• Reading between the parallel lines – Venetian and Vertical blinds

    Posted on 8th October 2013 by Andy.

    Venetian Blinds

    When choosing what kind of remote control blinds you want in your home, there are a few things to consider. For instance, do you need them to be more practical than aesthetic? Do you want a single swathe of fabric that co-ordinates with your other furnishings and softens the décor around your windows? If that’s the case Roman blinds or Roller blinds would be ideal. But if you want a blind that keeps the light and prying eyes out when they’re closed, but are compact and unobtrusive when they’re open, then you’ll prefer vertical or venetian blinds. But what is the impact on the look and feel of a room when you opt for these blinds? Parallel lines are known to be slimming but when it comes to home décor they don’t necessary suit every situation. By their nature they create a stripe effect along one wall and the multiple straight edges will contrast with the rest of your room if you have traditional or soft or curved furnishings. So here are a few tips to consider when choosing electric vertical or venetian blinds: Wooden blinds come in a number of different finishes, which make them ideal for co-ordinating with other wood or natural look furnishings. Straight lines and geometric shapes suit a modern interior. These are often minimalist so keep your colour palette simple and don’t make the space too cluttered. Strong horizontal lines can make a small room seem larger, so if your window is on the shorter wall bold venetian blinds can help create a sense of space. Similarly, vertical blinds can create a sense of a room being taller. As both vertical blinds and venetian blinds can be very compact when they are open you may want to have them in a bold or contrasting colour to the rest of your room’s décor. This would allow you to change the mood and look of a room dramatically whenever you close the blinds. If you want to make the lines of the blinds a feature in your décor keep the designs on the panels simple – ideally just a single colour. If you want to break up the hard edges of the blinds choose an intricate or organic looking design. This will soften the hard edges and make them less obvious when the blinds are closed.

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  • Electric blinds style choices

    Posted on 14th June 2013 by Andy.


    When choosing which electric blinds to have in your home there are a few things that you’ll need too consider. For starters, what do they look like open, closed and all the points in between? How do they move and catch the light when they are being opened and closed? Whatever style you  choose will determine what material, colour and pattern you go for as well. Here is a selection of the types of electric blinds we make to help you decide what kind you would like to see in your home: Roller blinds Like the other blinds these are compact and ideal for varying lighting levels in a room. But roller fabrics also have a major advantage over other types in that they are made from one piece of material, so they can display patterned designs. Think of an electric roller blind as a large fabric canvas being unfurled against one wall of your home and you’ll begin to see the possibilities. They’re a great way of framing complex, regular patterns like flock as well as large asymmetrical designs like floral prints, which can be reflected in the other furnishings that you have. Venetian blinds The simple and practical nature of venetian blinds is that they are compact and unobtrusive. They allow a lot of control over the amount of light they let in while also enabling a degree of privacy. They are also best suited to minimalist interiors where the straight edges and plain colours won’t conflict. However, with a greater range of colours than ever you don’t have to settle for cold, characterless whites and creams when you can have something bold and striking. Vertical blinds A popular choice for formal interiors like offices or larger areas, thanks to their practical, unobtrusive design, vertical louvres are ideal for using bold colours and textured fabrics. Closing or even half closing the fabric louvres can change the whole look of a room, and not just because of the lighting change. In a big enough window a vertical blind can become the dominant colour feature and some textured fabrics, like those with reflective or metallic elements, will shift in tone as the light hits it at different angles. Roman blinds Because they are made from one expanse of soft fabric electric roman blinds are like roller blinds in that irregular patterns will work well, and like vertical louvres textured fabrics will look really effective. When raised the blind is gathered towards the top, creating an irregular, folded bunch that will obscure any formal, regular pattern. But roman blinds are a lot softer looking, which makes them an ideal antidote to the minimal, straight lines of verticals and venetians that can appear harsh.

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  • Savvy Window Shading Solutions

    Posted on 16th January 2012 by Jules.

    Somfy Thermosunis RTS Sensor

    Although our Winter so far has been relatively mild, it will not have escaped
    your notice, that the wind has been unprecedented! The wind chill factor has made it seem much colder than the thermometer might suggest.
 So as temperatures drop and fuel bills inevitably increase, just imagine if half of your precious heat was escaping through your windows!

    From my years as a practising interior designer, I would have banked on fully interlined curtains in a heavyweight fabric having greater insulation properties than a roller blind, I would be wrong!  In mind of keeping warm, I read an article recently
 that I found quite surprising; curtains can cut heat loss by 14% whereas roller blinds are double that at 28%.  wooden venetian blinds offer a very impressive 50% reduction in heat loss, as wood is a natural insulator.

