• Take Control of Your Curtains

    Posted on 7th February 2013 by Jules.


    Whether it be luxury homes, quality hotels or dynamic conference venues, motorised curtains are becoming a standard requisite in this type of high-end project. Our exquisitely designed remote control tracks are extremely robust, yet discrete and can even be concealed within a ceiling recess.  Nothing creates greater visual impact than beautifully crafted curtains moving virtually silently, across a span of up to 10 metres, at the touch of a single button! The sophistication of Controliss electric curtain tracks is reflected in the simple form and sleek lines of the powerful motor and rail.  The motor is covered neatly, housing an integrated power supply; having the capability to offer a large range of control options, with adjustable limits to allow the curtains to fall naturally. Just like our electric blinds ranges, the curtain tracks are operable either individually or as groups of tracks, just by varying the choice of remote control handset. Installation is a simple operation with a basic electrical connection; ensuring the experience of an electric curtain track and all the associated benefits, could not be easier. These electric curtain tracks are so versatile, they incorporate Touch Motion functionality, to open and close the curtain by lightly pulling on the fabric, without the use of a remote control.  The motor drive shaft disengages automatically to permit use of the Touch Motion function.  The curtain tracks can also be personalised; to stop at preferred levels of opening, even the speed of operation is adjustable, with all tracks having soft start and stop as a standard feature. We can not only guarantee our tacks with a warranty for 5 years, but more importantly, we guarantee that any visitors will not fail to be impressed by the power of motion; so for any projects scheduled for 2013, where that ever important 'wow' factor is vital, then the simple solution is a Controliss electric curtain track!

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  • Christmas is Coming!

    Posted on 12th December 2011 by Jules.

    13 DAYS TO GO….. With only 13 days left before Christmas, time is getting very short for Christmas shopping, tempers are getting short, feet are getting sore and wallets are becoming lighter! So before its too late, why not shop on-line? Although our order books are heavy, Controliss Blinds are miraculously still offering a made to measure remote control blind service, with FREE delivery in time for Christmas! This offer is only available until 5pm tomorrow, 13th December 2011; so if you would like the luxurious experience of motorised blinds in your home for Christmas, delay no longer! Our revitalized website was launched last week, showcasing lots of fabulous new collections, put together by my good self! We are now offering superb motorised curtain tracks, capable of spanning 10 metres; which as an Interior Designer, I appreciate how special this facility is! We have a fully stocked Somfy Shop, for all of your gadgets; intelligent hand held remote controls, wireless wall mounted switches with interchangeable face plates! In fact everything you might need to accompany a Controliss blind, whether it is battery powered or 240V, either as a stocking filler or an extra special treat! The Controliss customer service team are fully experienced and are always on hand to help with your fabric choices, and any queries you may have with measuring. When your new blinds arrive, if you need a little extra help there is no need to stress, our technical support team can guide you through installation and programming, so all that is left for you to do: is relax! Sit back and enjoy the beautiful, whisper quiet motion of a Controliss remote control blind. Having told you how we can improve your festive experience and relieve your stress, our tech support are currently still working on an effective cure for indigestion!!

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  • From Saville Row to Sitting Room

    Posted on 2nd March 2011 by yasmin.

    One of the hot trends on the catwalks at the moment is the 'tailored look'. Take fabrics of pinstripes, herringbone and hounds-tooth combined with clean, sharp lines and sleek home technologies such as electric blinds and you will be somewhere close to incorporating this momentous catwalk trend into your home. The trend-setting thing about the 'Saville Row' look is its ability to fit in to any style of home; it offers a hint of tradition as well as always offering a modern twist to any home. Ralph Lauren Home has certainly indulged in the tailored look this season with their classic Saville Row inspired collection of  wall coverings. The Haberdashery collection featuring classical menswear themed designs crafted in a bold palette of blue, brown and black makes for an instant home update that is bang on trend this season.

