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  • Electric blinds style choices

    Posted on 14th June 2013 by Andy.


    When choosing which electric blinds to have in your home there are a few things that you’ll need too consider. For starters, what do they look like open, closed and all the points in between? How do they move and catch the light when they are being opened and closed? Whatever style you  choose will determine what material, colour and pattern you go for as well. Here is a selection of the types of electric blinds we make to help you decide what kind you would like to see in your home: Roller blinds Like the other blinds these are compact and ideal for varying lighting levels in a room. But roller fabrics also have a major advantage over other types in that they are made from one piece of material, so they can display patterned designs. Think of an electric roller blind as a large fabric canvas being unfurled against one wall of your home and you’ll begin to see the possibilities. They’re a great way of framing complex, regular patterns like flock as well as large asymmetrical designs like floral prints, which can be reflected in the other furnishings that you have. Venetian blinds The simple and practical nature of venetian blinds is that they are compact and unobtrusive. They allow a lot of control over the amount of light they let in while also enabling a degree of privacy. They are also best suited to minimalist interiors where the straight edges and plain colours won’t conflict. However, with a greater range of colours than ever you don’t have to settle for cold, characterless whites and creams when you can have something bold and striking. Vertical blinds A popular choice for formal interiors like offices or larger areas, thanks to their practical, unobtrusive design, vertical louvres are ideal for using bold colours and textured fabrics. Closing or even half closing the fabric louvres can change the whole look of a room, and not just because of the lighting change. In a big enough window a vertical blind can become the dominant colour feature and some textured fabrics, like those with reflective or metallic elements, will shift in tone as the light hits it at different angles. Roman blinds Because they are made from one expanse of soft fabric electric roman blinds are like roller blinds in that irregular patterns will work well, and like vertical louvres textured fabrics will look really effective. When raised the blind is gathered towards the top, creating an irregular, folded bunch that will obscure any formal, regular pattern. But roman blinds are a lot softer looking, which makes them an ideal antidote to the minimal, straight lines of verticals and venetians that can appear harsh.

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  • Home Technology - Virtual Education

    Posted on 7th November 2011 by Chris.

    The capabilities of the World Wide Web could create a seemingly endless list that is constantly being added to with new possibilities for all areas of technology. Now internet is accessible using, not only a desktop PC or laptop, but many more devices; from plug-in and handheld game consoles, to other portable devices including mobile phones, PDAs and tablets. This makes connectivity all the more convenient since it is available at any time, from almost anywhere you would happen to be. This means that, wherever you are, it is possible to read or send emails; media, clothes, or a set of luxurious Controliss electric window blinds are but a few examples of items that you can get delivered to your doorstep, purely through an online customer interface; or you may wish to search for information, or other people's views, regarding a particular subject. For those with very little spare time to sit down in front their computer, mobile internet access can be greatly beneficial in helping to get things done. Another great feature of the World Wide Web for people who struggle to get any spare hours out of the the day, is the online training course. Online training courses allow people to learn about a chosen subject whenever they find time for it, and even gain certifications for that subject, using applications and resources created by or in collaboration with professionals and teachers. One such website that offers the opportunity to develop technical skills through virtual education, whether the intention is to improve commercial productivity or for the simple reason of satisfying personal interest, is Bedrock Learning. If you have a great interest in digitalising your home to enable you to gain greater control over electronics such as your lighting, entertainment systems, window blinds, etc., Bedrock Learning's online courses can provide you with the fundamentals. From their course packages, you can learn a lot more about the capabilities of digital home control and how to get interaction between your devices. The courses vary in price, but all have an optional detailed course guide, they are accessible at any time of the day and if the training is being given to numerous staff members, a Web-based Learning Management System can be used by company administrators to control and track each user's progress on the course. With the ever-reducing number of limitations of the World Wide Web, companies - including Controliss Blinds - can endeavour to improve the range and quality of the services that they are able to deliver, and maximise convenience for their customers.

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  • Control Your Windows As Well As Your Blinds

    Posted on 18th July 2011 by Chris.

