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  • Remotely controlling light, shade, style and mood

    Posted on 7th June 2017 by admin.

    April and May have seen a typically English spring gearing up for, hopefully, a summer that will be warm and bright. Heavy showers, punctuated by spells of mediterranean-beating heat and sun have cast doleful shadows and bleaching, bright light in almost equal measures.

    With such extremes, it can be hard to control the desired look and feel of any living space, no matter how creatively you have considered colour, finishes, flooring or lighting.

    So, how can you ensure that you make the most of the available light when the weather is cloudy but still have the ability to control intense sunlight when the pressure rises and the sun makes an appearance?

    Controliss battery powered and mains powered electric blinds allow instant control at the touch of a button, whatever the weather and however often it changes.

    Whether you prefer the sumptuous, smooth or textured fabrics of Roman Blinds; the elegant sophistication of vertical blinds; the practical versatility of roller blinds; the contemporary minimalism of venetian blinds; or the natural or painted finishes of beautifully crafted wooden blinds, one touch wireless remote control is available across our extensive range and the inbuilt safety of cordless technology adds a reassuring piece of mind.

    Rooms with multiple perspectives and windows are easily managed with simple remote controls that allow you to control single blinds, groups of blinds or timed automation.

    Light is the biggest influencer of character for any given room and having control over its intensity allows you to define the personality of your living spaces.

    Controliss battery powered and mains powered electric blinds are your perfect partner, allowing you to create the most comfortable environment for living or presenting the most inviting and welcoming home for entertaining.

    remotely controlled electric blinds creating shade and atmosphere

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  • Extreme Home Automation

    Posted on 9th August 2016 by Michelle.

    Just when you thought you had finally found a form of cooking your partner could assist with, the BratWurst Bot sausage robot looks like making the man of the house redundant!

    Now we all have increasingly busy lives with heavy workloads but do we really need a robot to turn our sizzlers?

    Here at Controliss blinds we are all about automation and technology, but this is surely simply a bridge too far! (unless of  course it can hoover, iron and put the seat down, then I am in!)

    Automated blinds, especially at this time of year, controlled at the touch of a remote control are definitely an essential part of modern living. Set them to raise and lower in your absence or close when the temperature rises, on days like today, is simplicity personified.

    With the Telis 6 Chronis RTS electric blind handset for example, you can set your blinds to lower as dusk falls, ensuring greater security as well as much need energy savings.

    Who needs to traipse from room to room, manually pulling cords, when a cold beer & bangers-in-buns beckon us to the outdoors.

    The summer is finally upon us, lets get out in the sun, enrich our bodies in natural vitamin D and go barbecue bonkers!

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  • The easy way to an automated home

    Posted on 6th December 2013 by Ben.


    Tech accessory manufacturer Belkin’s WeMo range is designed to be a quick and simple route to home automation. It basically consists of a series of plug adaptors that can be switched on and off via an app on your tablet or smartphone and your home wifi. You can also schedule when appliances come on, while a motion detector can also be added to trigger the lights in a room when someone enters. Because you only need a WeMo adaptor, the system is scalable to whatever range of lights and appliances you need. Making it a cheaper way to get your home automated.

    The latest version of WeMo also allows you to monitor energy consumption through the adaptors so you can keep you bills down even when you’re away from home. While the WeMo Baby is a smart addition to the range using the same technology to turn your mobile device into a baby monitor. Find out more: http://www.belkin.com/uk/Products/home-automation/c/wemo-home-automation/

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  • Google your way to an automated home

    Posted on 3rd October 2013 by Andy.


    Clever ways of automating your home by bringing all your technology under control are becoming more compact and easier to use. A small USB dongle called Enblink, which works via your Google TV box, is the latest tech to put you in control of all your home’s gadgets. It can be controlled via your TV or by using the app on your smartphone and can operate lighting throughout you home that are connected to special wireless modules. But it also has the potential to connect to a wide range of home devices including locks, security systems, home entertainment systems and your powered remote control blinds. Enblink uses Z-Wave technology to communicate with other Z-Wave enabled devices, letting you transform the look and feel of your entire home from your armchair. For such a small device Enblink, which is expected to be released in the US next month, can put a lot of power into your hands. At an expected $99 it is also one of the cheapest home automation solutions on the market. Find out more here: http://www.enblink.com/

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  • One app to rule them all

    Posted on 28th June 2013 by Andy.

    The truly connected home is getting ever closer as Intel has revealed it is working on a new system that allows a variety of devices to ‘talk’ to each other. So lighting, music, heating, blinds etc can work in harmony. The problem faced by many home automation systems is that with so many companies making products using different control methods and ways of connecting it becomes difficult to synchronise them with a single system. Recognising this Intel is creating software that will work with most current and future systems allowing them to seamlessly work together. The final software will provide a simple interface via which you can simply tailor your home automation systems to perform how you want. To find out more see the full story at Engadget: http://www.engadget.com/2013/06/25/intel-research-diy-programmable-home-automation/?utm_medium=feed&utm_source=Feed_Classic&utm_campaign=Engadget

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  • Wifi puts you in control

    Posted on 12th June 2013 by Andy.

    A team of researchers from the University of Washington have discovered a way of using the wifi signals passing through our homes to detect human movement. The system, called WiSee can detect movement from multiple people across multiple rooms. It uses an algorithm that can track small changes in the wifi signal and is currently programmed to recognise nine different gestures with 94% accuracy. The team hope to increase its vocabulary and accuracy so that it can be used in a number of household applications. It can already be used to switch on lights and change TV channels.

    The system is still in development and isn’t currently as accurate as other gesture controlled tech, such as Microsoft’s Kinect, but it’s still early days and is a clear indicator of where home automation is heading.