    Keeping up with the tailored theme of the season, the design brand that is Curiousa & Curiousa have designed and manufactured the Repro-Retro Chair. This stunning piece of furniture is reminiscent of the 1960’s French Chair which is where the designers took their inspiration from. The chair is manufactured from a birch and beach frame and has walnut veneered arms. The material in the chair is 100% cotton with the Thorny pinstripe design. It really is modern brilliance meets traditional couture. With the tailored look comes sharp lines and sleek accessories and let’s face it no tailored home accessory is sleeker than the electric blind. This ‘must have’ accessory offers stylish design as well as home comforts all rolled into one. From electric roller blinds to electric wood blinds, the collection of Controliss motorised blinds offer only the best in design and function. Our Hartford Black Vertical Blinds will compliment the tailored theme perfectly as well as offering luxurious remote control operation. So there you have it, classic tailoring is the hot trend for this season, so why not enjoy and indulge in it within your home?

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  • Spring Fresh Inspiration

    Posted on 22nd February 2011 by yasmin.

    February is the month to start thinking about spring fresh colours. Whether you show your love for all things fresh, clean and colourful via a new piece of furniture, new electric blinds or a completely revamped fresh interior scheme, spring is on its way, so why not embrace it!

    We love the rubber pendant light from Swedish designers 'Form Us With Love'. This funky-fresh pendant light available from 'Made In Design' is moulded form bendy silicone rubber and comes in five exuberant shades including the ‘perfect for spring’ colour of yellow.

    And whats not to love about the vibrant Particia Urquiola designed polycarbonate transparent 'Frilly chairs' by Kartell. The beautifully feminine design with a sculptured pleat effect is available in eight different hues that will add a welcome splash of colour into any room. What better way to celebrate spring than to look out of your window and see lush green grass growing, the rain disappearing and lush green leaves adorning the garden, perhaps even a few lambs. Well this is no problem with motorised blinds. Whereas you have blocked out the winter weather with these blinds, now is the time to press that button on the remote control and let the colours of spring into your home. You could even update your old window blinds for the bright, spring months with a Fresco Spring electric roller blind, the sun will illuminate this brightly coloured blind, making your home ready for the spring months that are to come. Finally, we sigh in relief as we wave bye, bye to those cold winter months and instead welcome the wonderful time of year that is spring. So why not welcome spring into your home too?

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  • And They Call It Mellow Yellow

    Posted on 10th January 2011 by yasmin.

    Think the sun, lemons and electric light, the list is endless...... Yellow is a brightly stunning yet understated and underused colour that really can add fun and brightness as well as sheer genius to your decor depending on what you decide to combine your yellow shades with. The key to using yellow in your home is to not over kill it, carefully choose your shade of yellow and combine it carefully, allow the colour enough space to stand alone but support it with other shades and colours that can hold their own. In this instance, most prominently, warm browns and fresh whites are what I am going to base my palette on. Yellow can be used in a very modern manner, picture this; white walls with one block wall of strong, bright yellow; shades of browns with wooden furniture and an electric wood blind , and perhaps a hint of acid green for a jolt of something unexpected and exciting. If the thought of having white walls is too cold for your liking, then why not go for a light shade of brown on your walls, accompanied by a Daffodil yellow or lemon grass vertical blind as a statement piece? If you’re not keen on yellow being on your walls or windows, however, then why not add slight glimpses of yellow to your home via your accessories. Yellow cushions and throws can add zest and brightness to your living room or bedroom. Alternatively you could use yellow accessories such as vases and picture frames, which will add electric touches to your home. The possibilities really are endless, so don’t hide behind demure colours, add some electricity to your home, whether it be a little or a lot, your home will be instantly brightened!

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  • Seeing Red!

    Posted on 22nd December 2010 by yasmin.

