• Switched on windows

    Posted on 11th June 2013 by Andy.


    A company from California is about to change the way you look at your windows – or should that be look through your windows? The firm, called SONTE, has developed a Smart Film that can be stuck on to your existing windows and can be controlled by a smartphone app via a wifi connection, allowing you to change the opacity of the glass. So you can go from crystal clear to frosted glass in the blink of an eye. The 0.4mm thick film is made up of lots of particles that are suspended in a liquid between two thin layers of plastic. Left alone they make the film appear opaque. But when a live current is passed through the film it becomes completely transparent. So you can reveal a beautiful view or guard your privacy in less than a second simply by using a free smartphone app. It will even let you adjust the settings to choose what amount of light the film lets through. The film can absorb up to 85% of UV rays, helps retain heat and only uses around 5 watts of power, so SONTE’s Digital Shade, as they are calling it, has excellent eco-credentials.

    The film that comes in one metre squared pieces is simple to install and has multiple uses around the home, from your living room to your bathroom. It’s also very affordable meaning it has the potential to revolutionise home and interior design. In homes that have a lot of glass it could prove an ideal replacement for or accompaniment to more traditional blinds. Find out more here:

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  • Savvy Window Shading Solutions

    Posted on 16th January 2012 by Jules.

    Somfy Thermosunis RTS Sensor

    Although our Winter so far has been relatively mild, it will not have escaped
    your notice, that the wind has been unprecedented! The wind chill factor has made it seem much colder than the thermometer might suggest.
 So as temperatures drop and fuel bills inevitably increase, just imagine if half of your precious heat was escaping through your windows!

    From my years as a practising interior designer, I would have banked on fully interlined curtains in a heavyweight fabric having greater insulation properties than a roller blind, I would be wrong!  In mind of keeping warm, I read an article recently
 that I found quite surprising; curtains can cut heat loss by 14% whereas roller blinds are double that at 28%.  wooden venetian blinds offer a very impressive 50% reduction in heat loss, as wood is a natural insulator.

    The key to energy efficiency, is the ability to control the energy either created or consumed. Thoughtful use of solar shading is a highly efficient way to achieve such control.

 Remote control blinds create a minimalistic method of trapping a layer of still air between your windows or doors, and the internal room space; reducing heat transfer in both hot and cold conditions.
 Opening the blinds during the day in Winter, allows natural warmth from any available sunlight to warm the interior; this is known as solar gain.  Closing the blinds at night, reduces the possibility of that heat escaping.

    At the other end of the scale, the blinds repel the sun's heat in Summer, preventing unwanted solar heat gain and maintaining a more consistent temperature internally.  These very simple steps can reduce the need for heating and air-conditioning, 
in turn saving you money.

    This control process is known as the "shading coefficient"; careful choice of window treatment greatly influences the shading coefficient value, thus lowering your heating and cooling expenses. In fact, adding wooden venetian 
blinds to your window is comparable to installing double glazing in terms of heat conservation!

    Controliss Blinds are available in a vast array of fabrics and finishes, whether they are mains powered or battery operated. Not only do they make an impressive interior design statement, combined with the ultimate convenience of remote control; they can ultimately save you money by increasing the shading coefficient of your home.

    At Controliss, we
 have all solar reflectance and transmittance values for all of the fabrics and finishes we use.

 We can offer an additional stage to increasing your thermal shading requirements, by incorporating  a programmable remote control, this facility permits 6 user programmable timed operations per day.  The benefit of this programmable feature actually simulates occupancy in an empty house, and will enable the thermal properties of the blinds to utilised even when you are away.

    For the ultimate in window blind shading control our wireless Somfy Themosunis indoor sensor will raise or lower the shades automatically according to sunlight levels or sunlight and room temperature. The wirefree easy to use sensor is compatible with all Controliss mains powered blinds and a single sensor can operate up to four Controliss Roller blinds or wooden Venetian blinds.

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  • Lutron Kirbé Vertical Curtain System

    Posted on 4th December 2011 by Jules.