    In the torrid heat of summer, it seems of vital importance that you can open the windows to vent the warmth in your home and allow a refreshing breeze to rush through. At any time of the year, in fact, it is much more comforting to let fresh air in and prevent the circulation and recirculation of old, stale air. Well, not only can you attain luxurious window blinds control with Controliss remote control blinds, but other companies can provide you with kit that will allow you to open and close your windows remotely as well. Whether gaining access to the window is difficult, or electrically operated windows are simply an appealing convenience for your home, openers can be installed on many different types of windows. For a standard top hung, bottom hung, standard casement window, or skylight, you may place a single chain-type opener that will push the window open and retract to close it. Or for larger windows and roof lights, the much stronger twin chain opener will be required. To open roof vents and domes that may have otherwise been troublesome to access because of their high-level positioning, linear actuators can be installed. To operate these openers, an array of control options are available which include wall switches, remote controls, and controllers that sense temperature, rain and/or smoke. Wall switches can be linked to the window openers with 1 to 4 switches to control the windows in a room at any time, without requiring direct access to them. For remote control operation, a signal receiver and transmitter might be required, dependant upon the opening system you want to control. A remote control can be set up to give individual, grouped and overall window control. A system that is ideal for conservatories, or other rooms that can heat up quickly, is the temperature and rain window control. This control panel can open and close various windows or roof vents to control the temperature within that room. When it is raining, the rain sensor connected to the system will trigger a command to operate the openers again to prevent the rain getting in. Smoke Control systems can also be supplied that will provide natural ventilation by operating the window or vent opening actuators whenever smoke is detected. These systems will ordinarily have power supplied through a mains connection but can also have a backup battery power supply if the mains fails. With the lethality of smoke when part of a building is on fire, this ventilation could give extra time to evacuate the property and therefore, could be an invaluable system in any residential or commercial building.

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  • Rolling Out Red

    Posted on 13th July 2011 by Chris.

    Controliss Remote Control Window Blinds can serve as an outstanding compliment to your home's interior décor, especially if the best possible style and colour is chosen. Our blinds are available in neutral colours, colours that would give a bolder appearance, and some that are in-between. But the colour choice will largely depend upon the look of the room it will be placed in. Red is a strong colour, often associated with danger and passion, and when viewed it can seem nearer than it actually is. This attention grabbing attribute has lead to the use of red in many instances, notably, signs and signals for road users. But the colour red also has many other positive symbolisations, across many different cultures. In China, it is associated with numerous positive connotations, including courage, loyalty, honour, success, happiness and passion. When red is distinctly used in the home, it energises feelings of courage, strength and warmth. There are countless ways in which you can grant your home the benefits of this vibrant colour. Various hues of red are available in paints and wallpapers, allowing you to select one that is not too overpowering. An often favoured use for red walls is in a dining room, where it's ability to boost appetite and encourage sociality and friendliness make it a fitting choice.

    To introduce some red in more subtle measures, you could purchase accessories to add the necessary colour. For example, LSA's Buba Floor Standing Vase will, at 100cm tall, would give noticeable presence of the colour while adding elegant decoration.

    Redcandy supply a huge choice of red home furnishings and accessories, from garden accessories, such as a watering can, to small novelties like red toilet paper! Just a few of the intriguing products they stock are the Guzzini Sugar dispenser, with a curious design that can limit the amount of sugar administered to prevent too much coming out at once; Suck UK's LED Mirror, that can display the time, date and a programmed message; and there are a number of wall stickers that can add extra colour and appeal to the walls without committing to anything permanent. Of course, other accessories that would give an exceptional finish to any room whilst also providing outstanding convenience are our collection of red motorised blinds. Controliss blinds produce made-to-measure roller blinds and venetian blinds in a variety of red shades, that will either let some light through or black it out completely, with remote control operation to raise or lower the blind with ease whenever required. As with other accessories, window blinds look exquisite in the home, whether they are there to incorporate additional colour into a room or just to continue a scheme while contributing to privacy, and at Controliss, we are determined to ensure that you get the best blinds to fit your needs.

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  • Window of Opportunity

    Posted on 31st May 2011 by Chris.

    One of the most significant features of a home is it's windows. They not only draw in the natural light that enlivens the atmosphere of your interior, they also have tremendous aesthetic importance to the interior and exterior of the house. The wide array of frames, styles and glass options can be combined to produce some very striking and pleasing results. And then you may even consider adding extras such as Controliss window blinds to give complete control over the amount of light you let in through your windows whilst completing a really stylish look. When choosing a frame, the more common options that come to mind are UPVC, timber and aluminium. But the less common selections, such as composite and cut stone frames may suit some homes better. Composite window frames combine the durability of aluminium with the natural insulation of timber, allowing your window frames to better withstand the extremes of the weather on the outside and still help to prevent heat escaping the home. For these reasons, composite frames are growing popularity. Another alternative is the cut stone window surround. Although these will not suit all homes, they give a grand look and are very long lasting. The style of the window very much depends on the window's location and surroundings. You may want your windows to tilt, swing open or be made to do both, but you will need to consider anything around the window that could potentially obstruct it's operation. For example, if you plan to have window blinds top fixed within the recess of the window, it may be in the way when opening a window that tilts and opens inwards. Alternatively, you may decide that you want a box sash window that you can simply slide open. Or you may even decide to install a sun tunnel. These are particularly beneficial for internal rooms as they will allow natural light where it would not normally reach. The various options available for your glass mean you can choose to make your windows, not only energy efficient, but also unique. Coloured or stained glass is a popular choice, but also obtainable are vinyl stained glass films that can be applied to a window to add an off-the-shelf design or even your own design. High quality windows are expensive, but by making the right choices, there is lot of opportunity to create something original that will be pleasing every time it is seen and that could last a lifetime too.

