal or wool to make your wooden or tiled floors less cold. Rug padding will create a luxurious feel even in the economical of rugs. - Update your window treatments by adding electronic window blinds to make your home more energy efficient. Our electronic window wood blinds can bring interesting wood textures on your windows for that autumn atmosphere. Our sheer vertical blinds will also adjust wonderfully to the change in light conditions of this season and draw in more illumination into your home. - Attach no-sew trims or fringes onto your window treatments for an effortless decorative solution to your windows. - Change your cotton pillowcases with needlepoint or tapestry pillow shams. - Put on new slipcovers on your sofa and chairs and keep a throw blanket within reach for those chillier afternoons. - Make over your lampshades and change them into white or cream, but keep a few lamps in patterned shades to bring in some interest into your lighting fixtures. - Bring flowers into your own home. If you find fresh-cut flowers too expensive, you can find faux flowers that will do just as nicely. - Keep your towels in three coordinating shades and display them prominently in your bathroom. - Ditch the white cotton sheets and place bed linens in autumn colours of gold, green, or taupe. Then, artfully toss a throw blanket for that extra warmth during colder nights. - Create an autumn centrepiece with apples, red or yellow leaves, fir cones, or conkers and conker shells. Place a few evergreen leaves for that touch of green and you’re set for this colourful season. Celebrate the change in seasons by trying out these autumn season home decorating suggestions. They can be inexpensive and you’ll appreciate the transition from summer to autumn more distinctly with these ideas.

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  • A Real Man's Bedroom: Daring, Yet Stylish

    Posted on 7th September 2010 by jenny.

    Bedroom Wood Blinds

    If you think dirt can make a man look masculine, you'll be surprised that this is absolutely untrue when it comes to decorating his place of comfort- the bedroom. Men can be still be in Vogue without losing their masculinity. And the catch? Nothing! Just plain and easy-to-follow steps in making a man's bedroom appealing. Forget about the usual bright-coloured and over-the-top wall paper designs, pillows, and bed linens. Throw away the idea of having an elaborate interior design and flamboyant fixtures. Instead, make way for bold and yet simple motif that will completely radiate manliness in every corner of the room.

    Brave Hues

    Let’s begin with colours and shades that create a mannish appeal. Always consider hues that are neutral and can bring in an ambience of vigour and authority. Consider painting your walls in a series of block shapes using a combination of black, grey, and white. Then be a little braver than that by adding shades of green, violet, and blue. Doing this will make for a powerful, yet attractive atmosphere. It is highly recommended that you combine only two colours, but you can add more as long as they still look confident and not soft. If a tanned skin looks manly, so is a room that has mocha and brown hues.


    Similar to colours, wallpapers should be simple and yet prominent. Think of your wall designs as a companion that tells a lot about your own traits. For a less overpowering effect, cover just one wall with wallpaper. Some modern wallpaper are made of prints from old movies or football’s best moments. Make the designs the reflection of your personality.

    Bed sheets and blankets

    Spruce up your bed not with excessive pillows and multicoloured bed sheets or blankets. Choose plain white comforters, if you may. Another option is to have striped pillow cases or cushions. Make sure the stripes have dark shades. It’s a rule of thumb to match the hues of your walls with that of your bed. Always pick something from the colours of your wall and use it again for your bed sheets and blankets.

    Carpet and Flooring

    When it comes to your carpet and flooring, always choose the colours that bring out your adventurous streak in a modern style. It’s always safe to pick neutral colours and dark shades. Teak and walnut for your wood flooring create a “macho” effect. If you want to become more daring, put some animal prints on them.

    Window Treatments

    Keep window treatments as simple as possible. The Controliss wood blind collection has an assortment of wood blinds that will go well in masculine bedrooms.

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  • Bamboo Wood Blinds - A Timeless Treasure

    Posted on 8th July 2010 by Lee.

    Bamboo Wood Blinds

    Beautifully hand crafted and made to measure in the UK. Controliss Bamboo Wood blinds feature timeless, durable, real Bamboo slat that gives an individual grained appearance to each blind. The fast growing Bamboo boasts some serious Eco credentials too with incredibly short harvesting cycles. All Controliss Bamboo wood blinds are supplied with our integrated wireless wood blind motor using standard AA batteries, the Controliss remote control operation offers luxurious day to day convenience and DIY installation is a breeze.

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