• The World's most iconic lamps

    Posted on 23rd July 2013 by Andy.

    Lighting can transform a room. It can be used for dramatic effect or in very subtle ways creating a very different sense of space as to the one you may experience during daylight. Similarly, you may want lighting to be subtle or unassuming so you don’t know a light is there until it is switched on. Alternatively, some of the best lamps can also be great pieces of sculpture. Here are just a few classic and timeless lamps:


    WOKA AD9 This Art Deco lamp designed for the Viennese lighting company WOKA by the likes of Josef Hoffmann and the Wiener Werkstätte in 1925. The simple yet beautiful curved supporting arm is reminiscent of a desktop globe and creates a nice pool of light to work by. The company and the lamp are still going and one could be in your living room for just €2,050.


    Arco Silver Floor Light Designed by Achille Castiglioni in 1962 the Arco Silver Floor Light is a design classic. It makes a great centrepiece for a living room, its bold silouhette and gleaming metallic bowl dominating any space it occupies. It would fit well in a retro styled home and wouldn’t look out of place beside a bubble chair. It has been much copied and you can find reproductions, but a new one would probably set you back the best part of £1,700.

    Kartell Bourgie Lamp

    Kartell Bourgie A modern classic of sorts, the Kartell Bourgie is Kartell’s biggest selling lamp, which is a twist on a baroque style. It comes in a range of colours and is surprisingly versatile, effortlessly fitting into a modern minimal space or a more classical décor.


    Anglepoise The British company has been making lamps for 70 years and is currently celebrating the 75th anniversary of the design that started it all, the Anglepoise Original 1227. Designed by George Carwardine its innovative spring mechanism meant it is flexible and well balanced, making it a popular desk lamp. These days it is often copied and you can get one in virtually any size or colour.

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  • Get Lean While Your Office Gets Green

    Posted on 21st May 2011 by Chris.

    When most people hear the phrase: 'Just another day at the office', the mind will generate images of a smartly dressed individual; sitting at a desk, typing away or filling in forms, rarely showing any signs of happiness, enjoyment or content. But with all the wondrous technology available today, surely the office need no longer be given such a humdrum stereotype. Well there are designers and engineers out there making it their goal to inspirit the area where so many, spend so much uneventful time. The workplace is, more often than not, deprived of the latest technological developments. But such an update can not only improve the occupants' quality of life but can also increase energy efficiency. In an 'Intelligent Workplace', heating bills can be reduced using solar thermal energy and recaptured heat from generators. Steps may be taken reduce electricity use as well. Sensors can be installed that  will measure daylight levels and detect occupancy to avoid the use of lighting when it is not needed. Office workers may prefer to be given the power to control the office themselves. This is easily obtainable, as their work station can be set up to provide a great amount of control over amenities such as air temperature and flow, and lighting levels and directions. For example, with Controliss electric blinds installed on the office windows, a Controliss blinds wireless remote control will give the user control over the natural lighting levels in the office and, as the remote controls operate on a radio frequency, direct line of sight is not required.

    The inactive nature of working in an office often makes obesity an associated issue. However, solutions have been made available to confront this too. For instance, Utilia produce a piece of furniture, the ScooterDesk, that is designed to stimulated you to gently move and change position often, training your ligaments and muscles, and stimulating your circulation and metabolic processes. Experts have even developed and tested a treadmill desk, that will allow you to walk while you work, to burn more calories.

    Increasing portability of office technology means workers are no longer confined to sit at their desks. In response to the growing popularity of this scenario, we are presented with the Globus workstation designed by Michiel van der Kley. This is a compact mobile workstation, with a rotating chair and pull out table top, that can be moved wherever it is needed, opened and then used as a normal desk. So let's all look forward to the day when 'Just another day at the office'; fills our minds with excitement, surrounds us with delightful technology and helps us maintain a healthy waistline.

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  • Setting the Scene

    Posted on 21st February 2011 by yasmin.

    When it comes to hosting a dinner party, you of course expect to portray to your guests nothing short of perfection. Whether you are planning a relaxed affair or a black tie bonanza; from the food you prepare and serve, to the place settings, to the lighting; perfection is what you should strive for.

    Food - So here is the scenario; you have 8 dinner guests coming over at approximately 7pm, you already have the smoked salmon and champagne chilling in the fridge, your roast beef is slowly cooking in the oven and your apple crumble is ready and waiting to be baked. Now for the finishing touches!

    Tableware - For the table settings, we love the unique designs of historic Italian Porcelain designers Richard Ginori 1735. Their new range of tableware named ‘Metroquadro’ is simply stunning as well as uniquely funky and individual. Each individual item is dedicated to a different food or wine producer, and are inspired by traditional Italian souvenir plates.