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  • Charley's Summertime Revamp

    Posted on 24th May 2011 by Andy.

    Searching for some inspiration for a summertime revamp I came across a few finds that I thought were worthy sharing on the Controliss Blinds Blog. So if you are thinking about renovating or decorating this Summer, maybe its worth taking a peek at some some things I'm using to inspire my summer revamp. In my case window blinds, curtains, tables, chairs, colour schemes and other furniture pieces are all on the agenda. There is a lot to play with, many great sources of inspiration, and as is usually the case for me, surfing the web is proving to be one of the most convenient and useful ways for a little keyboard tapping research.

    Firstly thinking about colours, summer is all about warm mellow long days, relaxing in the garden with a glass of wine, so chalky pastels are very apt. Take a look at the Dulux Forest Falls range  of gorgeous greens and team with dusky pinks and baby blues. The greens bring a fresh element to the home that is welcome all year round, and creates a calming and tranquil environment.

    If you’re thinking about some key furnishings or pieces of furniture, take inspiration from around the world take a peep at Traidcraft recycled furniture and fair trade homeware website . There are lots of beautifully crafted items to look through that will inject lots of ethnicity into many interiors.

    Let’s travel back to the 1950’s another seasonal trend for this year. Think muted primary colours, retro prints and furniture, with simple design implementation.

    Natural and fresh is another enduring style to pursue this summer, think about natural colours and materials, go for greens and browns, a selection of eye catching accessories and some statement furniture like these gorgeous rattan day beds for those  garden.

    So there are just a few ideas I've found so far but keep posted as I have been known to change my mind, especially when it comes to paint colours. That reminds me, I must buy those paint tester pots this time.

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  • Robot Chores

    Posted on 19th May 2011 by Chris.

    In the 1950s, anyone with an interest in the developing computer world was eagerly anticipating the arrival of a motorised manservant, to do away with the menial tasks that take up so much of their leisure time. However, technological advances haven't fitted the bill entirely. We still do not have an all-in-one, human-like 'Robot'.

    Obviously, the predictions were not wholly inaccurate. Robotic technology has overhauled industrial manufacturing, where the capabilities of production are now simply incredible. Not only that, the capabilities are wide spread. Cutting, welding, spray painting, palletising and handling are but a few of the tasks that can all be performed with high speed and accuracy, thanks to this form of technology.

    Nevertheless, advances have not come an abrupt halt, far from it in fact. Robots have very much gone beyond industrial use and become domesticated. There are a wide range of advanced devices available to every household. These can fall into one of two categories: robots that perform necessary tasks and robots that serve a more leisurely purpose.

    From websites such as, you will find robots from various manufacturers such as iRobot. These manufacturers currently have machines for sale that will automatically clean and vacuum your floors and carpets. Although not in a human imitating shape or size, these cleaning robots can perform an effective job, with the added convenience of being able to navigate around and under tables, chairs and most other household furniture. Still, upon seeing these cleaners, the noticeable inconvenience is their proficiency when faced with stairs. They are capable of detecting stairs, to avoid falling down them, but they unable to ascend and descend the stairs and so owners with such an obstruction will need to choose between dirty looking stairs or a bit of manual labour that they had previously made an investment to evade. Other items available to alleviate your housework are LawnBott's robotic electric lawn mowers, which speak for themselves when it comes to their purpose.

    Other robots do show potential to fulfil the previously mentioned 1950s predictions. The only drawback being that they are not so much produced for servitude as for entertainment and leisure. Introducing the interactive robot toy, which has appeared in various forms and is where you are more likely to find your more human-like robot, for example; Robosapien, the interactive humanoid robot that attracted a lot of interest upon it's release. Another popular development in this category is Cyberstein's Titan, the entertainment robot capable of much human imitation and so has been given many public appearances at places ranging from holiday resorts to being on stage with the boy band JLS on their recent tour.

    Now, the common definition of a robot is: 'A machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, and so on this basis you could classify a Controliss blind as a form of robot. Any of the 240V mains powered Controliss electric blinds, when programmed using the Air30GMT timer controller, is capable of carrying out a series of actions automatically at any desired time of the day, every day of the week. Is this not the ultimate robot for automating the window blinds in your home?