    Controliss Blinds showcase Lutron's award winning and imaginative Kirbé® Vertical Drapery System that represents an exciting and unique industry first. This entirely new design of Lutron blinds smoothly raises and lowers the curtain fabric up and completely out of the way at the touch of a button. The Kirbé vertical curtain system is a captivating fusion of vertical motion with Lutron's beautifully engineered quiet drive motorisation technology and traditional soft curtain fabrics. Lutron Kirbé eliminates “stack back” – the mass of fabric remaining when a traditional curtains are opened. Curtain fabric stack back can equate to one-third the total width of traditional curtains which in many scenarios can block a large portion of the overall window aperture. Utilising the unique Kirbé system increases the number of applications where you can use curtain fabrics, including restrictive spaces, French, Bi-fold or sliding doors and floor-to-ceiling windows by recessing the system into a recessed pocket for totally unobstructed access and views. The Kirbé vertical drapery system features a number of Lutron innovations that enable automated control of rolling soft furnishing curtain fabric in a window blind possible.

    Header mechanism with Lutron Quiet Drives

    Integrated Lutron QS, QED or QS wireless silent drives with limitless control options including Lutron HomeWorks, GRAFIK Eye QS, third party home automation systems or standalone remote control. Reliably and delicately smooths and pleats the fabric as it is taken into and let out of the top mechanism. Perma-pleat bottom bar™ Weights fabric and maintains a smooth and even ripple fold pleat to keep curtain fabric uniform.

    The finishing touch Finish the overall aesthetic with a beautifully finished matching fabric Lutron cornice to easily finish the look without the need for a recessed top pocket. For more information including quotations and PDF specification sheets please email or call 0115 9311 911 to speak to an approved Lutron blinds specialist.
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  • Shhh…. Lutron comes to Controliss!

    Posted on 22nd November 2011 by Jules.

    Having established ourselves as market leaders in the supply of motorised blinds, Controliss can now add Lutron approval to our repertoire! Lutron are undeniably the most highly regarded company providing progressive light control solutions for a diverse group of homes and facilities. Lutron have their name firmly established in the home automation market, offering fully integrated systems for light control, blinds and shading to complete home automation. Lutron boast an elite clientele around the world, all of whom, have dramatically benefited from the look, feel, and energy saving effects of Lutron products and systems: Caesars Palace, The Bellagio, Nasa Cape Canaveral, St Paul’s Cathedral and 1 Whitehall Place, to name but a few! We are privileged to announce that Controliss have been awarded a Lutron dealership and we fully intend uphold Lutron's esteemed position in the marketplace. At Controliss, we have always prided ourselves on providing a quality product at an extremely competitive price, with Customer Support that is second to none.  It is these attributes that equip us to move up into the realms of Lutron blinds dealership. We will not be relinquishing our established Controliss range of electric blinds, in fact on the contrary!  I can let you into a little secret, we are about to add to our inspiring fabric ranges for electric and battery powered roller blinds and launch a completely new designer collection of hand finished Roman blinds. The Lutron dealership broadens our horizons and allows us to promote a thoroughly bespoke service for electrically operated blinds with sophisticated technology. There are so many options available to our Lutron clientele, including roller blinds for skylights,  floor to ceiling windows, multi storey windows and complete curtain walls. Curtain tracks over 18 metres long, even curved curtain tracks for the most challenging spaces.  All equipped with superior Lutron motor technology and ultra-quiet electronic drives. In addition to the diverse fabric ranges offered by Lutron, there are also bespoke headrail and trim options, in fact almost anything is possible with Lutron!

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  • Chromotherapy - The Colour Of Thought

    Posted on 14th July 2011 by Chris.

