• Take Control of Your Curtains

    Posted on 7th February 2013 by Jules.


    Whether it be luxury homes, quality hotels or dynamic conference venues, motorised curtains are becoming a standard requisite in this type of high-end project. Our exquisitely designed remote control tracks are extremely robust, yet discrete and can even be concealed within a ceiling recess.  Nothing creates greater visual impact than beautifully crafted curtains moving virtually silently, across a span of up to 10 metres, at the touch of a single button! The sophistication of Controliss electric curtain tracks is reflected in the simple form and sleek lines of the powerful motor and rail.  The motor is covered neatly, housing an integrated power supply; having the capability to offer a large range of control options, with adjustable limits to allow the curtains to fall naturally. Just like our electric blinds ranges, the curtain tracks are operable either individually or as groups of tracks, just by varying the choice of remote control handset. Installation is a simple operation with a basic electrical connection; ensuring the experience of an electric curtain track and all the associated benefits, could not be easier. These electric curtain tracks are so versatile, they incorporate Touch Motion functionality, to open and close the curtain by lightly pulling on the fabric, without the use of a remote control.  The motor drive shaft disengages automatically to permit use of the Touch Motion function.  The curtain tracks can also be personalised; to stop at preferred levels of opening, even the speed of operation is adjustable, with all tracks having soft start and stop as a standard feature. We can not only guarantee our tacks with a warranty for 5 years, but more importantly, we guarantee that any visitors will not fail to be impressed by the power of motion; so for any projects scheduled for 2013, where that ever important 'wow' factor is vital, then the simple solution is a Controliss electric curtain track!

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  • Pause for Thought!

    Posted on 9th January 2012 by Jules.

    Once all the frivolity of the festive season has died down, if you are anything like me, you will be sitting there thinking of all the New Years resolutions you will be making, and most likely breaking! If you have a busy life, as most of us do these days, then generally Christmas time is the only time of year we may be at home, allegedly relaxing!  Historically, it as this point we start to make plans for the year ahead, whether it is holidays or home improvements. If you have a home improvement project planned for 2012, then it is never too early to start contemplating the types of furniture and finishes you intend to incorporate.  As an Interior Designer, I see the same mistakes made time and time again, where Clients have not planned early enough in advance. When designing a lighting scheme, it is vital that you know what you will be lighting and where it will be positioned.  For instance, in a Dining Room, usually one would position the decorative and task lighting directly over the dining table, then the decorative and mood lighting positioned accordingly.  If little thought goes in to this aspect early on, the electrician will automatically position the lighting cable at first fix stage, in the centre of the ceiling.  The table may not require a central position once the storage and other furniture are included, so floor layouts play a huge part in design, even at first fix electrical stage. We encounter this kind of oversight on a daily basis at Controliss blinds.  Our 240v remote control blinds require a switched fuse spur to be installed remotely, from the window.  The feed from the spur then runs up to the top of the window reveal, for connection to the roller blind motor on installation.  The introduction of this fuse spur and feed should be done pre-plaster stage to avoid consequential damage by having to install retrospectively. If you have the facility within your project, it is well worth considering how you can conceal the roller tube and brackets.  Many of our customers, particularly Architects and Designers will make provision to recess the blind tubes within the ceiling recess, or within a stud wall cavity. If you are fitting our 240V electric blinds at a later stage in your project, we are able to offer a very stylish concealed headrail system, called a Contour Cassette system.  This system houses the roller blind, and conceals the fixings within, so the result is streamlined and sophisticated, the epitome of design finesse! Our customer service team are always available to offer advice on fabric choices and methods of integration. So if you are currently sitting back, full to the brim with turkey, contemplating your interior projects for 2012, spare a thought for not simply what you wish to achieve, but how!

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  • All I Want for Christmas Is a Kitchen

    Posted on 30th November 2011 by Jules.

