• Setting the Scene

    Posted on 21st February 2011 by yasmin.

    When it comes to hosting a dinner party, you of course expect to portray to your guests nothing short of perfection. Whether you are planning a relaxed affair or a black tie bonanza; from the food you prepare and serve, to the place settings, to the lighting; perfection is what you should strive for.

    Food - So here is the scenario; you have 8 dinner guests coming over at approximately 7pm, you already have the smoked salmon and champagne chilling in the fridge, your roast beef is slowly cooking in the oven and your apple crumble is ready and waiting to be baked. Now for the finishing touches!

    Tableware - For the table settings, we love the unique designs of historic Italian Porcelain designers Richard Ginori 1735. Their new range of tableware named ‘Metroquadro’ is simply stunning as well as uniquely funky and individual. Each individual item is dedicated to a different food or wine producer, and are inspired by traditional Italian souvenir plates.

    Lighting - Lighting is the key to any dinner party as it sets the mood of the evening. Avoid strong strobe or spot styled lighting fixtures and instead opt for soft lighting and candles. This will ensure that your guests are as relaxed as possible.

    Known as ‘Hurricane Drops’ these classic glass drop pendant lights by Skogsberg & Smart will add a serene atmosphere to any dinner party. These ‘Hurricane Drops’ which work as a trio, hand from a nickel plated pole and look simply stunning.

    As well as having the perfect lighting, it is also important that you make your dinner party seem personal and welcoming. Controliss electric roller blinds are not only the ultimate party piece. Our remote controlled blinds offer one-touch child safe operation so you can adapt the mood of your dinner party without leaving the banquet to fiddle with cord controls.

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  • Happy Christmas from Controliss

    Posted on 15th December 2010 by yasmin.

    In just a few days time, many of your most favourable and not so favourable relatives will arrive for the festive holidays. Yes that’s right, Christmas day is nearly here... here we provide for you the top decor tips that will impress all your guests without stretching that Christmas budget. Keep it simple - With all of those festive decorations around, it’s best to keep the rest of your house simple. Opt for low lighting such as candles in order to create that perfect snugly Christmas mood as well as softening the appearance of your main rooms with warm colours such as reds and browns. Window dressing - Dressing your window is the best way to make your house appear inviting from the outside. However, although this may be the case you don’t want the inside of your window to look cluttered. Opt for simple Christmas lights that can be adapted underneath your blinds so that the outside is inviting and the inside is simple and neutral. If you don’t want the sparkly Christmas lights to be viewed from the inside then opt for a dark coloured blind such as our Liso Jet Black Roller blind or add a touch of sparkle with our Reina Beluga blind. Deck the halls - It’s always inviting if you have the hallway of your house decorated. Simple yet classic decorations such as Christmas reefs, tinsel (but not too much) and even hung bubals look good here. If you have a large hall way, then you could always erect your Christmas tree here, making it visible as soon as you walk in the door, this is guaranteed to produce smiles. Happy Christmas!

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  • Something Old Something New The Rough Luxe Look

    Posted on 13th November 2010 by jenny.

    One of the trendiest hotels in London, the Rough Luxe Hotel, has captured the imagination of many Londoners because of their unexpected combination of old and new. Distressed walls are combined with antique luxury items, giving a glorious combination of opulence and decay that has been embraced by the brave and the trendy. The rough luxe has been embraced by the anti-modernist because it shuns perfection, the uptightness of having everything clean and in place. The green movement, on the other hand, gives this design style its thumbs-up because the rough luxe look involves reusing any item or furniture that would otherwise look odd in a modernist home. To achieve the rough luxe look, here are a few guidelines. Take note, however, that this look is not for the wallflower or the homeowner who’s looking to sell their house in a few years rather if you plan to stay in your own home for a long time and adore surprising your house guests. The rough luxe look is characterized by distressed walls, but this doesn’t mean that you’ll let all your walls achieve a state of disrepair. One accent wall is enough, but make sure that you feature its dilapidated look. Then juxtapose this rough-hewn element with a luxury item, such as remote-controlled blinds installed in your windows.  This combination of high-tech blinds in luxurious fabrics such as our suede vertical blinds in decadent Beaujolais for instance with a bare plaster wall and an expensive painting will be such a paradox that you’ll be the talk of the town because of your coolness and good taste for many weeks. Aside from the walls, you can also leave your original flooring to its natural state and add lush carpets or elaborate rugs to maintain the look. You can also expose brickwork and mix it with chrome lighting and other fixtures. Just because your walls or floors look distressed doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on comfort. Add luxurious furniture such as a double bed coupled with a deep mattress or a cosy armchair where you can get lost in a book or your crafts. Choose antique furniture that looks like it has seen better days, but add a touch of luxury for it to go well with your interiors. For example, an antique sofa can be upholstered with a metallic fabric to combine the air of neglect and opulence of rough luxe. An elaborate mirror that is propped against a bare wall will have the same effect. If you’re not feeling brave enough to go all out with rough luxe and yet couldn’t resist its charming shabbiness, go for a large piece that looked like it has been loved until it was scruffy. You can distress your furniture by painting it then rubbing it with sandpaper when it’s dry. If you find this too strenuous, search garage sales in your neighbourhood for that one piece of rough luxe furniture. After the furniture comes the accessorising with generously framed paintings or photographs. The wall decor doesn’t have to be identical, but they should complement each other. Bring in tasselled cushions wrapped in velvet or silks. After these tips, you’ll have a home that is full of contradictions that you can relax in and boast about to your friends and family.

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  • Prepare for Christmas with a Dining Room Revamp

    Posted on 3rd November 2010 by Lee.

