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  • Creating a true, home cinema experience

    Posted on 19th April 2017 by admin.

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    We all have favourite films which we love to re-visit and once again, feel the magic and excitement we remember from the first viewing.

    And the continued rise of TV technologies that promise home cinema experiences is constantly making this a more affordable and realistic proposition.

    We recently experienced a demonstration of the latest Panasonic 4K UHD ‘DX’ series of televisions, featuring Ultra High Definition resolution, High Dynamic Range colour and contrast and Panasonic’s latest innovation: ‘tuned in Hollywood’.

    The clever boffins at Panasonic have incorporated a picture technology which claims to have been tuned by Hollywood experts and as such, offers a picture performance that’s ‘True to the Director’s Vision’.

    So, if you’ve ever dreamt of sinking into the dark, watery depths of The Abyss; cheating the alien atmosphere of Avatar; bringing the hills alive with The Sound of Music; or suffering the sensory turmoil of Hitchcock’s Vertigo, this new technology is the answer, right? Well, yes and no…

    While we can’t argue with the picture quality of such TV’s, the true home cinema experience is something which relies, fundamentally, upon recreating the dark, atmospheric surroundings of a real cinema, where stray light isn't able to affect the image.

    With Controliss battery powered and mains powered electric blinds, you can create exactly that, with the option of light-blocking blackout fabric available on a number of styles in our roller blinds, roman blinds or vertical blinds ranges.

    And with the practicality and sophistication of superb one-touch wireless remote control operation, you will be able to create the perfect home cinema experience to enjoy yourself or impress guests.

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  • The next generation of HD is here

    Posted on 3rd July 2013 by Andy.


    Sony’s new FMP-X1 4K media player and distribution service has been announced for imminent release. 4K is the new high definition format (4096 x 2160) that Sony says delivers ‘a vibrant and natural picture that is four-times clearer than high definition’. The Japanese electronics giant already has 4K TVs available to buy - the 55-inch X9005A is priced around £4,000, while the 65-inch model is about £6,000. Although 4K content isn’t currently available these TVs do a good job of up-scaling HD content. But the release in the next month of the FMP-X1 media player will bring with it some new 4K content. The media player will come with 10 pre-loaded 4K movies and will also provide access to Sony’s own 4K distribution service, which launches later in the year, while 4K movies are also expected to be released on Blu-ray. Sony has always been ahead of the game at launching new formats in a bid to dominate the market and, without any other major contender in the wings, 4K looks likely to be the format to beat in the future. Find out more: http://www.sony.co.uk/hub/4k

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  • The Home Cinema Experience

    Posted on 28th June 2011 by Chris.

    Worlds Largest HDTV

    Over a century ago, people all over the world began to find significant enjoyment in motion picture entertainment. Even now, the movie industry continues to evolve to heighten our satisfaction when we go out for that cinema experience. This experience is now enjoyed by many, without leaving their home, using various appliances, including  large screen high definition TV screens, cinema type seating and blackout roller blinds to darken the room and create that authentic cinema ambience. The main advantage of a home cinema set up is that your choice of movie is not limited to the latest releases, but only limited by what you have in your collection, allowing you to maximise the enjoyment of your favourite movies, any time you want. At any standard cinema, the elements that elevate your visit from watching a movie, into the cinema experience we admire, are the lighting, the sound and the screen. Modern technology allows these elements to be imitated with ease in your home cinema. Starting with the lighting. The blackout effect can be easily achieved with the single push of a button using Controliss 12V battery powered or 240V mains electric remote control roller blinds. With our range of blackout fabrics, it is easy to choose window blinds that will look brilliant while the room is lit and offer exceptional convenience when you wish to dim the lighting in your home cinema. To create the surround sound effect of the cinema, there is a huge variety of speaker sets which you can arrange around the room to allow the different sounds of the movie to come at you from different directions. Speaker sets are usually made up of 5 separate speakers that divide the sounds into left and right rear, left and right front, and a central front sound source; as well as a sub-woofer for bass frequencies. All of these are connected to a central control unit that will allow you to instruct the system with regards to how you want the sound to be delivered throughout the room. Alternatively, the room could be filled with the sound coming from a single surround sound bar. A surround sound bar, as the name suggests, is a speaker system that is able to distribute sound around the room from just one outlet. The benefit of this is that you do not need to find positions for numerous speakers. Next, of course, is your screen. HDTVs are available in many sizes which, dependant on your preference, may require a fair distance between the screen and the seating to allow comfortable viewing. The worlds largest HDTV screen, located at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in the United States, boasts a width of 200 feet and a height of 80 feet. HDTVs are also available in varying resolutions, most commonly 720p and 1080p. These refer to the number of pixels in the screen that make up the over all picture, however, 1080p is considered to make very little difference in screens any smaller than 40 inches. Another possibility for showing your movie is a projector and screen. Projectors are also capable of displaying movies in 1080p quality and can project larger images, without having to invest in one of the larger TVs. And to complete your home cinema experience, needless to say, you will want to invest the necessary amount of popcorn. Although, if popcorn doesn't take your fancy, you can eat what ever you want in this cinema, after all, it's yours!