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  • Grand Hallways

    Posted on 12th January 2011 by yasmin.

    Hallways and entrance halls can often end up as wasted, messy spaces which do nothing and say nothing about the character of the owners or the home in question. The starting line for turning your hall way from a wasted, drab space to a fabulous grand entrance is of course the colour palette. Making the right choices when it comes to the colour palette of your hallway will characterise your hallway or entrance space and in turn make that drab space fab! If your hall way is narrow and dark then there are two separate techniques you can adopt here. You can either go for the trade of thought of; 'the brighter the better' and aim to make the space appear fresh, bright and light or you can go for dark colours of which will elongate your hallway. If you want to brighten up your space then go for fresh, light colours such as whites and creams. Add to this look a large mirror and a lightly coloured blind of which will let the sun shine through it in the morning such as our Viveza Pearl roller blind. Alternatively if you want to add a splash of colour then why not go for one of our lighter shades of Vertical Blinds that will allow you to achieve the perfect balance of light and privacy. If on the other hand, you have a narrow space then why not go for dramatic section of wall in a dark red or purple with contrasting bright white larger sections. Using these two contrasting shades together can elongate your hallway giving the appearance of a passionate and welcoming space. If you accessorise these dark colours correctly then these shades will work brilliantly in elongating as well as adding drama to your hall way, Controliss Liso Jet Black roller blinds or Liso Red Devil are perfect accomplices for a striking window finish here. Mirrors are also the key  and will go hand in hand with the darker  coloured walls as they make a space appear wider. If you don’t want to commit to a bold paint job and palette in your hallway, however, then why not opt for coloured lighting instead? This will dramatically enhance architectural features as well as allowing you to be experimental and change the colour of your hallway regularly with different coloured lampshades and bulbs. Creating a desirable entrance hall using carefully selected paint hues and window blind shades can really turn one of the most neglected ares of the home into a grand hallway !

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  • Black Magic Window Blinds

    Posted on 6th January 2011 by yasmin.

    The colour black may seem dramatically dark to you, but if used in the right way black window blinds really can add a touch of magic to your home. You don’t have to paint your walls black or anything drastic like that, but there are a number of ways you can incorporate black into your home in order to add some real magic and impact to your window. Here are some design ideas and inspiration to help you accessorise your home with the colour black. The depth of the colour black gives it real power as well as a dramatic essence. Take advantage of this by 'weighting' the design scheme of a room by simply using a few small notes of black. For instance, a black rug upon wooden flooring draws the eye's attention as well as black roller blinds or venetian blinds can add drama and magic to an otherwise bland window. Alternatively you could bring black into your home accompanied with other colours or patterns. By doing this you will soften the appearance of black within your home. Why not buy fabric of which are mostly black but have other colours on as well. Or why not add pure magic to your window by adding a black and silver roller blinds. Remember less is more! On the other hand, rooms which are decorated in mostly light, neutral colours can look great with a few black accessories. The key is to use small amounts, to maintain balance in a room. A black vase or picture frame may be all you need to give the room definition and desirability. Just remember less is more, no one wants to feel as though they are walking into a black hole, only use small amounts to accentuate your room. So go on, why not conjure up some of your own black magic today!

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  • Adding Drama To Your Window

    Posted on 2nd January 2011 by yasmin.

    With so many opulent items to be had, why not add some drama to your home? Daring I know, but adding drama can set your house apart from the rest, make it unique to you and really give you a chance to go wild and creative! Take inspiration from things you like, whether it be a film such as cabaret, an artist such as Van Gough or a fashion designer such as Vivienne Westwood. You don’t have to go mad either, you can go for elegant drama, crazy drama, or simply just add drama with specific colours such as black or red. The choice and the inspiration really is yours. Drama doesn’t have to mean expense either. Why not buy likable items and add drama to them yourself. I once read how a lady brought a plain chandelier from a flea market. She took it home, painted it black and stuck black feathers and purple jewels all over it. It really did look stunning! If you wish to add drama to your home but don’t want too much then my advice would be to dramatise the centerpiece's of your rooms. For example; why not make that large, vintage mirror that is sat in your garage into your main living room mirror. Surely all is needed is a lick of dramatic paint and a polish. Or how about making your window ooze drama? It’s simple really, choose an eccentric coloured electric blind, perhaps our Reina Beluga roller blind and allow the dramatic patterns and textures do all the talking for you! Then again you could always add immense drama by using the colour black. And do you know what? There can never be too much black. It is a classy colour which can be used in any room of the house, either on furniture, walls, carpets and flooring or especially on your window blinds. The list is endless and so is black; endlessly dramatic. So there you have it, add a bit of welcoming drama in to your home!

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