• Classroom Control

    Posted on 21st June 2011 by Chris.

    The Controliss collection of beautifully designed motorised window blinds with the sophistication and elegance of one-touch remote control of window coverings are a real hit with home owners throughout the UK. Although, it is not just home owners who can benefit from the smart aesthetics and practicality of our window blinds. Educational facilities also find remote control Roller blinds to be an extremely worthwhile proposition. While fitting neatly into any classroom, the blinds could serve multiple purposes in assisting the teachers with their efforts to educate pupils. A common purpose for window coverings in the home, especially properties that are close to public roads for example, is to give privacy by obstructing the view into the window. Privacy may too be one of the reasons to put blinds up in a classroom, but the barrier produced can also prevent the people inside from watching what is going on outside. This is particularly helpful in schools with younger pupils, since it is a regular occurrence that teachers struggle to maintain their pupils' attention while there is something outside that attracts interest. The other principal aim when window blinds are installed, is to gain control over the sunlight present in the room. This is where the Controliss electric window blinds bestow the top-level of convenience to it's users within a school, college or other learning environment. Projectors are a common tool used by teachers to present slide-shows, educational videos and other media to their pupils; but are much less effective when sunlight is making the projections difficult to see. The Blackout Roller Blind fabrics are available in varying colours, to comply with the décor of a room or even a lecture theatre, whilst also darkening it to give a clear view of the projection on display or any other demonstration that requires a dimmed room. And to return the natural light to the room, all blinds can be lifted again with the single push of a button. Since Controliss Roller Blinds are all remote controlled, they eliminate the need to access any draw cords or control chains to block or permit the sunlight, meaning they are ideal for parts of a building with high-level windows. The added benefit of having no draw cords is that extra safety is given to younger children who could potentially injure themselves from getting tangled in such cords. Our cordless roller blinds do not need to be confined to classrooms and lecture rooms; the stylishness and functionality of remote control blinds make them a welcome addition other areas of the facility, such as the labs, halls, canteens and kitchens. The end of the school year is fast approaching, and the school holidays may be the opportune time to get the rooms spruced up with a new set of Controliss electric shades.

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  • Create A Home work Haven for Children

    Posted on 15th November 2010 by jenny.

    When we think about childrens rooms, we often think about bedrooms and playrooms. However, if you have school-aged children, it would be a great idea to design a practical work space for them to do their home work and other creative endeavours. What better way to inspire them to do their best work than designing a home work space dedicated entirely for their creative and school-related pursuits. Whether they are five years old starting junior school or 18 and ready for university, here's how to make the best home work space that will motivate your children to study hard. Work with Them The first rule is to consult your children about creating a home work space for them. Working with your children to create the ideal work space for them will motivate them to use the space and claim ownership of the work space when the time comes. Together, examine the place where they are used to doing their homework. What characteristics of the present space do they love? Which elements don’t they like? Perhaps they like to spread their stuff on a kitchen table. Maybe they like having you close by so they consult you with their homework. Make a list of what they want in a workspace and then make sure that these traits are included in their workspace. Location, location, location Now that you have a good idea of your childs likes and dislikes, it’s time to find the perfect location for this workspace. For younger kids who’ll need you close by, you may need to carve out a space near the kitchen or dining room so you can supervise their homework. Older children may be more independent and need some place quiet and away from other family members to concentrate such as their bedroom. Let them choose the space so they will be more encouraged to use the area. Child-Friendly Furniture After you have decided with the location, include essential furniture such as a comfortable desk chair that is ergonomically friendly. Include storage areas to keep the space neat and clean. You could customise file cabinets and make it more child-friendly by adding fun stencils or stickers. If space is an issue, there are many inventive ways that you can transform furniture into storage, such as using a workbench with cubby holes. The workbench can even accommodate a friend while they are working on school projects. Comfort is Key With the furniture and storage in place, you can make the place comfortable. If your children are allowed to work with a laptop or a computer, ensure that the problem of glare is addressed. Don’t risk eyestrain for your children and purchase glare-preventing child safe window blinds, such as the Controliss blackout Roller blinds in Oscuro Petal Bloom or Oscuro Sapphire. If you want a neutral shade, blackout Roller blinds in Oscuro Cream will work well in any room. A desk light is also important to complement the ambient light in the workspace location. After you have fitted your childs home work haven, allow them to accessorise their space with their very own artworks and knickknacks. Personalising their own space will help them enjoy the area more. An attractive place filled with light and colour will surely inspire your children to excel in their studies and actually look forward to doing their home work.

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  • Blackout Blinds for Your Little Ones

    Posted on 6th October 2010 by Lee.

