• Home Automation For Your Pets

    Posted on 31st October 2011 by Chris.

    One of our predominant subjects of interest at Controliss blinds is technology and all things 'home automation' that make our lives easier. Controliss remote control blinds are built with aspiration to achieve this goal, and to add safety within your household. Because our complete range of mains and battery powered roller blinds are available with no draw cords, they improve safety in your home for young children and pets. Even if draw cords do not hang low enough to be reached by your pet from the floor, some cats or dogs may be able to jump up and get entangled, which could result in some serious harm if no-one is around to help them. Further more, our 240v electric blinds can be linked to your mains electricity using a fused spur, so that any wires can be concealed somewhere where they are out of sight and unreachable. Electric blinds are not the only appliances that can help towards ensuring that your pet is safe and healthy at home. Food and water can be provided without anyone being at home with a pet feeder and fountain. Lava Electronics  QPets AF-100 Large Capacity Automatic Pet Feeder, with a hopper capable of storing over 10 litres of dry pet food, can be scheduled to dispense a set amount of food, one to four times a day. This battery powered feeder also features an audio message recorder so that a personal message can be played when food is dispensed, it has a locking lid to prevent pets getting into the hopper to get more food than they should, and the food hopper and feeding tray are detachable for easy cleaning. Water is vital to your pets health and the fresher the water that is given, the more likely they are to drink it and therefore dehydration is avoided. Pet fountains are capable of keeping water fresh without constantly changing the water by constantly re-circulating it. On the market, are small pumpless filtered water fountains that are ideal for cats, or, for multiple pets or those up to the size of a large dog, there is the Jumbo Deluxe Fresh Flow Pet Fountain. This unit uses an ultra-quiet system to filter, oxygenate, and naturally cool the water that is automatically dispensed from a built-in reservoir when it is needed. Even exercise for your pet could be carried out by an automated device such as the FroliCat BOLT that can generate and aim a laser at the floor and walls for your pet to chase in a 15 minute play session. This device can be useful if you have to dash out while your cat - or even your dog - is demanding entertainment or it can serve as a handheld pet toy, with which you can have fun with your pet. With so many areas of pet care now covered by appliances that are designed with the highest consideration toward your pets welfare, you can worry less about your cat or dog on those busy days, or even when you are planning to have a long weekend away and do not want to inconvenience the neighbours by persuading them to perform regular checks.

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