    I can confirm that I am firmly in denial!  Having been presented with a "Chrismas Wish List" by my 7 year old yesterday, I slipped in to panic mode, realising that the big day is only 4 weeks away!!  I haven't done a thing, which is not unusual for me; favouring a 'last minute rush' each year!  I couldn't decide whether the 'wish list' was incredibly cutesy or really manipulative.  After each item, in brackets appeared "only if you have enough money" and then the very last item was "Keep my family happy" in brackets ("the main thing").  Well, needless to say whatever the motivation, mission accomplished! In addition to not doing any Christmas shopping, at the moment of speaking we don't have a kitchen to cook Christmas lunch in! Christmas is traditionally a time when people try and get projects completed, so that the fruits of their labour can be enjoyed at leisure over the festive season; hopefully our kitchen will be one of these projects!  At Controliss Blinds we are extremely busy keeping up with Christmas demand for our motorised blinds; our order books are high for both 240V electric blinds and battery powered blinds. We have some exciting new fabrics ready to come online in the next few weeks, and as the 'In- house designer" at Controliss, I have had the delightful task of putting the collections together. We have some fantastic, inspirational contemporary fabrics alongside superb, opulent classics ranges.  We have a new designer Visio-lux range, of cosmopolitan screen fabrics (which incidentally I have chosen for my own kitchen!), these fabrics look incredibly stylish and diffuse the light, providing privacy without blocking the light completely. I can't wait to enjoy the experience of mains powered remote control blinds in my own kitchen.  The former stable block has become the kitchen in our barn conversion, so we have a series of windows along one elevation, so the motorised blinds are perfect as we can program them to operate as a complete group, moving up and down simultaneously, at specified times, how impressive? We have chosen some fairly high-tech appliances from Siemens, incorporating s Steam Oven alongside 2 conventional and a microwave. I figured if it is good enough for Kelly Hoppen then it is good enough for us! Adding to the touch control technology of our motorised blinds, is the sleek De Dietrich Downdraft Extractor which rises majestically from the island worksurface at the mere touch of a button! Obviously I shall only be able to impress my guests with my fabulous new blinds if I have an equally impressive kitchen installed, so fingers crossed!!

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  • All Work and No Play

    Posted on 18th October 2011 by Jules.

    As resident Interior Designer here at Controliss Blinds, I dutifully volunteered to attend the UK's premier Interior design Show a couple of weeks ago!  Obviously I would rather have stayed in the office, but somebody needed to go to Decorex 2011, held at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea from 25-28th September, to take in all of the exciting new trends for the coming season! Decorex  is an exclusive interior design show for professionals and hails the annual pilgrimage for Retail Buyers, Interior Designers and Contractors alike. The Shows foyer was designed by renowned Interior designer Nicky Haslam; the theme was based around a mythological theatre set, and what a spectacular it was!  It was like a fantastical dreamland that merely alluded to the delights within!! There was such a broad spectrum of both inspirational and aspirational products being exhibited, but I was particularly taken with the lighting displays. One Company that particularly stood out for me was Serip, a Portugese company.  Their display of contemporary chandeliers was so dramatic, visitors were stopping to take photographs. Another stand that was particularly eye-catching was the Peneplope Batly Jewellery collection of lighting; giant, oversized illuminated pieces of jewellery, I felt like Alice in Wonderland, or was that just the champagne!! When I finally dragged myself out of Martin Hulberts Champagne Bar, (I was only there for research purposes!) I found my way in to the realms of Home Automation.  Now there is a topic at the forefront of design and technology.  I won't pretend to know all about it, but I do know that it is the way forward for all of us!  I think it will become as accessible and natural to us as the iPod is! Currently, many high-end projects incorporate Smart Home Technology; where a single 'operating system' such as Control 4, Lutron, Crestron, Rako and KNX controls multi media systems, lighting schemes, security and of course motorised blinds and curtain track operation.  It is an ongoing race to keep up to speed with this kind of technology, I am fortunate in that the Technical Support Team at Controliss can decipher all the jargon for me. At Controliss we have had remote control blinds for some time, both battery operated and 240V mains powered.  If you aren't aware already, we supply many different types of Remote Control options, from the simple Air 1 which is single channel remote control that can be programmed to control a number of roller blinds simultaneously as a group while for the ultimate in wireless control, with the benefit of advanced security features, we offer a programmable 7 day digital timer to operate individual, or groups of blinds at your chosen times of day, entirely automatically. The invaluable timer feature provides peace of mind, as it re-creates the illusion of occupancy in a vacant property. Our Controliss Technicians are now able to offer tailor-made solutions to ensure total integration of our motorised blinds and curtain tracks into any of the major home automation companies, which as a Designer is brilliant for me.  The more streamlined and automated, the various systems within a property have the potential to be,  the more our clients strive to incorporate them within their property, the possibilities are endless! Having extolled the virtues of technology, discretely integrating these wonderful systems and appliances can be trying to say the least!  My goodness, how much 'hardware' do we now have to accommodate, whilst still attempting to retain 'the look' within any given scheme! It is a constant challenge as an Interior Designer to conceal, sub-woofers, sky boxes, speakers and the like, but getting back to the Decorex Show, I came across an exhibitor presenting invisible speakers. Eureka!  I have seen them advertised, but have always doubted their sound quality and consequently dismissed them.  The Company exhibiting these revolutionary speakers was Kensington Home Technology, I have to say that I was impressed with their sound quality almost as much as their discretion, well worth considering! In terms of concealing the mechanism of our Controliss motorised blinds, there are several options worth mentioning.  There is no need to worry about where to install the motor, as the whisper quiet motors are already integrated within the blinds core tube. If you have the facility to introduce remote control blinds, it is even more impressive if the source is hidden, and the blind simply appears from a decorative pelmet which co-ordinates with the room scheme.  Even more impressive is if the ceiling is lowered or a stud wall cavity is created, the blind cassette then becomes totally invisible! Basically, we need not be intimidated by technology; as it is inherent in our lives today, whether we embrace it or not.  I suggest we trust in technology and enjoy the benefits and convenience of all that we can achieve with it. We should be mindful of the overall aesthetics of what we are creating, if it detracts from the 'wow' that is created by remote controlled devices, then it can't also be called beautiful!!

