• Wifi puts you in control

    Posted on 12th June 2013 by Andy.

    A team of researchers from the University of Washington have discovered a way of using the wifi signals passing through our homes to detect human movement. The system, called WiSee can detect movement from multiple people across multiple rooms. It uses an algorithm that can track small changes in the wifi signal and is currently programmed to recognise nine different gestures with 94% accuracy. The team hope to increase its vocabulary and accuracy so that it can be used in a number of household applications. It can already be used to switch on lights and change TV channels.

    The system is still in development and isn’t currently as accurate as other gesture controlled tech, such as Microsoft’s Kinect, but it’s still early days and is a clear indicator of where home automation is heading.

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  • Lutron Kirbé Vertical Curtain System

    Posted on 4th December 2011 by Jules.

    Controliss Blinds showcase Lutron's award winning and imaginative Kirbé® Vertical Drapery System that represents an exciting and unique industry first. This entirely new design of Lutron blinds smoothly raises and lowers the curtain fabric up and completely out of the way at the touch of a button. The Kirbé vertical curtain system is a captivating fusion of vertical motion with Lutron's beautifully engineered quiet drive motorisation technology and traditional soft curtain fabrics. Lutron Kirbé eliminates “stack back” – the mass of fabric remaining when a traditional curtains are opened. Curtain fabric stack back can equate to one-third the total width of traditional curtains which in many scenarios can block a large portion of the overall window aperture. Utilising the unique Kirbé system increases the number of applications where you can use curtain fabrics, including restrictive spaces, French, Bi-fold or sliding doors and floor-to-ceiling windows by recessing the system into a recessed pocket for totally unobstructed access and views. The Kirbé vertical drapery system features a number of Lutron innovations that enable automated control of rolling soft furnishing curtain fabric in a window blind possible.

    Header mechanism with Lutron Quiet Drives

    Integrated Lutron QS, QED or QS wireless silent drives with limitless control options including Lutron HomeWorks, GRAFIK Eye QS, third party home automation systems or standalone remote control. Reliably and delicately smooths and pleats the fabric as it is taken into and let out of the top mechanism. Perma-pleat bottom bar™ Weights fabric and maintains a smooth and even ripple fold pleat to keep curtain fabric uniform.

    The finishing touch Finish the overall aesthetic with a beautifully finished matching fabric Lutron cornice to easily finish the look without the need for a recessed top pocket. For more information including quotations and PDF specification sheets please email or call 0115 9311 911 to speak to an approved Lutron blinds specialist.
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  • Warming Up For Winter

    Posted on 25th October 2011 by Jules.

    As our very late summer sun sinks away and the cold blustery weather forces its way upon us, all thoughts of flip-flops and cocktails subside, and are replaced by hotpots and Horlicks instead!

    We are currently involved in the conversion of an early 1900's barn , a beautiful brick built building that the developers are trying to coax in to the 21st century.  Creating a contemporary scheme within a traditional facade, retaining the character and integrity of the barn throughout. Having managed to achieve UV values in excess of those specified by Building Control, by utilizing specialist glazing and over specifying the insulation, the clients are keen to achieve a stylish, open-plan environment yet still feel nice and warm! In large, open-plan expansive spaces, underfloor heating is the perfect choice.  Underfloor heating ensures a clutter free streamlined look, no restrictions in terms of  furniture placement and most importantly in the current climate, the wet system is extremely cost effective to run.  UFH eliminates the hot spots that are created by radiators, the heat generated, whether a wet (warm water) system or an electric system, is more uniformly spread, evenly throughout the floor. Robbens Underfloor Heating is the system to be installed in the barn to all floors.  The ground floor and the bathrooms will all be finished in stone; the bedrooms are engineered wooden floors.  The system operates effectively with both flooring finishes, although it is worth seeking advice from your flooring supplier, if you wish to use beneath solid wood flooring. The UFH pipes are laid on top of the insulation in the floor, and then covered with a product called Gyvlon screed.  This is a liquid screed that is pumped in, and cuts down on the heavy labour, and time entailed if completed conventionally. Here is a photograph of the ground floor, prepared ready for screeding, which takes place tomorrow!

    Having gone to so much effort to ensure that the Barn is toasty all year round, we will be introducing our sophisticated Controliss 240v blinds to the full height glazing.

    At Controliss, we have a fabulous range of stylish, contemporary fabrics and as a member of the Controliss Design Team, I know that we have all of the Solar and Optical ratings of each and every fabric.

    From the funky metallic effect screen fabrics to the light and heat defensive blackout fabrics, we can be certain of retaining the heat generated without compromising the design aesthetics.

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  • Has Anyone Seen The Keys?

    Posted on 4th August 2011 by Andy.

    When it comes to home security, Controliss automatically operated electric blinds can offer significant peace of mind. When controlled with a Controliss programmable remote control handset, your window blinds will operate automatically at a specified times of the day, giving the impression that you are at home, even if you are miles away. Of course, the typical way we cast our home security fears aside is by locking our doors and security system. Developers are continually trying to establish a better system than the everyday, often hard to find, house key.

    Say hello to your new front door key! It’s not a key as you would normally remember, that’s because Yale have invented the Keyfree locking system. It’s very similar to the system we now use to unlock our cars, which is remote control. It’s incredibly easy to use and is great for peace of mind, especially when you’ve just got back from the weekly food shop and it’s raining. Trying to find your keys in the bottom of the bag, whilst holding a load of shopping bags that are ready to burst, and getting wet, isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. With the Yale Keyfree, you can sit in the car, unlock the front door from your seat and, hey presto, you’re straight in with minimum fuss. The key will even talk to you if you want it to. So no more rummaging for keys in your bag, no more key cutting for spares, it is one simple system, which is battery powered. Even if the batteries fail, it still works with its backup emergency power. If you head upstairs and forget to lock the front door, not a problem, one press and you’re safe and secure. The Key Free Locking system comes as part of the handle and locking mechanism inside a multipoint locking door. You have a keypad on the inside, which also works as an alarm, so you can enter a code to lock and unlock, and the alarm sounds if anyone tries to tamper with the door. The remote key fob can lock and unlock from 10 meters away, and there is a slot for a normal key, which will override the system. So you have your remote control key for your car, your TV remote, your Controliss blinds remote and now you can lock and unlock your front and back doors with the Yale Keyfree Remote!

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