• Creating An Ooh La La Boudoir

    Posted on 23rd February 2011 by yasmin.

    If your thinking of adding a touch of french chic and create a stylish Parisian boudoir inspired bedroom then imagine the flamboyance of 'Moulin Rouge', and art nouveau. Plush fabrics, velvets and silks, sensual prints and  bold passionate colours including shades of black, red and purple. Think art nouveau figurines and beautifully intricate architectural details. Think all of this together and you will be somewhere close to creating a beautiful Parisian boudoir style bedroom.

    When you hear the word ‘boudoir’ you instantly think about the Moulin Rouge style colours of black, red, or purple. Going with the risque theme of Moulin Rouge, the Antonio Citterio designed B&B ITALIA Alcova ACLE1 Bed in black oak fits the theme to perfection. Just imagine this designer classic contemporary bed sprawled with rich fabrics and colourful tones.

    The perfect neighbour for this beautiful bed has to be the stunning Luigi Caccia Dominioni designed L’Abbate 'Pole Position' armchair. This perfectly set armchair showcases Parisian flair to the maximum with its quilted design and soft fabric. The classic boudoir style is also about accentuated architecture. If you don’t already have cornicing then good quality plaster cornicing is available in a plethora mouldings and these stylish adornments really add to the overall theme. When it comes to fabrics, the traditional boudoir is all about velvets and silks in rich passionate shades. Our Seda Chianti Roller Blinds have a luxurious silk finish and the deep Chianti coloured fabric sits perfectly with the Parisian theme. The Oscuro Allure and Oscuro Midnight fabric Blackout blinds will also work great with the Paris theme and the Blackout fabric has the advantage of blocking the sun out completely. Complete the look with some ornate and classic art nouveau style accessories such as antique perfume bottles, feathers and jewels and don't forget the bottle of 'Cristal'.

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  • New Country

    Posted on 18th January 2011 by yasmin.

    Update your country home with a palette of soft pastel colours; warm, inviting fabrics and luscious textures! The new country look can work brilliantly in any home, whether it's a modern apartment or a traditional country cottage that you call home. The style aims to look effortlessly comfy as well as classically relaxed. Light, pastel colours work extremely well here as do textured soft furnishing fabrics in gentle hues. Here I will explain how to achieve this look. The colour scheme - A neutral background highlighted with soft pastel colours such as cool blues, light teals and creams looks best to set the scene here. Add a touch of drama with cherry reds and darker teals on accessories such as cushions, rugs or throws. To compliment the scheme even further wood blinds are available in a variety of wooden stain finishes such as Milton wood or classic country style painted shades like the Controliss English Oak wooden blind collection. New country interior - You can take your pick of new country styles here which in turn means you have free reign on what fabrics and textures you want your room to adopt. Whether you are after an elegant new country home, a girlie floral new country home or a brightly patterned new country home, the fabrics and textures available will allow you to achieve your desired country effect in no time. If you have gone for a palette such as above, then why not add floral, tartan or faux fur to your upholstery, this will create an old country meets new country style. Lighting is key - Get the light right in your new country room; to go with the feel and style your room also needs to appear warm, friendly and inviting.  The key is to use different types of lighting to highlight specific areas of your room creating an ambience that invites a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

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  • Come Dine With Us

    Posted on 20th December 2010 by yasmin.