    The key to energy efficiency, is the ability to control the energy either created or consumed. Thoughtful use of solar shading is a highly efficient way to achieve such control.

 Remote control blinds create a minimalistic method of trapping a layer of still air between your windows or doors, and the internal room space; reducing heat transfer in both hot and cold conditions.
 Opening the blinds during the day in Winter, allows natural warmth from any available sunlight to warm the interior; this is known as solar gain.  Closing the blinds at night, reduces the possibility of that heat escaping.

    At the other end of the scale, the blinds repel the sun's heat in Summer, preventing unwanted solar heat gain and maintaining a more consistent temperature internally.  These very simple steps can reduce the need for heating and air-conditioning, 
in turn saving you money.

    This control process is known as the "shading coefficient"; careful choice of window treatment greatly influences the shading coefficient value, thus lowering your heating and cooling expenses. In fact, adding wooden venetian 
blinds to your window is comparable to installing double glazing in terms of heat conservation!

    Controliss Blinds are available in a vast array of fabrics and finishes, whether they are mains powered or battery operated. Not only do they make an impressive interior design statement, combined with the ultimate convenience of remote control; they can ultimately save you money by increasing the shading coefficient of your home.

    At Controliss, we
 have all solar reflectance and transmittance values for all of the fabrics and finishes we use.

 We can offer an additional stage to increasing your thermal shading requirements, by incorporating  a programmable remote control, this facility permits 6 user programmable timed operations per day.  The benefit of this programmable feature actually simulates occupancy in an empty house, and will enable the thermal properties of the blinds to utilised even when you are away.

    For the ultimate in window blind shading control our wireless Somfy Themosunis indoor sensor will raise or lower the shades automatically according to sunlight levels or sunlight and room temperature. The wirefree easy to use sensor is compatible with all Controliss mains powered blinds and a single sensor can operate up to four Controliss Roller blinds or wooden Venetian blinds.

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  • Rolling Out Red

    Posted on 13th July 2011 by Chris.

    Controliss Remote Control Window Blinds can serve as an outstanding compliment to your home's interior décor, especially if the best possible style and colour is chosen. Our blinds are available in neutral colours, colours that would give a bolder appearance, and some that are in-between. But the colour choice will largely depend upon the look of the room it will be placed in. Red is a strong colour, often associated with danger and passion, and when viewed it can seem nearer than it actually is. This attention grabbing attribute has lead to the use of red in many instances, notably, signs and signals for road users. But the colour red also has many other positive symbolisations, across many different cultures. In China, it is associated with numerous positive connotations, including courage, loyalty, honour, success, happiness and passion. When red is distinctly used in the home, it energises feelings of courage, strength and warmth. There are countless ways in which you can grant your home the benefits of this vibrant colour. Various hues of red are available in paints and wallpapers, allowing you to select one that is not too overpowering. An often favoured use for red walls is in a dining room, where it's ability to boost appetite and encourage sociality and friendliness make it a fitting choice.

    To introduce some red in more subtle measures, you could purchase accessories to add the necessary colour. For example, LSA's Buba Floor Standing Vase will, at 100cm tall, would give noticeable presence of the colour while adding elegant decoration.

    Redcandy supply a huge choice of red home furnishings and accessories, from garden accessories, such as a watering can, to small novelties like red toilet paper! Just a few of the intriguing products they stock are the Guzzini Sugar dispenser, with a curious design that can limit the amount of sugar administered to prevent too much coming out at once; Suck UK's LED Mirror, that can display the time, date and a programmed message; and there are a number of wall stickers that can add extra colour and appeal to the walls without committing to anything permanent. Of course, other accessories that would give an exceptional finish to any room whilst also providing outstanding convenience are our collection of red motorised blinds. Controliss blinds produce made-to-measure roller blinds and venetian blinds in a variety of red shades, that will either let some light through or black it out completely, with remote control operation to raise or lower the blind with ease whenever required. As with other accessories, window blinds look exquisite in the home, whether they are there to incorporate additional colour into a room or just to continue a scheme while contributing to privacy, and at Controliss, we are determined to ensure that you get the best blinds to fit your needs.

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  • Small Kitchen Design Tips

    Posted on 1st February 2011 by yasmin.