    Lighting - Lighting is the key to any dinner party as it sets the mood of the evening. Avoid strong strobe or spot styled lighting fixtures and instead opt for soft lighting and candles. This will ensure that your guests are as relaxed as possible.

    Known as ‘Hurricane Drops’ these classic glass drop pendant lights by Skogsberg & Smart will add a serene atmosphere to any dinner party. These ‘Hurricane Drops’ which work as a trio, hand from a nickel plated pole and look simply stunning.

    As well as having the perfect lighting, it is also important that you make your dinner party seem personal and welcoming. Controliss electric roller blinds are not only the ultimate party piece. Our remote controlled blinds offer one-touch child safe operation so you can adapt the mood of your dinner party without leaving the banquet to fiddle with cord controls.

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  • Sleeping Beauty

    Posted on 20th January 2011 by Lee.

    Well you will be with these dreamy yet elegant ideas for turning your bedroom into a relaxing haven of bliss! And to set the scene - Imagine this; you’re tired after a long, hard day at work, you know your husband is working late at the office, so what do you do? What every woman longs to do when her man is out of the way; relax! After arriving home from work, you pour yourself a large glass of crisp white wine, run yourself a large, lush bath and begin the relaxation process. After you have prepped, primed, moisturised and conditioned, it is time for ultimate relaxation! Bed bliss - Having many textures and fabrics surrounding you in bed adds to the cosiness that you want to experience when you get into bed. Surround yourself with as many pillows and cushions as possible with a mix of fabrics such as silks and velvets, fabrics that are soft to the touch. A faux fur throw over the end of your bed will also ensure that your toes stay warm and cosy. Scented heaven - Go on, light a few scented candles and let yourself be taken aback by the fresh scents that come from them. The perfect lighting - Soft lighting is key to relaxation. Firstly, block out the outside streetlights with either our wood blinds, venetian blinds or blackout roller blinds, all of which will ensure you don’t see a peep of the outside world once you have closed them. Now for the lighting, soft lighting is best to set that relaxation mood so ensure that you have a bedside table lamp. All you need to finish off this haven of tranquility and relaxation is a good book, a hot cup of coco and a tired head. Good night, sleep tight, enjoy!

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  • Types of Lighting to Enhance Your Home

    Posted on 7th August 2010 by Lee.

    You can definitely create any kind of ambience in your home by managing different light sources. To be able to do this, you must understand the basics of lighting. Here are the different light treatments that you can play with to make dramatic changes in your room's appearance. There are two types of illumination sources. The first one is artificial lighting and the second is natural lighting. Artificial lighting can be broken down into three: general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. There are advantages and disadvantages for these two kinds of lighting. Hopefully, you’ll be able to balance these pros and cons for your lighting needs.

    Artificial Lighting

    Artificial lighting makes use of electricity to produce the illumination inside a home. You are most familiar with general lighting or illumination which is the light that we require to do our daily tasks inside a room. One of the sources of general illumination that is becoming a top design trend is the chandelier. Gone are the days when chandeliers dominate formal dining rooms. Now, chandeliers are used in bedrooms, powder rooms, and even the bathroom. For chandeliers, dimmers are necessary for you to generate the kind of you light you want. On the other hand, task lighting allows you to perform a specific function. Think about the kind of light you need to read or sew or draft a design. To make task lighting more effective, the bottom of the lamp shade should at eye level when you are seated. This prevents you from straining your eyes. Make it higher and you’ll have to deal with glare. If it’s lower than eye level, you’ll see the light reflected off the paper. The third kind of artificial lighting is accent lighting. This is the kind of light that enhances an area or emphasises an object inside a room. This kind of lighting adds drama to a room setup. It also highlights some aspects of the room you want to draw attention to. Generally, light sources that are 60 watts or less qualify as accent lights. Wall sconces, small lamps, or even lights inside cabinets are some examples of accent lighting.

    Natural Light

    Natural lighting comes from architectural details, such as windows or sun roofs. You often purchase homes because of the amount of natural light it has. Natural light’s beauty cannot be beat by any artificial light. It can also bring down your energy costs because you consume less electricity to light your home. However, having natural light can also be a curse especially in rooms that face roads or neighbouring houses. Natural light must be managed, and motorised window blinds make this task a breeze. Blinds and shades can diffuse or block the light, depending on the kind of material and fabric they are made of. Natural lighting and artificial lighting can both be harnessed for your interior decorating needs. Understanding how light behaves in your room based on the colour and texture of your walls is the first step to create a beautiful home.

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