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  • Has Anyone Seen The Keys?

    Posted on 4th August 2011 by Andy.

    When it comes to home security, Controliss automatically operated electric blinds can offer significant peace of mind. When controlled with a Controliss programmable remote control handset, your window blinds will operate automatically at a specified times of the day, giving the impression that you are at home, even if you are miles away. Of course, the typical way we cast our home security fears aside is by locking our doors and security system. Developers are continually trying to establish a better system than the everyday, often hard to find, house key.

    Say hello to your new front door key! It’s not a key as you would normally remember, that’s because Yale have invented the Keyfree locking system. It’s very similar to the system we now use to unlock our cars, which is remote control. It’s incredibly easy to use and is great for peace of mind, especially when you’ve just got back from the weekly food shop and it’s raining. Trying to find your keys in the bottom of the bag, whilst holding a load of shopping bags that are ready to burst, and getting wet, isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. With the Yale Keyfree, you can sit in the car, unlock the front door from your seat and, hey presto, you’re straight in with minimum fuss. The key will even talk to you if you want it to. So no more rummaging for keys in your bag, no more key cutting for spares, it is one simple system, which is battery powered. Even if the batteries fail, it still works with its backup emergency power. If you head upstairs and forget to lock the front door, not a problem, one press and you’re safe and secure. The Key Free Locking system comes as part of the handle and locking mechanism inside a multipoint locking door. You have a keypad on the inside, which also works as an alarm, so you can enter a code to lock and unlock, and the alarm sounds if anyone tries to tamper with the door. The remote key fob can lock and unlock from 10 meters away, and there is a slot for a normal key, which will override the system. So you have your remote control key for your car, your TV remote, your Controliss blinds remote and now you can lock and unlock your front and back doors with the Yale Keyfree Remote!

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  • Classroom Control

    Posted on 21st June 2011 by Chris.