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  • Home Cinema Acoustics

    Posted on 10th June 2011 by Andy.

    Whenever music or a movie is playing at a volume you enjoy and you need to hit the pause button, does the sound stop instantly? If it does not, your home cinema room most likely has bad acoustics and so has unwanted sounds bouncing around, which then have a negative effect on the reception of wanted sounds within that room. Room Acoustics is not something many people consider when buying a home or building a new property, but believe it or not, acoustics are actually incredibly interesting and important part of any home cinema. Room acoustics refers to the way sound behaves in an enclosed space. You can notice this simply by going into a large hall or theatre where the sound bounces around. These rooms are specially built for this purpose. Even your airing cupboard, where it is so small that the sound only bounces a short distance, can exemplify room acoustics . When I worked as a radio producer, our studios, like most, were especially designed to absorb sound. This is so that when your voice or any sound effects are recorded, they are clean and don’t bounce around the room, avoiding any reverberations. Many people transform one or more rooms in their home into home theatre rooms which exhibit good room acoustics. If you’re an avid music and video fan and want to create a great listening experience, your home should be primed for great acoustics to make the experience electrifying and real. A common misconception, however, is that adding more speakers to an enclosure will improve the quality of room acoustics. The materials in a room, that absorb or reflect sounds, have a greater effect on the acoustics. For instance, a bookcase filled with odd-sized books may act as an effective sound diffuser, replacing echo-like reflections without absorbing too much sound. Bad room acoustics can have a negative effect, making a room seem hollow and cold, but luckily there are specialist companies that can design a room to promote good acoustics. Respace Acoustic is a specialist acoustic company who can provide larger companies with acoustic solutions and help design a room to create a balance in acoustics with sound proofing and acoustic panels. Custom Audio Designs provide acoustic solutions for many different clients, from large blue chip companies to individuals, they have some really interesting projects and methods of creating great acoustics in the home. So if you find you home cinema has sound bouncing all over it like Westminster Abbey, and want to create a warm and inviting experience, consider it's acoustics.

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  • The Bachelor Of Technology

    Posted on 9th February 2011 by yasmin.

    So, you have your slinky contemporary bachelor pad decorated in light, modern tones accompanied with clean glass and stainless steel surfaces throughout.  This is all well and good; however, the central focal point of any dream abode for any gentleman is of course the latest technology. Here at Controliss we believe that the king of all technology for any bachelors home is of course the television, followed naturally by remote control blinds. At the higher end of flat screen TV bliss are the famous and aspirational Danish company Bang & Olufsen. Their incredibly slim BeoVision 10 Television is simply stunning. Using the latest LED technology, advanced features, superior image and clear sound as well as being stunningly streamline and easy on the eye. The television comes in 3 sizes up to 46" (113.8cm x 103.4cm) and is available in 6 frame finishes including silver and black but don't forget to check out our favourite feature, the optional motorised floor stand. So you have invested in a large LCD or Plasma TV and your home is oozing with the latest appliances featuring state of the art technology and you're the ultimate bachelor of modern technology right? Wrong, there appears to be something missing from your bachelor pad, something that really will define you as the ultimate bachelor of technology and help shield nasty sunlight glare from effecting your viewing experience. The item in question is the ultra modern, ultra cool and flat screen TV friendly remote control blind.

    The Controliss collection of motorised blackout blinds with one touch remote operation are an absolute breeze to install and our contemporary collection of roller blinds in blackout fabrics really do add to the viewing experience of any TV. Our blackout roller blinds are controlled with a handset that will automatically raise and lower the blind at the touch off a button and wireless programmable timer is also available so the blinds will automatically operate at specific times of the day and week.

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