    Now, red is a beautifully stunning colour that you've seen on many a pair of lips, many a party dress or tie, but do you ever really see it in a person’s home? The answer there would be rarely, you see the thing is, a lot of people are scared of using the colour red within their homes due to it appearing too brash and bright! Well don’t fear there are ways to encompass that wicked red into your home without feeling like you live in the devils boudoir! I personally love the colour red in a home, daring it is, but used with care and this dangerously wicked yet delightful colour can bring a spark of drama to any room. The first thing to note about red is that less is more. Encompass it into your home but don’t go overboard. Why not go for a brash red carpet in the centre of your sitting room, or a dark red blind in an otherwise plain bathroom? Or why not add some drama to your dining room with a devil red roller blind. Picture this; you have a neutral palette on your walls and floor, statement furniture and a centrepiece mirror, and then the red hits you from your blinds, classy yet subtle, job done! If you’re not keen on red being on your floor or windows, then why not add slight glimpses of red via your accessories. A red bin, toaster and matching kettle can add a modern twist to your kitchen. Or why not add a red throw and a few cushions on to your bed? The possibilities really are endless, so don’t hide behind demure colours, add a touch of drama to your home, I promise you, you won’t look back, red definitely is the new black!

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  • Accessorise Your Winter Home

    Posted on 22nd December 2010 by yasmin.

    I know I have mentioned how to make your home cosy before, but with a few carefully selected pieces you can really turn your sitting room into a cosy wintery retreat! Flooring - You don't have to drastically change your flooring; however, small changes do make big impacts. If you have wooden flooring then why not add a sprinkling of different rugs and perhaps some floor cushions. This will make the space appear smaller and cosier and will add warmth to the look of cold wooden flooring. Lighting - The right lighting can make all the difference when it comes to accessorising your home. Depending on your colour palette and your desired mood you really can take your pick. From bright lighting to mellow candle light the choice is entirely yours. Electric Blinds - Depending on your personal preference here you really can dress a window up to be the main focus of the room. If you want cosiness then why not opt for dark or neutral coloured electric roller blinds that will block out the outside world allowing the cosiness to stay on the inside. Or why make your accessories do the talking and instead match your  blinds to your flooring with wood blinds. Alternatively if you have long windows then why not try remote control vertical blinds this way you can pick and choose how much light you want to let into your cosy sitting room. Accessories - You really can take your pick when it comes to accessories, from cushions and pouffes to vases, frames and candle holders. The trick here is to make it your own, you don’t want too much clutter but you do want your home to look lived in, especially during those cosy winter months. So there we have it, cosy accessories for that cosy time of the year!

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  • The Source Of Inspiration

    Posted on 10th December 2010 by yasmin.

    Have you ever watched those home makeover programmes or flicked through interior decor magazines wishing that your home resembled something even half as gorgeous? Well why not make it so? There are many ways you can reinvent your house, and yes I know we are in the middle of a recession, but small changes really can change the appearance and ambiance of a room. Let there be light - Firstly, the mood of a room can be changed, just by adding a little light. Whether it’s blocking out street lighting from the outside via dark wood blinds or adding a large centrepiece lamp to your coffee table, either way a little light can go a long way. Alternatively you could embrace the winter nights, wrap yourself up in that ohh so cosy faux fur throw, light some candles and just watch the mood change in front of your very eyes! Window dressing - Whether it can be seen from the outside-in or the inside-out, dressing your window can really change the shape and appearance of a dull room. Whether you chose to embrace colour or eliminate texture is up to you. If its colour you choose to go for then why not go with something that stands out rather than blends in, this will really make a real impact on a room and you will get that desired change that you are after. For example, if your room is decorated with a palette of beiges, browns and earthy greens, why not dress your window with a gorgeously seductive yet classically demure Satin Rum Venetian blind. On the other hand, if you prefer textures then why not go with a beautifully textured Roller blind . The Controliss Textura Golden Roller blind is my favourite pick for the winter months. It is simple yet stunningly classy. Illumination - Finally, the most cost efficient and easy way to change the appearance of a room is to add a mirror. Whether it be a dramatically framed, classically cut mirror or a strange shaped modern mirror, it really will change your chosen room. You see, the thing with mirrors is that they make a space appear bigger than it actually is, changing your room in an instant. So, there you have it, small changes really can make a big difference!