    The Controliss collection of beautifully designed motorised window blinds with the sophistication and elegance of one-touch remote control of window coverings are a real hit with home owners throughout the UK. Although, it is not just home owners who can benefit from the smart aesthetics and practicality of our window blinds. Educational facilities also find remote control Roller blinds to be an extremely worthwhile proposition. While fitting neatly into any classroom, the blinds could serve multiple purposes in assisting the teachers with their efforts to educate pupils. A common purpose for window coverings in the home, especially properties that are close to public roads for example, is to give privacy by obstructing the view into the window. Privacy may too be one of the reasons to put blinds up in a classroom, but the barrier produced can also prevent the people inside from watching what is going on outside. This is particularly helpful in schools with younger pupils, since it is a regular occurrence that teachers struggle to maintain their pupils' attention while there is something outside that attracts interest. The other principal aim when window blinds are installed, is to gain control over the sunlight present in the room. This is where the Controliss electric window blinds bestow the top-level of convenience to it's users within a school, college or other learning environment. Projectors are a common tool used by teachers to present slide-shows, educational videos and other media to their pupils; but are much less effective when sunlight is making the projections difficult to see. The Blackout Roller Blind fabrics are available in varying colours, to comply with the décor of a room or even a lecture theatre, whilst also darkening it to give a clear view of the projection on display or any other demonstration that requires a dimmed room. And to return the natural light to the room, all blinds can be lifted again with the single push of a button. Since Controliss Roller Blinds are all remote controlled, they eliminate the need to access any draw cords or control chains to block or permit the sunlight, meaning they are ideal for parts of a building with high-level windows. The added benefit of having no draw cords is that extra safety is given to younger children who could potentially injure themselves from getting tangled in such cords. Our cordless roller blinds do not need to be confined to classrooms and lecture rooms; the stylishness and functionality of remote control blinds make them a welcome addition other areas of the facility, such as the labs, halls, canteens and kitchens. The end of the school year is fast approaching, and the school holidays may be the opportune time to get the rooms spruced up with a new set of Controliss electric shades.

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  • The Bachelor Of Technology

    Posted on 9th February 2011 by yasmin.

    So, you have your slinky contemporary bachelor pad decorated in light, modern tones accompanied with clean glass and stainless steel surfaces throughout.  This is all well and good; however, the central focal point of any dream abode for any gentleman is of course the latest technology. Here at Controliss we believe that the king of all technology for any bachelors home is of course the television, followed naturally by remote control blinds. At the higher end of flat screen TV bliss are the famous and aspirational Danish company Bang & Olufsen. Their incredibly slim BeoVision 10 Television is simply stunning. Using the latest LED technology, advanced features, superior image and clear sound as well as being stunningly streamline and easy on the eye. The television comes in 3 sizes up to 46" (113.8cm x 103.4cm) and is available in 6 frame finishes including silver and black but don't forget to check out our favourite feature, the optional motorised floor stand. So you have invested in a large LCD or Plasma TV and your home is oozing with the latest appliances featuring state of the art technology and you're the ultimate bachelor of modern technology right? Wrong, there appears to be something missing from your bachelor pad, something that really will define you as the ultimate bachelor of technology and help shield nasty sunlight glare from effecting your viewing experience. The item in question is the ultra modern, ultra cool and flat screen TV friendly remote control blind.

    The Controliss collection of motorised blackout blinds with one touch remote operation are an absolute breeze to install and our contemporary collection of roller blinds in blackout fabrics really do add to the viewing experience of any TV. Our blackout roller blinds are controlled with a handset that will automatically raise and lower the blind at the touch off a button and wireless programmable timer is also available so the blinds will automatically operate at specific times of the day and week.

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  • The Perfect Bachelor Pad Accessory

    Posted on 7th December 2010 by yasmin.

    So, you're sat at home playing the latest version Call of Duty on your PS3, when all of a sudden a great beam of light shines through your Vertical blinds and the dreaded words 'Game Over' appear on your screen. Well, don't fear boys, here at Controliss we have the perfect accessory for you that will save those 'Game Over' moments! Yes, here at Controliss Blinds we offer a wide range of roller blinds, is that it? You say. Well no actually it's not it, what makes our Roller blinds ideal for the bachelor lifestyle is the fact that they come with a remote control. Perfect for when your mother pops around unexpectedly, or for when the Avon lady knocks on your door for the fifth time in a week. You see all you have to do is press a button and the whole world is blocked out! If you have gone for the minimalist look of stainless steel appliances, white walls and black furniture then our Liso Jet Black Roller blind is for you. These fantastic remote controlled blinds will help prevent the words 'Game Over' ever appearing on your television screen again as well as coming in handy when you've had one too many Jack Daniels and you cannot face seeing a spec of daylight! If your bachelor pad is more neutrally toned, or even colourful for that matter then don’t fear, here at Conroliss Blinds we offer our roller blinds in many fabrics and textures, depending on your personal preference and taste. You can go all out with our funky Fresco Spring roller blind, or go for something more demure with our Textura Golden roller blind the choice really is yours. So, there you have it, they are cool, convenient and easily installed. So why not give it a go and get your hands on this seasons new must have accessory, the remote control roller blind!