    When sunlight hits water drops in the air at an angle that causes light to be reflected within those water drops, the light is separated into the different colours of the visible light spectrum, and the result we see is an enchanting display of these colours in the form of a rainbow. Colour is something we acknowledge from very early on in life and different colours can create varying interior mood effects, which is why the Controliss electric window blinds collection is available in an incredibly wide spectrum of varying colour shades so the perfect room ambience can be achieved. The terms that define the appearance of a colour are Saturation; Hue and Dichromatism; and Brightness, Tint and Shade. The Saturation of a colour refers to it's intensity. For example, adding extra layers of paint when covering walls will increase the paint colour's saturation. Hue is the similarity (or difference) a colour can be described as having to the 'rainbow colours', such as 'dark green', whereas Dichromatism relates to a change of hue shown as the result of a change in depth or thickness of a material. Brightness describes the Tint or Shade of a colour. Tint applies to the lightness of a colour, achieved by adding white to it, while Shade is acquired by adding black to a colour. When the Tint or Shade of a colour is altered, the Hue usually remains the same. For example, pink can be described as a Tinted red, but the adjustment from red to pink does not require a change in the Hue. Chromotherapy is the use of colour to stimulate the mind and can alter your mood and behaviour. Also referred to as colourology or colour therapy, the roots of chromotherapy have been found to lay in ancient Egyptian culture, whilst also having connections to other ancient civilisations. But, unlike some ancient ideology, scientific studies are able to prove that different colours do generate different emotional reactions in individuals, often for the better. Taking that into consideration, it is important that suitable colours are chosen in your home to take advantage of these 'healing properties'. However, a notable finding in the colour psychology studies is that the reactions were not always the same from person to person, so it is advised that anyone who will be spending considerable time in a room is involved in the choosing of the room's colour before it is applied (especially if the choice of colour is particularly exuberant). The world is full of glorious colour, and so should your home be. There are countless ways you can introduce colour therapy into your house, and there are even devices that will gently change colour to create a comforting mood. So, however your day has gone, you should be able to depend on your home to surround you with a soothing and relaxing ambience.

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  • Grand Hallways

    Posted on 12th January 2011 by yasmin.

    Hallways and entrance halls can often end up as wasted, messy spaces which do nothing and say nothing about the character of the owners or the home in question. The starting line for turning your hall way from a wasted, drab space to a fabulous grand entrance is of course the colour palette. Making the right choices when it comes to the colour palette of your hallway will characterise your hallway or entrance space and in turn make that drab space fab! If your hall way is narrow and dark then there are two separate techniques you can adopt here. You can either go for the trade of thought of; 'the brighter the better' and aim to make the space appear fresh, bright and light or you can go for dark colours of which will elongate your hallway. If you want to brighten up your space then go for fresh, light colours such as whites and creams. Add to this look a large mirror and a lightly coloured blind of which will let the sun shine through it in the morning such as our Viveza Pearl roller blind. Alternatively if you want to add a splash of colour then why not go for one of our lighter shades of Vertical Blinds that will allow you to achieve the perfect balance of light and privacy. If on the other hand, you have a narrow space then why not go for dramatic section of wall in a dark red or purple with contrasting bright white larger sections. Using these two contrasting shades together can elongate your hallway giving the appearance of a passionate and welcoming space. If you accessorise these dark colours correctly then these shades will work brilliantly in elongating as well as adding drama to your hall way, Controliss Liso Jet Black roller blinds or Liso Red Devil are perfect accomplices for a striking window finish here. Mirrors are also the key  and will go hand in hand with the darker  coloured walls as they make a space appear wider. If you don’t want to commit to a bold paint job and palette in your hallway, however, then why not opt for coloured lighting instead? This will dramatically enhance architectural features as well as allowing you to be experimental and change the colour of your hallway regularly with different coloured lampshades and bulbs. Creating a desirable entrance hall using carefully selected paint hues and window blind shades can really turn one of the most neglected ares of the home into a grand hallway !

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  • And They Call It Mellow Yellow

    Posted on 10th January 2011 by yasmin.