    Tis the season to be jolly after all! Planning on hosting your very own dinner party? Want it to be perfect? Don’t know how to set the right tone? Well done fear, here provided for you by your very own Christmas angel is a feast of dinner party tips from the settings and glasses to the table cloths to how to set that perfect ambiance. Glossy whites & modern accents - Chic monochrome offers a stylish yet elegant festive palette, so build up crisp whites and dramatic blacks in contrasting textures in order to modernise your Christmas table to the max! Start here with a crisp white table cloth, add dramatic touches with your chosen centre piece and add the monochrome look with your cutlery. For the ambiance here go for bright lights, think New York in the snow. Block out the gleam from the streetlights outside with a contrastingly dark Roller blind and then put your guests in the spotlight. You could even add a Hollywood style theme to this dinner party! Classic Christmas - If you’re more of a traditionalist, then why not go for warm cosy tones, soft lighting and of course classic Christmas decorations this will ensure that your dinner party is relaxed and friendly as well as providing your guests with that classic Christmassy feeling. The trick here is to make everything blend in, make your table almost settle into your dining space by using the same tones as the surrounding area. Use browns, creams and beiges as your base and build on warm tones of rich reds and forest greens with a splash of sparkle. If you’re not a fan of tinsel then why not add sparkle to your festive feast by sprinkling glitter over your dining room table, or alternatively dress your window in a festive light. Why not put fairy lights up at your window, or add some extra sparkle with electric blinds such as our Reina Beluga Roller blind. So there you have it, modern or traditional the choice is yours, happy dining!

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  • Creative Flair for The Bedroom

    Posted on 11th December 2010 by yasmin.

    You can create anything you want to out of your bedroom, whether it be a magical paradise, a Narnia style getaway or just a place to provide you with that oh so needed sanctuary after a long, hard day at work. Whatever it is, first things first, you wish for privacy, right? Well press the remote control for your Wooden blinds and block the rest of the world out and let’s get started! A bedroom should be a calm, tranquil place. A place where you feel safe, a place where you feel warm so why not embrace those factors and truly make the one room in the house that is solely yours, a special one. At this present moment I am loving the ‘English rose’ style look. The soft pinks and creams of a palette, the Havana silks and other soft fabrics, the vintage style furniture, the list goes on. However, if this is too country and girlie for you then why not try something different. Why not reinvent that old creative flair and create something that is truly unique to you. You could go neutral, dramatic, macho, the choices are endless. Then again, you might not want to stick to one solid style, you may want to mix it up a little and make something that is truly unique. Once you have chosen your style it’s time for the exciting bit. The bit where you choose your own fabrics, furniture, decor, textures and blinds. Granted this may take a while if you are in a full time work. But just imagine the finished product, your very own haven of tranquility that you have solely handpicked to perfection. Its over to you now, why not give it a go and make that special room of the house extra special, embrace your creative flair and just go for it!

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  • Edwardian Style Interior Design

    Posted on 6th December 2010 by jenny.

    If you’re one of those people who are caught between austerity of the minimalist design style and the stuffiness of Victorian interiors, you may find Edwardian-style interior decorating a worthy compromise between the two styles. This interior decorating style emerged in the beginning of the twentieth century, spanning nine years of King Edward VII's reign.  Although it was short, the Edwardian period's influence in home decorating spans centuries and is still being felt even today. At the start of the 1900s, newly developed technologies in building, heating, plumbing, and electricity were incorporated into home design. While Victorian homes were characterized by hallways leading to respective rooms of differing functions, the Edwardian home had more of an open plan. This came about because efficient furnaces did not require rooms to be closed off to maintain heat efficiency. Pastel Colour Scheme Aside from the home layouts, Edwardian decorating style introduced our love affair with the colour white. Because the correlation between microbes and diseases were introduced in this era, a germ-phobic population preferred white on their walls because dirt can be better seen in these colours. If you want to have a taste of this early twentieth century style, go for a light pastel colour scheme inspired by flowers, such as primrose yellows and leafy greens. Simple Window Blinds Echoing the simple colour scheme is the simplicity of window decorations.  The Edwardian style home removed suffocating and ostentatious Victorian curtains and encouraged ventilation in rooms through simple window decorations. For a more modern take on lace curtains, the Controliss Voile Roller blinds will be perfectly in line with this scheme, giving you the transparency of lace curtains without the maintenance it entails. Fuss-Free Floors Edwardian homes did away with wall-to-wall carpeting that was extremely difficult to clean at that time. Hardwood floors replaced the carpets that covered Victorian floors. Instead, rugs were distributed on the hardwood floors to keep the atmosphere cosy. These rugs can be beaten up and cleaned outside. Steer clear from yellowy pine floorboards as this look will not be in line with the theme. You may stain floorboards with an oak-coloured varnish if you wish. Wicker and Bamboo Furniture After the basics have been covered, you may introduce wicker furniture that is reminiscent of this era. Flea market finds can be revived with a fresh spray of paint. You may include a wing chair to recreate the laid back comfort of this time period. Baroque, rococo, and empire style furniture will be at home in these surroundings. Homely Accessories To finish the look, go for homely accessories such as cushions with embroidered florals and pictures that are framed and hung midway on the walls. Dot the area with silver-framed photographs and other nostalgic items from this era, such as antique gramophones or silver tiered cake stands which can be purchased from specialty shops. Celebrate the homely simplicity of Edwardian-style decorating with the following tips and you’ll recreate a home that evokes lovely feelings and thoughts about the “hearth and home,” a true marriage of the informal and the feminine that is truly refreshing.