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  • The worlds biggest LED TV is ready to launch

    Posted on 1st May 2013 by Chris.

    If you had to dream up the most opulent and ostentatious display of wealth you probably wouldn’t even come close to saying a massive TV in your back garden. But if you have a spare £423,000 knocking around and a garden big enough you could become the envy of your neighbours with this C Seed 201inch LED TV. At the flick of switch this black monolith rises up out of your lawn like a missile preparing to launch. Within 15 seconds it has reached its full height or 4.6 metres. Then its 201inch screen begins to unfold like an emerging butterfly. In 25 seconds the seven panels on the screen have fully extended and you’re ready to start watching. The C Seed has been designed in Austria by the Porsche Design Studio deliberately to look sculptural as well as sleek and imposing. It is the world’s largest outdoor LED TV and employs the latest cutting edge technology to deliver a seamless experience. When not in use it is hidden away in its own underground storage, its fully water replant, features three-way audio, can rotate through 270 degrees to allow you to find the best viewing angle and wirelessly connects to your home’s media hub. It also boasts fantastic picture quality so you’re not compromising anything for the outdoor cinema experience. While a lot of home design brings something of the outside in, this takes a bit of the inside out. Although it’s possibly not best suited to the British climate but the C Seed is one a must have gadget for people that have everything, especially a large bank balance and a garden to match. Visit www.cseed.tv for more info.

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  • LightwaveRF Blinds Integration

    Posted on 2nd February 2013 by Chris.


    The increasing popularity of Lightwave's modular retrofit home automation system has meant that many Controliss blinds and LightwaveRF users are begging the question if our range of powered blinds can be controlled by the same LightwaveRF apps that allow control of Lightwave's lighting, power and heating products.

    Lightwave's DIY orientated wireless RF system has made home automation both affordable and easily accessible with a range of wireless RF products that can be easily installed and configured to offer control of lighting and heating etc via a collection of wireless wall controllers or application based devices should as an iPhone, iPad or laptop.

    Introducing Controliss powered blinds in to your LightwaveRF system is possible by using the LightwaveRF Inline Relay which retails for around £20. This small device (about the size of a UK 3-pin plug) is wired to a power source and a Controliss 240v 4-core  motorised blind that is specially designed for integration in to 3rd party system such as Lightwave. The LightwaveRF WiFi Link then allows open, close and stop commands from your IOS, Android device or laptop.

    For more information on Controliss blinds and LightwaveRF integration please contact the Controliss support team on 0845 5211 141

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  • Bespoke...Be Controliss

    Posted on 27th February 2012 by Jules.

    Our bespoke service evolved as a necessity to translate the creative needs of our high-end clientele into unique design solutions within the automated soft-furnishing sector.  The lowly blind has no place in our bespoke service, with integrity of design, conscientious attention to detail and superior quality of workmanship paramount - our ethos is to deliver beautifully formulated, practical solutions of exceptional quality; on time and on budget! Controliss electric blinds are incorporated in to some of the most innovative design projects; whether inspired contemporary new builds or classical, multi-million pound City refurbishments; the Controliss Bespoke range sits regally within the most prestigious development. We are able to tailor seamless integration solutions for all state of the art home automation systems including Lutron, Creston, Rako, Control 4 and KNX.  Additionally we are an approved Lutron blinds specialist and consequently able to advise on Lutron product suitability within a project remit. Our experienced team offer the highest levels of creativity, professionalism and discretion, reinforced by in-depth technical and product knowledge across the range. For your next Ultra-Prime, innovative project, why not utilise the production design capabilities accessible to you within the realms of the Controliss bespoke facility. Distinctive creativity, integrity of design, quality craftsmanship and on-going technical support are the core qualities of our bespoke service. When only extraordinary will do, Controliss bespoke window blinds service is the obvious solution!

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  • Home Technology - Virtual Education

    Posted on 7th November 2011 by Chris.

    The capabilities of the World Wide Web could create a seemingly endless list that is constantly being added to with new possibilities for all areas of technology. Now internet is accessible using, not only a desktop PC or laptop, but many more devices; from plug-in and handheld game consoles, to other portable devices including mobile phones, PDAs and tablets. This makes connectivity all the more convenient since it is available at any time, from almost anywhere you would happen to be. This means that, wherever you are, it is possible to read or send emails; media, clothes, or a set of luxurious Controliss electric window blinds are but a few examples of items that you can get delivered to your doorstep, purely through an online customer interface; or you may wish to search for information, or other people's views, regarding a particular subject. For those with very little spare time to sit down in front their computer, mobile internet access can be greatly beneficial in helping to get things done. Another great feature of the World Wide Web for people who struggle to get any spare hours out of the the day, is the online training course. Online training courses allow people to learn about a chosen subject whenever they find time for it, and even gain certifications for that subject, using applications and resources created by or in collaboration with professionals and teachers. One such website that offers the opportunity to develop technical skills through virtual education, whether the intention is to improve commercial productivity or for the simple reason of satisfying personal interest, is Bedrock Learning. If you have a great interest in digitalising your home to enable you to gain greater control over electronics such as your lighting, entertainment systems, window blinds, etc., Bedrock Learning's online courses can provide you with the fundamentals. From their course packages, you can learn a lot more about the capabilities of digital home control and how to get interaction between your devices. The courses vary in price, but all have an optional detailed course guide, they are accessible at any time of the day and if the training is being given to numerous staff members, a Web-based Learning Management System can be used by company administrators to control and track each user's progress on the course. With the ever-reducing number of limitations of the World Wide Web, companies - including Controliss Blinds - can endeavour to improve the range and quality of the services that they are able to deliver, and maximise convenience for their customers.

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