• Savvy Window Shading Solutions

    Posted on 16th January 2012 by Jules.

    Somfy Thermosunis RTS Sensor

    Although our Winter so far has been relatively mild, it will not have escaped
    your notice, that the wind has been unprecedented! The wind chill factor has made it seem much colder than the thermometer might suggest.
 So as temperatures drop and fuel bills inevitably increase, just imagine if half of your precious heat was escaping through your windows!

    From my years as a practising interior designer, I would have banked on fully interlined curtains in a heavyweight fabric having greater insulation properties than a roller blind, I would be wrong!  In mind of keeping warm, I read an article recently
 that I found quite surprising; curtains can cut heat loss by 14% whereas roller blinds are double that at 28%.  wooden venetian blinds offer a very impressive 50% reduction in heat loss, as wood is a natural insulator.

    The key to energy efficiency, is the ability to control the energy either created or consumed. Thoughtful use of solar shading is a highly efficient way to achieve such control.

 Remote control blinds create a minimalistic method of trapping a layer of still air between your windows or doors, and the internal room space; reducing heat transfer in both hot and cold conditions.
 Opening the blinds during the day in Winter, allows natural warmth from any available sunlight to warm the interior; this is known as solar gain.  Closing the blinds at night, reduces the possibility of that heat escaping.

    At the other end of the scale, the blinds repel the sun's heat in Summer, preventing unwanted solar heat gain and maintaining a more consistent temperature internally.  These very simple steps can reduce the need for heating and air-conditioning, 
in turn saving you money.

    This control process is known as the "shading coefficient"; careful choice of window treatment greatly influences the shading coefficient value, thus lowering your heating and cooling expenses. In fact, adding wooden venetian 
blinds to your window is comparable to installing double glazing in terms of heat conservation!

    Controliss Blinds are available in a vast array of fabrics and finishes, whether they are mains powered or battery operated. Not only do they make an impressive interior design statement, combined with the ultimate convenience of remote control; they can ultimately save you money by increasing the shading coefficient of your home.

    At Controliss, we
 have all solar reflectance and transmittance values for all of the fabrics and finishes we use.

 We can offer an additional stage to increasing your thermal shading requirements, by incorporating  a programmable remote control, this facility permits 6 user programmable timed operations per day.  The benefit of this programmable feature actually simulates occupancy in an empty house, and will enable the thermal properties of the blinds to utilised even when you are away.

    For the ultimate in window blind shading control our wireless Somfy Themosunis indoor sensor will raise or lower the shades automatically according to sunlight levels or sunlight and room temperature. The wirefree easy to use sensor is compatible with all Controliss mains powered blinds and a single sensor can operate up to four Controliss Roller blinds or wooden Venetian blinds.

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  • The Fountain Effect

    Posted on 8th November 2011 by Chris.

    Electric blinds are the smart, stylish way to control the amount of natural light coming into your home. With a multitude of exiting design options in fabrics that will stop light getting through entirely, light filtering fabrics that offer good levels of privacy, and our trend setting Visio-Lux diffusion collection that allows a level of vision whilst still giving protection from the sun. Controliss Blinds have an ever-expanding range of products to suit any of these needs, but if you have a wonderful view from your windows or have put a considerable amount of effort into creating a magnificent garden scene, you may regret installing window blinds that stop you enjoying such a sight when not open. Roller blinds fabrics are available that include hi-tech mesh-like designs, semi-transparent patterns and even screens with a solar-reflecting back layer to help keep your home cooler. Having a pleasing view to look at without the harsh glare of the sun can significantly lift your mood when relaxing at home and there are innumerable products that you can obtain to further improve your garden scene.can add notably to the character of your garden are water features. There are many options and styles for these, from the complex but spectacular, to the simple yet charming. UK Water Features offer a vast range of such products, including the Oase Jumping Jet Rainbow Star and more self-contained models like the Sphere Stainless Steel Water Feature, as well as wire-free solar powered units. They also provide a service in designing and building custom made water features that would be perfect for an utterly unique and enticing garden landscape.

    The Oase Jumping Jack Rainbow Star can release and illuminate jets of water at adjustable levels to produce arc-shaped streams of water. The light, colours and water patterns are combined to create various pre-programmed displays and sets can be added on to assemble a truly unique water show in your own garden. If you would prefer to add a more self-contained focal point to your garden the popular and modern-looking Sphere Stainless Steel Water Feature is available in sizes ranging from 30cm to 100cm in diameter and the water is lit by LEDs as it is pumped from the top of the sphere. Water features could also be introduced as an indoor decorative accessory. The Smart Solar water features have an optional indoor power adaptor, so they can operate wire-free in the garden or on a balcony through solar power or they can be plugged in and then added as a complement to your interior. While water features are a highly favourable inclusion in a garden landscape plan, they are just as effective at creating a peaceful mood for your business or offices. For instance, imagine entering a restaurant where the décor is opulently adorned, as the daylight dims, plush lighting comes on and your Controliss remote control blinds that superbly compliment such décor, lower themselves automatically. Then, as a focal point for all clientèle, one or more water features are situated in the dining area, delivering soothing sound and a visually captivating display through the simple flow of water. Such an atmosphere is sure create a memorable and blissful experience.

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  • Solar Solutions

    Posted on 5th August 2011 by Chris.

    Controliss motorised window blinds are exceptionally convenient appliances to have in the home during the summer, since they can reduce air conditioning bills by blocking the sunlight that would otherwise add to the heat in your home, and can be remotely operated at your leisure with the single push of a button. While these will remove one of the more bothersome aspects of a sweltering summer's day, you can attain solar powered instruments that can benefit greatly from the intense sunlight of such a day. Here are some examples of devices you might not have heard of. You may already have solar powered lights in the garden to adorn your flowerbeds. But if you are considering getting, or already have a deck or patio, the fabulous Moonrays 95028 Mini Deck Light could be the ideal lighting solution for this area. The Mini Deck Light's AA NiCd rechargeable battery is charged by the sun's rays, so no wiring is required to power the light and therefore it can simply be screwed down wherever you want it. Voltaic Systems have various compact products that generate and store their own power. One range in particular is their bags and backpacks, that contain a power pack which is chargeable from an AC or DC supply, or it can charged while out and about from the solar panels built into the bag. This power pack will supply charge to many different electronic devices via USB port or using various standard adaptors included with the product. A Voltiac Solar Bag/Backpack would be a valuable gadget to anyone who is regularly on the move and can not afford to lose power in their mobile phone while expecting important phone calls. Other products that are not actually solar powered, but could add to the enjoyment of your summer outings are the RoadPro SnackMaster and the Spa-N-A-Box. RoadPro's SnackMaster is a portable beverage and snack cooler/warmer that plugs into a 12V DC cigarette lighter socket. The shelf on the inside can be removed to give more space or to store larger items, it also has a sealed door with a clear thermal pane window to allow you to see into the cooler/warmer and when warming, it can shut itself off automatically to prevent overheating. The Spa-N-A-Box by Comfort Line Products is a hot tub that can be set up in 20 minutes, requires no plumbing and can be packed away into 2 boxes for portability. To set up the spa, the panels and tub liner are fitted together, the tub is then filled from a garden hose and the control unit is plugged into a 13 Amp power supply. Once the water has warmed, 4 to 6 people can share the tub as the TurboWave jet system massages and the dual filtration ensures the water is kept clean. There are an increasingly vast array of everyday products available that can be solar powered so don't let the sun's heat drain all your energy this summer, keep yourself cool and let the sun's light empower you to step outside and enjoy the season.

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