• Pink in Sync

    Posted on 5th December 2011 by Chris.

    For most people, using the colour pink in the home would only seem appropriate for a girl or woman's room, but pink has positive psychological effects that make it well worth incorporating into a home for any gender. In the early 1900s, pink was actually considered to be the preferred colour to dress young boys because of it being a tint of red, which was regarded as an aggressive and, therefore, more masculine colour. Blue was believed to be the suitable colour in which to dress young girls, but, since the 1940s, this practice has been inverted. While pink can be used to create an amazing bedroom or other space intended for use, in the main, by a young girl/girls, it could equally be used to establish a powerfully soothing area in the home. The colour's advantageous influences are that of physical tranquillity, nurture, warmth and love. It has even been proven to be capable of encouraging friendless and discouraging aggression, with numerous uses in prison holding cells – including the inmates' clothing - generating positive results. When used with creams and hints of charcoal or black, a pastel pink can impart a more opulent character, instead of giving a room a more effeminate look. Controliss remote control Roller blinds are available with varying shades and textures of pink and cream coloured fabrics, that would provide the ideal finish in the continuation of a cream-based décor and also as a luxuriously convenient accessory to grant more privacy in the room.

    Harlequin's Vine Pink Rug or the Sultana Table Lamp by Currey & Company are just two examples of products that would subtly incorporate the necessary pink colour into a more classically themed room without being too overpowering. If the room you wish to introduce the colour into has a more contemporary trend, the Ligne Roset Confluences Sofa Group is available as a 4-seat settee, in assorted shades of pink, that can be disassembled and put back together in an utterly original, puzzle-like style. This design could prove more functional than a standard settee, and of course, it is unlikely that you know anyone who has anything similar. For those who cherish all things pink, there are innumerable home wares and accessories that are available to bring all hues of the colour into your home, from the soft, baby pinks to the bright and sickly. Whereas, for those who have aspiration to make use of the colour, but do not want it to be overwhelming, products can be bought that blend it with more neutral colours to allow the pink to modestly sweeten the mood created within a room.

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  • Pretty In Pink

    Posted on 2nd February 2011 by yasmin.

    When most people think of the colour pink with regards to interiors, they think of new born baby or a little girl’s bedroom. Although this may be many people’s perception of the colour, pink can in fact be used in most rooms without the end result looking a little like Barbie's mansion; you need to know how to use it properly. According to colour experts Pantone, 2011 is the year of pink, and so taking this in to consideration I am going to offer some tips on how the colour can be incorporated into two different rooms of your house; the bathroom and the master bedroom. Master bedroom - Using pink in an adult’s bedroom doesn’t have to be girlie and child-like; it can also create a romantic ambiance. Why not opt for wallpaper that has a pink print in it, deep pink paper teamed with casual yet romantic accessorise with lots of deep plush velvet and crisp white cottons will be sure to add a touch of romance into your master bedroom. Alternatively if you don’t fancy vibrant shades of pink adorning your room then why not opt for subtle hints of pastel pink. For example; pink cushions on your bed, a pink bedside lamp or even an electric window blind like our Controliss Liso Petal Bloom Roller. The bathroom - Just a few hints of a strong colour can transform a room in a flash, so why not transform your bathroom with the help of a hot pink teamed with classic black and white? Opulent pink is ultra fashionable this season and makes a great strong contrast when put against a fresh white bathroom suite. For an ultra trendy look throw the colour black into the mix; towels, bathmats, vases and blinds in either pink or black. This daring scheme can be both stylish and modern.

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  • Prettiest in Pink: Create the Ultimate Feminine Home with this Rose Colour!

    Posted on 31st August 2010 by jenny.

    Rubor Candy Roller Blind

    Rubor Candy Roller Fabric

    In designing a space, the feminine touch never fails to please. The female magic always works to make any home or office become delightfully alive, and no other colour says "woman" than the pink shade does. This rose colour is so dainty and so charming that it is often used as a theme hue for individual fashion styles, for events, for causes, and of course, for styling the home. There is just something so delightful about this rosy hue, that it is temptingly inevitable for any homeowner to use it in making his or her home lovelier.

    Go for the Classic Pink Mix

    You have to take care though, in choosing the right kind of pink. Overly-sweet hues, the same shade you see on candies and sweets, when used outside the nursery or child’s bedroom could make your home displeasing. For elegance and sophistication, the classic pink mix never disappoints, as it involves various shades and tones of the hue, from hot pink to pearl pink, so as to provide a colour scheme that’s balanced – both vibrant and subtle at the same time. Always test how the hues would look like in your home, especially if you’re planning to use pink on your walls or on your floor. The kind of light you have in your rooms matter too, as it may make the pink look painfully glaring or soothingly soft. Interior designers have long determined that it’s best to use pink hues with warm undertones if you wish to give your room a vibrant, blushing colour and it’s great to use pale pink for your wall backdrop and for your base. For areas at home that you use often, bright and deep pinks work best as it evokes a sense of excitement and vibrancy.

    Going for the Monochromatic Tone?

    If you fancy a monochromatic scheme, keep in mind that the pink hues work well with greys, and whites, which tone down dark pinks. Cool pinks on the other hand, go well with reds and oranges. Take care to combine warm tones though, as they tend to be too heavy on the eyes if there’s too much. If you love their fiery saturation that much, you could just pick accent pieces instead.

    Contemplating on a Complementary Scheme?

    If you’re aiming for a complementary scheme, choose a seemingly contrasting colour, like green for example, to complement your pink hues. The combination gives off a fresh spring look that’s simply visually pleasing. With this scheme, you could even play up the spring theme by adding accents like floral wallpapers or curtains with flower designs. Adding other spring-inspired feature pieces could make your pink home just perfect. Try our safe remote-controlled Roller blinds in Rubor Candy for a striped twist to this colour. Pink is a delightful colour to play with, have fun in making your home vibrant with this exciting rose colour!

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