• Playing With Paint Effects

    Posted on 18th May 2011 by Andy.

    I stand back and admire my work. After 2 days of stripping the ancient wallpaper from the bedroom walls I’m proud. The only thing is, this is an Edwardian house, there is a lot of damage, the walls are original plaster and laths and there are so many holes, I’m not sure what everyone was up to over the decades but I think the general idea was to hide the mess under layers and layers of wallpaper. So, bare walls. I decide to fill the holes and cracks in the wall which will eventually become a “feature wall” with some beautiful elegant Edwardian Style Wallpaper. The rest of the walls will be painted with a natural colour, although it will show up every hole and mark, but apparently that’s not a problem. So I have a think and discover some amazing things you can do with paint to create effects on the walls and there are so many textures you can create, from something simple like sponging which is exactly as it says. Grab a natural sea sponge and daub it across your walls, it’s really simple and produces a wonderful effect, especially if you use different colours.

    Next is rag rolling which creates another fantastic effect, and there are two methods of doing this, by attaching rag to your actual paint roller or by physically rolling the rag up and down the wall by hand. Finally I discover some more intricate ways of decorating the walls using paint effects, for instance marbling which I feel would be somewhat over the top for the bedroom. The same goes for Dragging which give a wood grain effect, very clever but not what I’m looking for really. Stippling is another great effect which is subtle but really creates texture on the wall with a specialised brush dabbed all over in the wet paint, this could be a break through and what I’m looking for. I still can’t really decide on how the room should look but there are so many ways to create a fantastic look on walls colour and texture! I think it’s a trip to the local paint shop for me to think about colours before I start attacking the walls.

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