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  • The Ultimate Home for Gadget Fans

    Posted on 4th September 2010 by jenny.

    Homes for Gadget Fans

    We've blogged about how the automated home can be rather expensive or impractical, but the team at Controliss couldn't help but think about the possibilities of a home full of gadgets, James Bond-style. That's why if you're a gadget freak, here's the definitive guide to your ultimate dream home:

    Solar Roofing

    Word's out the solar roofing has become more efficient. Solar roof tiles now claim to be able to provide about 8 to 20% more solar energy than last year's crystalline silicon panels. For example, 30 tiles with 14-inch exposure areas can generate about 860 kilowatts per hour after 6 hours of solar exposure. Not only that, curved solar roofing are now available so your roof can be as suave and sexy as James Bond.

    Keyless Door Locks

    Nothing is as uncool as fumbling around with your keys after a night out in the pub. While it would be cooler to have a microchip implanted in your brain that controls your doors the moment you think about opening your door, that kind of technology is not available yet. Fortunately, keyless door locks are now available which allow you to open your door when you say “Open Sesame” and silently pressing the key fob.

    Gadget Sofa

    Let's face it; it's hard to find a cushy sofa that satisfies the gadget lover. Yet, this doesn’t keep you from spending endless hours on it. With the gadget sofa, you can spend your whole life without moving. The intelligent sofa has two LCD screens inside each armrest that could pop out and fold back nicely when they are not used. It also has an iPod and iPhone dock and hidden speakers with a subwoofer.

    Touchscreen Walls and Surfaces

    Hollywood's touchscreen surfaces may be just around the corner because of the invention of a thin polymer film that can be applied to plastic, wood, or glass. This film can detect up to 16 touches at the same time. Think about all your walls magically transforming into a television or wallpaper that can change according to your mood. How about connecting with your friends in social media sites on your wall?

    Remote-Controlled Window Blinds

    Now this technology is within your reach. Imagine how cool it is to have your window blinds go swoosh whenever you press a single button in the remote control. You can have light enter the room by tilting the slats of Controliss venetian blinds or completely blocked out such as our superb collection of blackout shades. With all these cool gadgets in your room, you can act and feel like James Bond. With Controliss remote-controlled blinds, the futuristic home is now within your reach.

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  • The Automated Home: Are the Jetsons Moving into Your Neighborhood Anytime Soon?

    Posted on 18th August 2010 by jenny.

    The Jetsons

    Oh, you know the Jetsons; they're the family of the future. Their home has a network of appliances and furniture that does everything efficiently, on automatic mode. From brushing the teeth to dressing up, home gadgets and home circuitry do the work at the Jetson home. To top it off, Mr. Jetson, the dad, goes to work on a flying car, which folds up neatly as a suitcase once he's done using it. This animated show may be fictitious, but home engineers claim it's not too far off for people to enjoy the same ‘Jetson’ privilege. In the 1990s, a home like the Jetson’s became mildly possible, although the automation only went as far as orchestrating the lights, the garage, and home entertainment into one cohesive system. One would think that consumers will grab home automation like hot-cakes, but the truth is that most homes have remained awfully low-tech until this very time; there are no signs of the Jetsons flying into your neighbourhood anytime soon, even if we’re now in the 21st century. So why aren't people getting their homes automated? The first reason is that it is terribly expensive. Developing technology for smart homes can cost an arm and a leg. A vacuum cleaner robot can cost from £775 while a top-of-the-line vacuum cleaner can only cost about £150. Amidst the economic downturn, people are satisfied with having ordinary refrigerators or vacuum cleaners. Homeowners also find that the smart counterparts of home appliances do not satisfy their needs enough to justify the cost. Robotic vacuum cleaners cannot climb the stairs and do not do clean as well as they should. Then there's the fact that smart home appliances over complicate their tasks. An intelligent washing machine may often detect that clothes are not loaded as they should and stop. Intelligent refrigerators need supermarkets to sign up so they could order automatically. Fortunately, Controliss have answered all these automation problems with their affordable line of remote-controlled window blinds. The remote control can individually operate each blind so you can effortlessly meet your light and privacy needs. Controliss window blinds are as simple as their installation instructions and you’ll never think twice about their cost. Why don't you take the first step towards a smart home with our line of Controliss products? You’ll be one step closer to the Jetsons’ futuristic home.

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