    Think the sun, lemons and electric light, the list is endless...... Yellow is a brightly stunning yet understated and underused colour that really can add fun and brightness as well as sheer genius to your decor depending on what you decide to combine your yellow shades with. The key to using yellow in your home is to not over kill it, carefully choose your shade of yellow and combine it carefully, allow the colour enough space to stand alone but support it with other shades and colours that can hold their own. In this instance, most prominently, warm browns and fresh whites are what I am going to base my palette on. Yellow can be used in a very modern manner, picture this; white walls with one block wall of strong, bright yellow; shades of browns with wooden furniture and an electric wood blind , and perhaps a hint of acid green for a jolt of something unexpected and exciting. If the thought of having white walls is too cold for your liking, then why not go for a light shade of brown on your walls, accompanied by a Daffodil yellow or lemon grass vertical blind as a statement piece? If you’re not keen on yellow being on your walls or windows, however, then why not add slight glimpses of yellow to your home via your accessories. Yellow cushions and throws can add zest and brightness to your living room or bedroom. Alternatively you could use yellow accessories such as vases and picture frames, which will add electric touches to your home. The possibilities really are endless, so don’t hide behind demure colours, add some electricity to your home, whether it be a little or a lot, your home will be instantly brightened!

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  • Drab To Fab With Confident Colour

    Posted on 11th November 2010 by jenny.

    Decorating in colour blocks is one of the trendy ways you can keep your space contemporary without having to spend too much. Blocks of colour in interior design can introduce a confident vibe in to your home and these blocks can be manipulated to suit whatever mood you want to create in each room. Here are a few easy ways you can decorate with colour blocks: Mix Neutrals with Bright Colours Earthy tones will look great as a backdrop for bright shades. Keep your walls, ceilings, and floors neutral and then experiment with bright splashes of orange, red, lime green, or turquoise in your furniture, window blinds, and other accessories. Our Liso Zest roller blind will look great next to neutral shades, bringing life to an otherwise monotonous room. Use Block Colours in an Accent Wall Instead of choosing one rich colour in an accent wall, try a series of colour blocks in complementary or contrasting shades which will really make a statement. Another way to do this is use several toning wallpapers on one wall. Use a Colour Block to Emphasise a Feature You can draw attention to a feature by placing it against a coloured wall. For example, you can paint the wall behind your bed a different shade from the other walls to accentuate a magnificent headboard.  This same technique can be replicated in your living room or dining room if you want to highlight a striking wall decor or painting. Use Toning Shades, Pastels If you want liveable colours that will last you for a long time, combine toning shades instead of contrasting ones. For example, muted tones of teal and sage are a calming combination for the walls. Introduce stencils in the opposite shade to add more interest. Toning shades are also available in our blackout roller blinds such as the Bloque Plum or Bloque Natural. A muted shade of lavender with neutral white is also very soothing in a bedroom. Use Colour on the Floor Instead of painting the walls, why don’t you apply colour on the floors? The floor is the most unexpected place for colour which will add an element of surprise, especially in hallways which do not usually receive much lighting. Use bright shades in carpeting or as staircase runners to draw the eye in and create an illusion of more light and space. There are so many ways you can use colour blocks to give a more confident vibe into your room. Try all these bright new ideas to create vivid blocks of colour that will transform your room from drab to fab.

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  • Blast from the Past Interior Design

    Posted on 10th November 2010 by jenny.