    Nothing compares to the elation of finding out that you are pregnant. Once the euphoria of expecting an addition to your family settles down to quiet contentment, you are free to think about the nursery where you will spend the best times with your baby. Safety considerations must be foremost in your mind. With strict government standards, safe furniture and solutions for the nursery are readily available. We have all heard the horror stories and as a result cots, mattresses, playpens, headboards, footboards, storage, changing tables and almost every element of the room have to be audited for the safety of your child, before going on sale. Child safety is the primary consideration when creating a living environment for your child and some of the details to be mindful of are cords, straps, slats and cutouts. Our collection of blinds have passed safety standards and with a remote control, they do not have any dangling cords, loops, or side chains where a child can become  entangled. For longer periods of uninterrupted sleep, our blackout roller blinds are perfect for controlling the early morning / evening sunlight. Some of our best blackout roller blinds are the Oscuro Petal Bloom, Oscuro Monet and Oscuro Honeysuckle. Our carefully designed styles and delicate colours will compliment any nursery. Remote control blinds are the safest option for available for young children, and blackout blinds are designed to give parents greater peace and rest.

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  • Prettiest in Pink: Create the Ultimate Feminine Home with this Rose Colour!

    Posted on 31st August 2010 by jenny.

    Rubor Candy Roller Blind

    Rubor Candy Roller Fabric

    In designing a space, the feminine touch never fails to please. The female magic always works to make any home or office become delightfully alive, and no other colour says "woman" than the pink shade does. This rose colour is so dainty and so charming that it is often used as a theme hue for individual fashion styles, for events, for causes, and of course, for styling the home. There is just something so delightful about this rosy hue, that it is temptingly inevitable for any homeowner to use it in making his or her home lovelier.

    Go for the Classic Pink Mix

    You have to take care though, in choosing the right kind of pink. Overly-sweet hues, the same shade you see on candies and sweets, when used outside the nursery or child’s bedroom could make your home displeasing. For elegance and sophistication, the classic pink mix never disappoints, as it involves various shades and tones of the hue, from hot pink to pearl pink, so as to provide a colour scheme that’s balanced – both vibrant and subtle at the same time. Always test how the hues would look like in your home, especially if you’re planning to use pink on your walls or on your floor. The kind of light you have in your rooms matter too, as it may make the pink look painfully glaring or soothingly soft. Interior designers have long determined that it’s best to use pink hues with warm undertones if you wish to give your room a vibrant, blushing colour and it’s great to use pale pink for your wall backdrop and for your base. For areas at home that you use often, bright and deep pinks work best as it evokes a sense of excitement and vibrancy.

    Going for the Monochromatic Tone?

    If you fancy a monochromatic scheme, keep in mind that the pink hues work well with greys, and whites, which tone down dark pinks. Cool pinks on the other hand, go well with reds and oranges. Take care to combine warm tones though, as they tend to be too heavy on the eyes if there’s too much. If you love their fiery saturation that much, you could just pick accent pieces instead.

    Contemplating on a Complementary Scheme?

    If you’re aiming for a complementary scheme, choose a seemingly contrasting colour, like green for example, to complement your pink hues. The combination gives off a fresh spring look that’s simply visually pleasing. With this scheme, you could even play up the spring theme by adding accents like floral wallpapers or curtains with flower designs. Adding other spring-inspired feature pieces could make your pink home just perfect. Try our safe remote-controlled Roller blinds in Rubor Candy for a striped twist to this colour. Pink is a delightful colour to play with, have fun in making your home vibrant with this exciting rose colour!

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  • Controliss Electric Roller Blinds - Blinds Safe for Children

    Posted on 23rd August 2010 by jenny.

    Child Safe Roller Blinds

    Controliss introduce a range of stylish blinds that use no cords or chain just 100% child safe one-touch battery powered operation. Unlike traditional blinds Controliss specialise in remote control blinds that are powered with universally safe AA batteries. The introduction of our new Roller range uses no unsightly pull cords or side chains eliminating the risk of infant strangulation through the looped controls used in most of today's manually operated blinds. Our fantastic Roller Blinds fabric collection has 69 fashionable colours and textures including superb Blackout designs like Bloque Natural explosive vibrant shades like Liso Orange Burst fabric which will brighten up any room. On each product you can see the electric roller blinds in action with video demos; they can be controlled with a hand held remote control which is as easy as changing channel on a TV. Other types of electric blinds operate in the same way as the Controliss range but they three major differences:

    1. Hard wired electric blinds that use mains electricity can cause injury if installed incorrectly. 2. Hard wired electric blinds need installing by a professional fitter and electrician meaning that they can cost many thousands of pounds 3. Unlike hard wired blinds the Controliss range caused no disruption to decoration and are easily installed by anyone.

    Controliss Roller blinds feature our superb integrated Air radio controlled motor that can be powered by 8 standard AA Alkaline, re-chargeable or Lithium batteries giving complete flexibility. With prices starting from £128 everyone can enjoy the benefits of motorised Roller blinds in affordable easy to install package. There is no need for any dangling looped cords or chains on our roller blind range making them safe for any children playing nearby. It's not only worried parents who can benefit from the Controliss range, they're also ideal for elderly or disabled people living on their own. The lack of chord pulling can prevent falls or accidents in the home for elderly or disabled people, they simply have to press a button on a separate remote control. The blackout range from Controliss also has one more trick up it's sleeve. Our Blackout fabrics block sunlight making it ideal for bedrooms or around televisions to reduce screen glare.

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