    With some smart organisation a small kitchen space can be both workable and stylish at the same time; all you need to do is be astute with your lighting, storage and planning! De-clutter - Get rid of little-used appliances and useless gadgets that appear to be cluttering up your kitchen space. As well as this only keep as much crockery and glassware on show as you need clear up valuable worktop space. In a small space less really is more, the more clutter there is lying around; the smaller your room is going to look. Be realistic - If you have a small kitchen then be realistic, you are never going to comfortably fit a large kitchen table in now are you?  Instead maximise the space you have by being clever with furniture. Perhaps a kitchen side could double up as a breakfast bar, or perhaps only a small kitchen table will do the job. Again I will reiterate the fact that the more that is in a space; the smaller that space looks. Kitchen units - Stay away from busy kitchen units with large handles; in a small space you will be more likely to knock yourself on them. Kitchen units with subtle finger-pulls instead of handles are best in a small space as they are more seamless and streamline, making your kitchen space feel bigger. Also, units with a high gloss finish can be reflective and so make a space appear bigger than it actually is. Colour and light - A white or neutral scheme will make a space appear bigger, whereas a dark red or black space will make a room feel small and claustrophobic. To accompany your neutral scheme keep your lighting as natural as possible. Use light blinds which will still allow the sun to shine in through your windows. Why not go for our Viveza Pearl roller blinds or our stunning gloss white venetian blinds.

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  • Beautiful Beige

    Posted on 15th January 2011 by yasmin.

    A revival for this classic hue has already begun with many using this colour throughout their homes to add neutral sophistication and class. With a combination of beige shades, textures and patterns this versatile and popular hue doesn't have to be bland! The beautiful thing about beige is that the more shades you mix together the better the look. Beige really does provide elegant sophistication to a space and the looks that can be created are endless. You can mix a beige palette with whites and creams to create a light look; alternatively, you can add dark shades to the palette in order to add a more dramatic effect. You can create a light space with beiges as they appear more interesting than whites and creams alone. Why not paint your walls a light shade of beige, add to this a cream carpet and surround it with a palette of browns and further beiges. Choose light beige blinds such as our beautifully textured Viveza Riviera roller blinds to create even more light from the sun in the daytime. Alternatively, if you want to create drama you could mix strong browns and blacks into your palette. Why not add a dramatic dark wood blind to your look, our Sorcerer or Tudor Beam wood blinds would be perfect here. Or why not add a dark leather sofa to your home, adding both sophistication as well as classic drama. If dark colours aren’t for you then why not incorporate textures into your interiors. By doing this you will ensure that certain aspects of your room stand out. For example; add textured cushions and a collection of sheer faux fur throws to your sofa to add a touch of warmth to your home. Or why not add a statement rug to the centre of your space. Fabrics such as tweed and leather also work well against a beige palette and Controliss venetian blinds will add a touch of hi-tech sophistication to any window. Believe me, when it comes to using beige, the possibilities really are endless. Whether its drama, sophistication or class you desire, a palette of beige can create the style that you are looking for!

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  • Green With Envy

    Posted on 10th January 2011 by yasmin.

    The colour green is beautifully gorgeous; it can be fresh, warm, bright, classic, and whacky, you name it and green can be it. Where a dark tone of green can add drama and class as well as depth and richness to your home decor a pale tone can add coolness. Then there is the wacky lime green, only for the daring, it can add an fresh explosion of colour and fun to a room. You can use greens in a daring fashion, or equally in a demure and classy style. The choice is entirely yours. However, the key is to use a similar palette of greens as to avoid clashes. For example; you can take your inspiration from apples, grapes and leafs, but you need to mix this inspiration with similar shades and tones. In other words choose shades that have the same degree of coolness or warmth in them. To add warmth to a room why not go for a dark and deep forest green carpet in the centre of your sitting room accompanied by a similar shade of green on your upholstery. Alternatively to add coolness why not chose a light green vertical blind or a brushed metallic green venetian blind. Or why not add something different all together with zesty green roller blind. If you’re not keen on the colour green  appearing on your floor or windows, however, then why not add slight glimpses of the colour to your home via your accessories. Green cushions and throws can add either warmth or fun to your living room or bedroom depending on what tone you choose. Alternatively you could use green accessories such as vases and picture frames, which will add subtle yet fun touches. So go on, why not make your friends green with envy!

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  • Black Magic Window Blinds

    Posted on 6th January 2011 by yasmin.