    Interior decoration in the 1950's and the 1960's may be rather kitsch for many, but if you're personality loves fun, then you’d love this style in your living space. During this time, the world is just recovering from World War II. As if to rid itself from the miserable memories of war, interior design and fashion veered towards brighter and bolder colours with psychedelic patterns. Before you go overboard with painting your walls with shades of hot pink, burnt orange, avocado green and indigo blue, remember that it's better to inject these bold shades in small doses. Otherwise, this will only lead to the colours being too strong and distracting. Window blinds, such as the Controliss Vertical Blinds in Flamingo will look spectacular in a retro room. Aside from colours, patterns also dominated this era. Look for window coverings that have checked, tie-dyed, or elaborate paisleys, such as our roller blinds in Reina Berry. Aside from retro colours, you can also go back a few decades when it comes to choosing furniture. The trademarks of this period were broad sofas with spindle legs filled with multi-textured cushions. Fuzzy or shaggy throws will also have the same effect.  For the dining room, leather chairs and shiny chrome fixtures are the best choices. For lighting, go for squatty round lamp covers. If all you have are square lamp shades, decorate them with tassels for a more groovy twist. For groovier accent lighting, place a lava lamp on a prominent place. This will surely keep your guests entertained and will make for a great conversation starter. When you have the lighting in place, accessorise with unusual vases or paintings in abstract patterns and vibrant colours. Keep your eye out on collectibles from the 60's or the 50's. Shop online for these treasures and you’ll see that the hunt is as exciting as the find.

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  • Refresh Your Space with the Colour Green

    Posted on 10th November 2010 by jenny.

    Green is one of the most pleasing colours to the human eye. That's because it it occupies the most space in the visible spectrum that humans can differentiate from. Because of this, you have more shades of green that you can experiment with if you want to bathe your home in this soothing hue. Green brings about the refreshing atmosphere of the outdoors, such as the invigorating energy emanating from the trees in a forest or a hilly terrain that's covered with a blanket of newly grown grass. Folklore and religion associates this colour with symbols of an unending life or of hope and renewal. When you look at the historical background of how green was used in interiors, you will see that every period has their own special favourite shade of green. Georgian estates favour dark olive greens in their ancestral homes as well as hunting lodges. For the Regency era, a soothing shade of sage was the rave. Forest green dominated Victorian houses while the beginning of the 20th century was characterised with paler shades of green. The 1930's loved mint while the 1950's steered towards lime. When you look back during the last few years, you will see that the Regency's sage grey-greens had made a comeback. In addition, most people love the duck egg blue-green combination. Today, our greens are more crisp and bright to go well with the turquoise blues that dominates 2010. The best thing about green is that it balances out different colours. Like blue, it is a shade that is easy to live with. If green is what you want, think about the atmosphere you want to create as different shades of greens evoke different emotions. For a warmer mood, stick to green that has a yellow undertone. Green that has blue undertones is more soothing. Clean and dirty shades work well when it comes to green, just as long as you have the same undertone. If you’d like to have some advice on what kind of green electric blinds you’d like for your home, Controliss suggests you decide whether to stick with yellow or blue undertones. If you have chosen yellow undertones of green, then our Vertical blinds in Pesto or Lemon Grass will look great in your room. If you want more texture in your vertical blinds, try our Textures Vertical Blinds in City Lime. A zesty green roller blind in a yellow undertone is Liso Zest. More yellow-undertoned shades are available for blackout roller blinds, such as Pesto or Oscuro Lime. A green venetian blind in Satin Garden will create a modern twist to your space. For green electric Vertical blinds with blue undertones, we recommend vertical blinds in delicate shades, such as Spring or Peridot. We also have Venetian Blinds in a soothing shade called Herbal Pine that puts a modern twist to this nostalgic Regency period shade of green. When you’re looking for colour combinations that will go well with green, remember that neutrals work great with fresh and crisp greens. Sapphire blue and purple are magnificent with emerald green. Yellow, grey, or gold are lovely when paired with green while pink and green are a joyous combination especially when toned down with brown. However, if you want to give green a contemporary edge, pair it with navy blue. That’s why we bring you our electric roller blinds in an amazing striped pattern filled with strips of navy, green, orange, beige, and yellow called Fresco Spring. Green can be used in any part of the house, but care must be taken when you’re using this colour in the bathroom. It’s best to stick with a blue-green tone than a yellow-green one because blue-green tones are more flattering to the skin. Accessorise with vivid shades of green, such as in cushions or vases. You can also have some plants inside the house for a more organic shade of green. Whatever shade you’d like when it comes to green, you’ll never go wrong with the colour that denotes life.

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