• Oh Christmas Tree!

    Posted on 19th December 2011 by Jules.

    Whilst I embrace the idea of the whole family participating in choosing the Christmas tree, and decorating it all together by the glow of the open fire; the reality in our house is very different! I see the Christmas tree as an extension of our homes Interior décor, why would I leave the decisions in terms of colour scheme and decoration to a seven year old? Not very festive I know, however, having followed a career in Interior Design for over fifteen years, I have a reputation to consider! I do try and decorate the tree whilst the children are otherwise engaged, or take the view that I should allow them a small amount of input, I can always reposition their bauble once they have left the room! By way of compensation, the children each have their own Christmas tree in their own bedrooms, far safer, away from public view where they can express their individuality to their hearts content! For those of you who take the whole business of decoration as seriously as I do, here’s how I go about decorating our tree. Initially I would suggest deciding on a colour scheme, ideally an extension of your existing interior scheme or possibly something that contrasts well with it. There are no hard and fast rules, sometimes it is nice to incorporate the latest ‘fashion shades’ but not if it is going to ‘fight’ with everything else you have. Christmas is a time for tradition (apart from external interference on the decoration front) the classic combinations of red and gold, black and gold, black and silver are always firm favourites. Just as in an interior scheme, if you opt to use more than 2 colours, then the proportions of those colours should be varied. For example if you choose, red, something like the rich red of our Oscuro Allure Roller blinds, Oscuro Midnight and brand new Oscuro Golden Toffee Roller blind fabric; then you would want perhaps 60% red, 25% gold and 15% black. Having decided on your colour scheme, accumulate your decorations from a variety of sources, so that they are not all the same, adding interest to the finished result. Think outside the box, it is possible to utilize materials as garlands from non-related sources, as Christmas decorations. For example floristry ribbons, rolls of organza as well as the usual tinsel have been used in our house previously, or even builders hessian tape when I was going through my contemporary rustic phase! In terms of illumination, you should have plenty of lights on the tree. As a guide there should be roughly 100 mini lights per foot of tree. The lights should go on before any other decoration, taking care to distribute them evenly through the branches. I opt for white lights, but as long as lights of a single colour are used, the effect remains sophisticated. Following the lighting, should be the garland, this should overlay the lighting cable where possible. For something different try using the garlands vertically rather than horizontally. If you are using ribbon, twist it as you move downwards with it, starting from the top. Next lay out the baubles you have in terms of colour and size. The larger baubles should be used at the bottom of the tree, with smaller ones closer to the top. You may like to cluster the baubles or distribute them evenly. If you would like to try something completely different, then having baubles of the same colour in varying shades creates a great effect if you fade the baubles from the lightest version of the colour at the top to the darkest version at the bottom. An example of this colour fade can be seen within our new collection of Controliss blackout Roller blinds; from the deepest Oscuro Artisan, through Country Tweed, Yellow Ochre, Acorn, Sunburst and Pyramid to the lightest Golden Toffee! A cost effective way to create impact, is to wire 3 or 5 smaller, less expensive baubles together (odd numbers work best). Loop some fuse wire, or floristry wire through the existing loops of the baubles, at different heights to create a cluster effect. On occasion I have not used any baubles at all, but have made oversized bows with metallic floristry ribbon and graduated the sizes from top to bottom. Inserting metallic spray painted wicker decorations within a theme, be it bells, angels, reindeer or even shoes, can also work well. Once the tree is beautifully decorated, the colour scheme can be extended to your gift-wrap and ribbons for a totally designer look. A few years ago, I wrapped all of the presents in brown paper, and colour coded them according to recipient with different coloured ribbons! A step too far you may think, but Christmas is about fun after all, so express yourself and create your own designer Christmas tree. If you are really lucky you might just find a beautiful Controliss remote control blind under the Tree for you!

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  • Rolling Out Red

    Posted on 13th July 2011 by Chris.

    Controliss Remote Control Window Blinds can serve as an outstanding compliment to your home's interior décor, especially if the best possible style and colour is chosen. Our blinds are available in neutral colours, colours that would give a bolder appearance, and some that are in-between. But the colour choice will largely depend upon the look of the room it will be placed in. Red is a strong colour, often associated with danger and passion, and when viewed it can seem nearer than it actually is. This attention grabbing attribute has lead to the use of red in many instances, notably, signs and signals for road users. But the colour red also has many other positive symbolisations, across many different cultures. In China, it is associated with numerous positive connotations, including courage, loyalty, honour, success, happiness and passion. When red is distinctly used in the home, it energises feelings of courage, strength and warmth. There are countless ways in which you can grant your home the benefits of this vibrant colour. Various hues of red are available in paints and wallpapers, allowing you to select one that is not too overpowering. An often favoured use for red walls is in a dining room, where it's ability to boost appetite and encourage sociality and friendliness make it a fitting choice.

    To introduce some red in more subtle measures, you could purchase accessories to add the necessary colour. For example, LSA's Buba Floor Standing Vase will, at 100cm tall, would give noticeable presence of the colour while adding elegant decoration.