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  • Bored with your Interiors? Splash On a New Look with Some Paint!

    Posted on 28th October 2010 by Lee.

    This is the perfect time to relive your childhood obsession with colours. Having fun with paint to liven up a room is one of the most affordable and fun ways to dramatically change the look of your home. You have more options than to just painting your rooms walls with a bold colour - now you can make your home vibrant by painting furniture pieces too! How long has it been since you've used your overalls? It's time to take them out of the closet and play with paint for a home make-over. Here are five ways to use paint in the best way possible: Turn a boring wall into a vibrant feature wall.  Adding a sense of drama to a dull area is one great option for a paint make-over.  What's the most boring wall or area in your home? It may be the wall behind your bed, or the dining room wall, or the backdrop wall of your staircase. Paint a bold colour that’s either a similar but darker shade than the other walls; or if you’re daring enough, pick a contrasting colour and start splashing away your brush. This will accentuate your wall and could even serve in zoning your space. If for example you have an open space where your kitchen adjoins the dining room, you could paint the dining room walls with a different colour to zone the space. Complete the look with complementary accessories, and you’d have a stylish home. Feel free to convert any old furniture piece in your home into a modern and whimsical accent piece. For example, you’d be amazed how a boring white bench could turn into a stunning vivid seater if you splash on some deep red paint on it. Paint your floor. Make your floor interesting by painting them with trendy brights or cool neutrals. Floor paints are available in a variety of colours  and the best thing about them is that being hardwearing, the paint could last a long time. Floor paint could dramatically transform your room, especially if you use fun and whimsical colours. Paint some arty patterns with stencils. If you’re the more adventurous type and you’re bored with just adding vibrant colours on your furniture pieces and walls, artsy stencils are perfect for you. Order them from a shop or make them yourself, but the most important thing is that you must love your patterns. After all, you’d be seeing a lot of them after you’re done with your home makeover. Paint your windows. Who says you have to replace your windows to achieve a modern look? You could just paint over the frames to create a trendy feel. For instance, you could splash some vibrant purple paint on otherwise boring white frames for a funky look. Now to make your windows the perfect eye candy, install some coloured Electric blinds. The Basswood Wooden Blinds from Controliss for example, could serve as the last touch to complete the perfect look. The blinds come in subtle hints of colour to perfectly complement the vivid splashes of paint you just had fun with. Controliss Baswood blinds use superior quality hand picked grade (A) wood, and come in a variety of 13 soft pastel shades and popular stained finishes. These blinds are hand finished, and come with an infrared remote control. The efficient integrated motor is powered everyday standard AA batteries.

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  • Achieve Baroque Elegance with Controliss Roller Blinds

    Posted on 21st October 2010 by jenny.