    The colour black may seem dramatically dark to you, but if used in the right way black window blinds really can add a touch of magic to your home. You don’t have to paint your walls black or anything drastic like that, but there are a number of ways you can incorporate black into your home in order to add some real magic and impact to your window. Here are some design ideas and inspiration to help you accessorise your home with the colour black. The depth of the colour black gives it real power as well as a dramatic essence. Take advantage of this by 'weighting' the design scheme of a room by simply using a few small notes of black. For instance, a black rug upon wooden flooring draws the eye's attention as well as black roller blinds or venetian blinds can add drama and magic to an otherwise bland window. Alternatively you could bring black into your home accompanied with other colours or patterns. By doing this you will soften the appearance of black within your home. Why not buy fabric of which are mostly black but have other colours on as well. Or why not add pure magic to your window by adding a black and silver roller blinds. Remember less is more! On the other hand, rooms which are decorated in mostly light, neutral colours can look great with a few black accessories. The key is to use small amounts, to maintain balance in a room. A black vase or picture frame may be all you need to give the room definition and desirability. Just remember less is more, no one wants to feel as though they are walking into a black hole, only use small amounts to accentuate your room. So go on, why not conjure up some of your own black magic today!

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  • Come Dine With Us

    Posted on 20th December 2010 by yasmin.

    Tis the season to be jolly after all! Planning on hosting your very own dinner party? Want it to be perfect? Don’t know how to set the right tone? Well done fear, here provided for you by your very own Christmas angel is a feast of dinner party tips from the settings and glasses to the table cloths to how to set that perfect ambiance. Glossy whites & modern accents - Chic monochrome offers a stylish yet elegant festive palette, so build up crisp whites and dramatic blacks in contrasting textures in order to modernise your Christmas table to the max! Start here with a crisp white table cloth, add dramatic touches with your chosen centre piece and add the monochrome look with your cutlery. For the ambiance here go for bright lights, think New York in the snow. Block out the gleam from the streetlights outside with a contrastingly dark Roller blind and then put your guests in the spotlight. You could even add a Hollywood style theme to this dinner party! Classic Christmas - If you’re more of a traditionalist, then why not go for warm cosy tones, soft lighting and of course classic Christmas decorations this will ensure that your dinner party is relaxed and friendly as well as providing your guests with that classic Christmassy feeling. The trick here is to make everything blend in, make your table almost settle into your dining space by using the same tones as the surrounding area. Use browns, creams and beiges as your base and build on warm tones of rich reds and forest greens with a splash of sparkle. If you’re not a fan of tinsel then why not add sparkle to your festive feast by sprinkling glitter over your dining room table, or alternatively dress your window in a festive light. Why not put fairy lights up at your window, or add some extra sparkle with electric blinds such as our Reina Beluga Roller blind. So there you have it, modern or traditional the choice is yours, happy dining!

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  • The Source Of Inspiration

    Posted on 10th December 2010 by yasmin.

    Have you ever watched those home makeover programmes or flicked through interior decor magazines wishing that your home resembled something even half as gorgeous? Well why not make it so? There are many ways you can reinvent your house, and yes I know we are in the middle of a recession, but small changes really can change the appearance and ambiance of a room. Let there be light - Firstly, the mood of a room can be changed, just by adding a little light. Whether it’s blocking out street lighting from the outside via dark wood blinds or adding a large centrepiece lamp to your coffee table, either way a little light can go a long way. Alternatively you could embrace the winter nights, wrap yourself up in that ohh so cosy faux fur throw, light some candles and just watch the mood change in front of your very eyes! Window dressing - Whether it can be seen from the outside-in or the inside-out, dressing your window can really change the shape and appearance of a dull room. Whether you chose to embrace colour or eliminate texture is up to you. If its colour you choose to go for then why not go with something that stands out rather than blends in, this will really make a real impact on a room and you will get that desired change that you are after. For example, if your room is decorated with a palette of beiges, browns and earthy greens, why not dress your window with a gorgeously seductive yet classically demure Satin Rum Venetian blind. On the other hand, if you prefer textures then why not go with a beautifully textured Roller blind . The Controliss Textura Golden Roller blind is my favourite pick for the winter months. It is simple yet stunningly classy. Illumination - Finally, the most cost efficient and easy way to change the appearance of a room is to add a mirror. Whether it be a dramatically framed, classically cut mirror or a strange shaped modern mirror, it really will change your chosen room. You see, the thing with mirrors is that they make a space appear bigger than it actually is, changing your room in an instant. So, there you have it, small changes really can make a big difference!

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