    Redcandy supply a huge choice of red home furnishings and accessories, from garden accessories, such as a watering can, to small novelties like red toilet paper! Just a few of the intriguing products they stock are the Guzzini Sugar dispenser, with a curious design that can limit the amount of sugar administered to prevent too much coming out at once; Suck UK's LED Mirror, that can display the time, date and a programmed message; and there are a number of wall stickers that can add extra colour and appeal to the walls without committing to anything permanent. Of course, other accessories that would give an exceptional finish to any room whilst also providing outstanding convenience are our collection of red motorised blinds. Controliss blinds produce made-to-measure roller blinds and venetian blinds in a variety of red shades, that will either let some light through or black it out completely, with remote control operation to raise or lower the blind with ease whenever required. As with other accessories, window blinds look exquisite in the home, whether they are there to incorporate additional colour into a room or just to continue a scheme while contributing to privacy, and at Controliss, we are determined to ensure that you get the best blinds to fit your needs.

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  • Seeing Red!

    Posted on 22nd December 2010 by yasmin.

    Now, red is a beautifully stunning colour that you've seen on many a pair of lips, many a party dress or tie, but do you ever really see it in a person’s home? The answer there would be rarely, you see the thing is, a lot of people are scared of using the colour red within their homes due to it appearing too brash and bright! Well don’t fear there are ways to encompass that wicked red into your home without feeling like you live in the devils boudoir! I personally love the colour red in a home, daring it is, but used with care and this dangerously wicked yet delightful colour can bring a spark of drama to any room. The first thing to note about red is that less is more. Encompass it into your home but don’t go overboard. Why not go for a brash red carpet in the centre of your sitting room, or a dark red blind in an otherwise plain bathroom? Or why not add some drama to your dining room with a devil red roller blind. Picture this; you have a neutral palette on your walls and floor, statement furniture and a centrepiece mirror, and then the red hits you from your blinds, classy yet subtle, job done! If you’re not keen on red being on your floor or windows, then why not add slight glimpses of red via your accessories. A red bin, toaster and matching kettle can add a modern twist to your kitchen. Or why not add a red throw and a few cushions on to your bed? The possibilities really are endless, so don’t hide behind demure colours, add a touch of drama to your home, I promise you, you won’t look back, red definitely is the new black!

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  • Deck the Halls with Shades of Red

    Posted on 4th November 2010 by jenny.

    No other colour can strongly evoke emotions and instantly grab people's attention than red.  Many find red to be strikingly captivating and unusually irresistible.  Red tends to be one of the most stimulating hues and it has been carrying varied meanings, depending on culture, history, and perception. No wonder this colour also stirs up contrasting understandings about the real message it conveys.  Red can be taken as the colour that indicates power or signifies passion and romance. Still some associate red with blood and violence or bravery and sacrifice. There are cultures that regard red as a symbol of happiness and celebration.  But whatever meaning people identify red with, one thing is for sure: no one can undervalue the spell that red creates. Wouldn't you want to bring in some enchantment at your very own home and spread the magic when you're entertaining?  Take this chance to adorn the interior of your house with things that have shades of red. Create a mood comparable to that of a royal palace by putting some red tones on your walls and ceiling.  Welcome your guests with a cheerful mood by rendering some rich crimson shades all over your place. Add a Dash of Red to Your Wall Don’t grab a pail of red paint just yet. It’s not really that necessary to go that bold. You might not want to overwhelm your visitors or even your family by painting every corner of your home with bright red. You can simply use wallpaper with unique designs or hang a piece of artwork with red tones, especially in the living room. You may opt for something abstract and yet modern. Blocks of fiery and daring red would make an excellent wall décor. You can also try putting framed print of red fruits or flowers. Create an even more jovial atmosphere by installing red Vertical blinds with pink or orange undertones. The Controliss Vertical blinds in Lipstick has a wonderful pink undertone that will go well in any room. Maroon or crimson electric blinds with blue undertones, such as our Vertical blinds in Regal induce an enticing atmosphere. Jazz Up Your Living and Dining Room Create a buoyant ambience in your living and dining room by using deep red accents and furniture with shades gold and grey green. Feel free to have a vibrant red sofa that goes well with fiery pink and orange pillows. For your windows, install Liso Devil Red electric Roller blinds to create a seductive atmosphere. In the kitchen, you can also match red accessories with Satin Fire Red Controliss venetian blinds. Experiment more with red until you achieve the right palette for your home’s interior. Explore Other Red Shades Depending on the atmosphere or mood that you want to create, you can balance out solid red or any shades of red with green tones. Here is something you must remember in combining red shades with other hues: vibrant colours work well with other bright hues that have similar depth and fierceness. Whenever you mix various tones of red in the same place, keep in mind that sharp fresh shades hardly ever go well with rugged hues.  Solid and light-toned colours are never out of fashion, a mix of clean and dirty hues create an unnecessary clash of colours.

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