    At a time when simplicity and minimalism are the dominant trends, adding Baroque style accent pieces may add an element of surprise in a space filled with clean lines. Originating from decadent Italy where ornate beauty is embraced and even worshiped, the Baroque style didn't catch on in England until the late 17th and early 18th centuries. English Baroque architecture can be seen in three famous architectural masterpieces: Christopher Wren's St. Paul's Cathedral and John Vanburgh and Nicholas Hawksmoor's Blenheim Palace and Castle Howard. Baroque evokes feelings of magnificence and boldness which can be seen in the huge domes, spectacular pinnacles, and elegant columns in architecture. The extravagant exterior of the Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire takes one’s breath away even when viewed from afar. The same feeling of mass and volume can be seen in the immense dome of Castle Howard that bathes its interior with soft natural light. While these ornate details might look overwhelming, you can certainly include the Baroque style into your home through well-chosen accessories. Always remember that to pull the Baroque style in a contemporary home, only introduce accent pieces that will create a strong focal point. To do this, we strongly suggest Baroque-inspired accessories such as the Reina Berry Roller blinds. The elaborate print in a rich shade of purple reminds you of the damask wallpapers and rich tapestries of Edwardian times. If you’re partial to a monochromatic scheme, our Reina Beluga Roller blinds will bring a touch of elegance to these contrasting shades. Not only will these lush fabrics bring the spirit of "more is more" that so characterises the Baroque style, they also give you an air of opulence with their one-touch remote control feature. With our Controliss remote-controlled roller shades, you can embrace the spirit of decadence of this era without sacrificing on space or utility.

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  • The Beauty of Luxury Wallpapers in Controliss Roller Blinds

    Posted on 18th October 2010 by Lee.

    Luxury wallpapers such as Georgia Horton's fine hand-printed wallpapers are rich with nature-inspired patterns and colours. Georgia Horton is an artist and designer who has recently exhibited her latest collection called "New Naturals" at Decorex the international design conference. Taking her artistic influences from South Africa and Italy, Georgia Horton has designed bold symmetrical patterns that are reminiscent of the incredible themes found in nature. If you like the beauty of luxury wallpaper but feel you want something that's functional as well, we suggest purchasing Controliss roller blinds which provide the perfect balance. Here are a few patterns in our roller blinds collection that echo the bold, organic and architectural patterns of Georgia Horton's fine collection.

    Roller blinds in Monarca Dew have a superb print design with pearlescent print overlay weave. These roller blinds allow light to gently filter into the room when they are completely lowered. This print is also available in a darker shade, the Monarca Desert. Both fabrics feature a symmetrical print that’s the height of sophistication.

    Other classy alternatives are Reina Beluga which takes black and white to the next level. If you’re into bold colours, check out our opulent Reina Berry which confirms that you can never go wrong with the colours used by royalty.

    Another roller blind that is similar to Georgia Horton’s Follow Me pattern, the Paraiso Sable has a beautiful print of foliage and butterflies in an asymmetrical pattern with a pearlescent finish. Because its background is in a neutral colour it will be effortless to add to any interior design. With these decadent prints in electric roller blinds, you’ll have a touch of extravagance in your interiors without the guilt that often comes when purchasing a lavish item.

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  • A Real Man's Bedroom: Daring, Yet Stylish

    Posted on 7th September 2010 by jenny.

    Bedroom Wood Blinds

    If you think dirt can make a man look masculine, you'll be surprised that this is absolutely untrue when it comes to decorating his place of comfort- the bedroom. Men can be still be in Vogue without losing their masculinity. And the catch? Nothing! Just plain and easy-to-follow steps in making a man's bedroom appealing. Forget about the usual bright-coloured and over-the-top wall paper designs, pillows, and bed linens. Throw away the idea of having an elaborate interior design and flamboyant fixtures. Instead, make way for bold and yet simple motif that will completely radiate manliness in every corner of the room.

    Brave Hues

    Let’s begin with colours and shades that create a mannish appeal. Always consider hues that are neutral and can bring in an ambience of vigour and authority. Consider painting your walls in a series of block shapes using a combination of black, grey, and white. Then be a little braver than that by adding shades of green, violet, and blue. Doing this will make for a powerful, yet attractive atmosphere. It is highly recommended that you combine only two colours, but you can add more as long as they still look confident and not soft. If a tanned skin looks manly, so is a room that has mocha and brown hues.