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  • Make a Splash with a Nautical Theme

    Posted on 24th November 2010 by jenny.

    The ocean has always captured the hearts of interior designers, making nautical themes one of the most time-tested and enduring of interior decorating themes. Seafaring decor is inspirational because it may lend an air of nostalgia for the ocean during winter, filling your thoughts with the soothing sounds of the waves repeatedly beating the surf and other summer memories. During warmer months, your coastal chic interiors will be all the more pronounced, making more vivid memories to take with you on cold months and the cycle continues. To take yourself on a constant summer vacation, go for nautical themes of indigo blue, shades of navy and chalky whites. Controliss have a collection of motorised Vertical blinds in various shades of blue, such as the appropriately named Yacht Blue or City Gulf. These blue hues will go well with whites and khaki to create a beach feel in your interiors. Add a touch of red here and there to add interest and keep your space from becoming too dreary. Aside from the colours, mimic the waves by varying the heights of objects, bringing dynamic movement into the lines inside your space. You can also play with textures with furniture, such as an old sea chest or a mirror encased in a bamboo frame. Add a woven sea-grass accent chair for additional texture. Try mixing up finishes, such as matte walls and high gloss finishes. This will bring in unexpected sheen into the room and creating more depth. For more traditional rooms, you can downplay its elegance with more casual fabric, such as cotton or linen or even add a casual chandelier made from capiz accessories. Bring in shell collections or coral you have brought from your beach expeditions and display them on coffee tables for a maritime theme. Better yet, hot glue these shells into lamps for lighting that’s truly nautical. Cushions can also be encased with sea motifs, such as fishes or seashells. Whatever decorations you make, always be inspired with the vitality of the ocean. Let yourself take a vacation whenever you come home with the nautical theme.

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  • Innovative Window Blinds to Excite Your Imagination

    Posted on 14th October 2010 by Lee.

    At the forefront of window blinds innovations, Controliss is always on the lookout for quirky trends in the window industry. Controliss makes luxurious remote-controlled window blinds affordable for everyone and we're proud to present to you some cutting edge industry concepts: The Discreet Window Blinds Designers Ishac Bertran and Giyem Boyacioglu are in the process of creating Discreet Window Blinds inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's movie called "Rear Window". These window blinds look at first glance like vertical blinds, but each column can be raised or lowered like typical horizontal blinds. With these blinds you can create a standard look blind or display your slats in a funky staggered format.  The ability to adjust the slats in this way gives you greater light control in your room.

    Solar Powered Blinds We love energy-efficient design and of course solar-powered blinds are at the top of our list. Solar-powered blinds work like typical vertical blinds but have solar panels on the window side. During the day, you can keep the vertical blinds closed while the solar panels charge a power source. A great feature being that the louvres are fitted with LED lights that glow at night using the power captured from the solar panels during the day.

    Air Conditioner Blinds Taking the solar-powered blinds even further, the air conditioner blinds function like ordinary blinds but with an air-conditioning unit built inside its mechanism. The rear side of the louvres is made up of solar panels that can power the AC unit connected to the window blinds. You can then block the sun and cool the air at the same time.

    Speaker Blinds When space is an issue and you haven't got room for a home theatre with speakers, then the speaker blinds give you an excellent-looking solution. These entertainment speakers are made to look like typical electric blinds. The speaker louvres can be tilted and raised like any ordinary window blind.

    These window blinds concepts are exciting if you're into the latest in home automation. Controliss electric blinds provide you with the luxury of light and privacy control at a single touch of a button. You don’t need professional installation for Controliss electric blinds because they are powered with batteries. Browse through our extensive collection through our website now.

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