• Wearable tech tops trends for 2014

    Posted on 8th February 2014 by Ben.

    Google Glass is nearly here for the regular consumer while Samsung’s Galaxy Gear SM-V700, a watch that connects to your phone so you can use it to answer calls, texts and email, has been out for a while. But now it seems like everyone is launching their own wearable tech, with the most interesting are these focusing on health and fitness. Wearable wristbands that monitor your daily activity have been around for a while, with many sitting somewhere between a fitness band and more sophisticated smart-watches.


    Jawbone for example dominates the market with a stylish wristband that monitors physical activity, calorie intake and sleep patterns to help you stay to your fitness goals.

    Basis Carbon Steel Edition

    Another leading maker of fitness bands is Basis, its new Carbon Steel Edition can monitor sweat output, heat dissipation, blood flow and heart rate as well being able to detect if you’re running or walking. It also offers advanced sleep analysis to help you get a better, healthier night time routine.

    Sony recently announced its entry into the market, the SmartBand SWR10, which tracks movement and activity and it records on a lifelog app on your smartphone. The interesting angle that Sony have taken is that it also records your digital life, so the photos you take, the music you listen to, the places you go and your online social activity is all recorded as well. While it may be a bit too Orwellian for some people it will give you a good measure of how your daily routines break down. Maybe even inspiring you to change your ways.

    Google Smart Contact Lens

    Google recently revealed they are working on a contact lens that will allow its wearer to monitor their glucose levels. The lens, which has a small chip inserted into it, will help diabetics to easily track their condition without needing to resort to needles. Google are working on including tiny LEDs so that updates can be displayed directly to the user. As this kind of tech gets more sophisticated it will be able to monitor and predict your behaviour while being able to make suggestions about sleep, fitness and eating in a way that you can maintain your health. It’s only a short leap then for this kind of tech to start talking to each other or even to your home gadgets. That way they can work alongside your fridge for instance, to monitor your food intake, or your lighting and electric blinds to send you to bed or gently wake you up.

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  • The smart scales that keep you fit

    Posted on 7th November 2013 by Andy.


    There are plenty of apps and tech designed to keep track on your health and fitness. But few that connect up all the data to help you get and stay fit. The Libra scales from Runtastic take one-step closer to a joined tech solution by measuring a lot more than just your weight. It also provides you with body fat measurements, body mass index, bone mass, muscle mass, calorie calculation and body water content. Data that is collected via a Bluetooth based sensor. By generating such detailed body metrics the Libra allows you to review and analyse the data and set yourself realistic health goals. Naturally it comes with an app that syncs with the scales to help you monitor your data on the go as well as syncing with the Runtastic website. As this kind of tech gets smarter it’s only a matter of time before your scales and your fridge start talking to each other to keep your diet on the straight and narrow, or to tell your treadmill to give you an extra hard workout. Find out more: Runtastic Libra Scales

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