    Similar to colours, wallpapers should be simple and yet prominent. Think of your wall designs as a companion that tells a lot about your own traits. For a less overpowering effect, cover just one wall with wallpaper. Some modern wallpaper are made of prints from old movies or football’s best moments. Make the designs the reflection of your personality.

    Bed sheets and blankets

    Spruce up your bed not with excessive pillows and multicoloured bed sheets or blankets. Choose plain white comforters, if you may. Another option is to have striped pillow cases or cushions. Make sure the stripes have dark shades. It’s a rule of thumb to match the hues of your walls with that of your bed. Always pick something from the colours of your wall and use it again for your bed sheets and blankets.

    Carpet and Flooring

    When it comes to your carpet and flooring, always choose the colours that bring out your adventurous streak in a modern style. It’s always safe to pick neutral colours and dark shades. Teak and walnut for your wood flooring create a “macho” effect. If you want to become more daring, put some animal prints on them.

    Window Treatments

    Keep window treatments as simple as possible. The Controliss wood blind collection has an assortment of wood blinds that will go well in masculine bedrooms.

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  • Give Your Kitchen a Taste of Scandinavian Style with Remote-Controlled Wood Blinds

    Posted on 2nd September 2010 by jenny.

    Remote Control Wood Blinds

    If you're feeling like you're in outer space whenever you're inside your kitchen, you're not alone. Most kitchen appliances have this cold, futuristic look that it's hard to create a homely atmosphere. To balance out the starkness of your modern kitchen appliances with the nature-inspired finish and discreet elegant style of Scandinavian interior design. Interior designers love the simple lines and charming details of an eighteenth century Swedish country home. It has a touch of Nordic classic style but made from down-to-earth local materials. The look is very distinct but with restrained detailing. The Scandinavian style gives you just a tinge of the traditional mixed in with minimalistic lines.

    Scandinavian Colour Palettes and Finishes

    If you’re won over and would like to incorporate Scandinavian home design into your kitchen, you can work on a palette that is cool, like pale blue-grey, blue-green, or grey-green. These colours can be painted on your walls and then for the ultimate Swedish look, paint your kitchen cabinets the same colour in a darker, more solid shade. If you find these colours too cold for your kitchen, stick with pale ochre or a yellow on the creamy side. However, stay clear from pastel colours because Scandinavian colours are deep and luminous.

    Painted Wood Finishes

    Aside from the colours, Scandinavian interior design’s distinct characteristics are matte painted finishes. Paint your walls and then use a stronger tone of the main colour on your doors wooden and wooden mouldings. The finish should be soft so choose eggshell as paint. Although Scandinavian design uses wood, it is often painted. Wood can be incorporated as panelling or as flooring. Any kind of wood can be used as long as they are on the pale side. Scandinavian design does not use wood in dark finishes.

    Tiled Surfaces

    Tiles will look great on the floors and also on stove tops and the splash board. Create a chequered pattern with the tiles or add decorative panels in a plain background. If your dining area is also near the kitchen, separate the two areas with different floorings. Use carpeting that use natural materials, such as coir, sisal, or seagrass in the eating area. These can create interesting floor coverings plus they can withstand food spills better than any other material.

    Scandinavian Accessories

    Scandinavian lighting should exude an earthy feel. Go for dull metals instead of crystal or glass. Modern lighting such as pendant lights or recessed lights goes well in this design style. Aside from the lighting, window treatments should also echo the simple natural lines of Scandinavian home design. Speaking of nature-inspired accessories, wooden blinds are perfect in a Scandinavian-style kitchen because it softens the hard mainstreamed appearance of most kitchen surfaces. Our collection of Basswood wooden blinds will definitely satisfy your need for Scandinavian-style windows, because they are real wooden blinds in a painted finish. What’s more, they are operated through infrared remote control. Now that’s what we call the fusion of the traditional and the modern that characterises Scandinavian design.

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