    The Christmas and new year holidays are just around the corner so this is the perfect time to get your dining room renovated in time for your holiday guests. With just around six weeks until Christmas, the clock is ticking for any interior revamps. Some of you may be party hosting pros with many years of successful dinner parties tucked in your belt. Others may be planning their first Christmas dining extravaganza for the first time. Perhaps you want to ditch the holiday tradition of spending this festive season without the hassle of guests, but you'd like to give yourself a treat and refurbish your dining room. Whatever your motivations for your renovation, here are a few suggestions from Controliss. Your dining table is the focal point of your dining room and a functional one at that. If your space is smallish, consider extendable dining tables which could accommodate extra guests who decide to drop by unannounced and greet you "Merry Christmas." If your dining area will not accomodate the larger exteble tables, you can choose a round dining table that can seat more guests without taking up too much space plus its cosiness guarantees warm and intimate dinner conversations. Aside from the dining table, grab some new dinner chairs that will keep your guests seated comfortably until well after dessert. For the chairs, you can opt for matching chairs to project a clean organised look. But the trend these days is to mix and match different chairs to add interest in your dining room. For example, a bright red chair with a wooden table will be a magnificent combination that will give your dining room a trendy atmosphere. Speaking of atmosphere, lighting must be considered because it can make or break your dining room look. Consider having a main light source that could be adjusted by a dimmer to alter the room’s mood. Decorate your windows with our Controliss electric blinds and you can adjust the lighting of the room without leaving your seat at the head of the table. You can tilt the louvres of our electric blinds to get the exact lighting you need for the occasion. Another lighting trick is to have candles ready to set an elegant mood. You can either have antique candle holders or tea lights running the whole length of your table. It’s really up to you which will work best with your interior decorating style. Lastly, take a look at your tableware and see if these important accessories need an update. Plain white tableware can make any food look enticing. Consider looking for decorative plates that could be added to your white china to spruce up your dining table setting. After you have completed your renovation project in your dining room table, it’s time to plan your menu. In this way, you’ll not only impress your guests with your interior decorating skills but with your cooking as well.

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  • Remote-Controlled Blackout Shades to Make Your Overnight House Guests Feel At Home

    Posted on 25th August 2010 by Lee.

    Remote Controlled Shades

    Being the perfect host to an overnight guest does not have to be stressful. If you want to make your guests feel welcome, the trick is to put yourself in their shoes. You'll be sure to find out that house guests are in an equally difficult bind because they also do not want to be a burden to you. Here are a few top house guest worries and their solutions: - Make sure that the furniture in your guest room is not high maintenance. This will put your house guests at ease. If you don’t want them worrying about ruining your bedside table with a water ring, consider a table with a glass top. Install bedside sconces or bedside lamps. This eliminates the occurrence of bruised knees or stubbed toes that result from making your way to the bed in the dark after you’ve turn off the lights. - You don’t want to put your guests in a position where they need to rummage through your refrigerator for something to eat. Some people get hungry during the night. Some wake up with a growling stomach and had to starve before the host gets to prepare breakfast. Leave some food, like fruits or energy bars, in the guest room to curb unexpected hunger pangs. - Avoid placing a large flower arrangement on the bedside table. A simple arrangement with few blooms will do. Leave room for your guests to keep their things. You won’t also have to worry about pollen allergies just in case your guests have them. - Place a rug near the bed so your guests won’t have to worry about waking you up while they walk around their room. The rug will also keep the room cosy. - Guests have different temperature needs. Don’t let them feel too cold or too hot in the room by making a versatile bed. Cover the mattress with cotton sheets and add a cotton coverlet. Top the bed with a down duvet. This will allow your guests to adjust to the temperature according to their tastes. - If your electric outlet is in an obscure place, add a power strip or a charging dock where your guests can easily charge their cell phones or plug in their laptops. - Don’t let your guests wake up earlier than necessary because of harsh sunlight. It may take some time for them to fall asleep on an unfamiliar bed, so they’ll need to wake up later than usual. Make the guest room a haven of relaxation by installing blackout roller blinds in the windows. In this way, your guests can sleep later than usual and feel more refreshed. We have introduced a line of blackout shades in various hues to suit any style. With these thoughtful tips, you’ll be sure to have satisfied guests who will be more pleasant company. They’ll have nothing but praises for your entertaining prowess. In addition, you won’t have to be bothered about nagging thoughts about whether or not your guests had a great time with you. For sure, they loved every minute of staying in your home.

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  • Impress Your Guests with Controliss Blinds

    Posted on 27th July 2010 by Lee.

    Electric Blinds Impress

    Having guests over for dinner needs some careful planning. In order to put together a formal or informal dinner, you must think about a theme that will unify all your dinner details. Usually, the theme could center on the food that you're planning to serve. Are you cooking Japanese food or having your guests sample your Italian recipes? Is this going to be a formal dinner or a casual get-together of friends and family? When you have a theme in mind, you can elevate your casual dinners into truly memorable affairs. Aside from delicious food and elegant table settings, you can also turn you dining room into a lovely setting for your dinner party. Spruce up your dinner tables with simple or lavish centrepieces according to your theme. Remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to create the atmosphere you want to convey to your guests. Be creative and turn ordinary things into lovely centrepieces for your guests to admire and talk about. One of the most affordable ways you can transform your dining room into an impressive place for dining is to install remote-controlled blinds on your dining room windows. This is especially useful if you have large windows with a nice view. These motorised blinds will certainly impress your guests as it creates an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation. With Controliss blinds, motorised blinds are now extremely affordable. Needing no professional installation costs, Controliss blinds can be installed in any room, especially your dining room. These blinds are fashionable and come in a variety of styles and colours to fit any dining room theme. They are also powered by ordinary AA batteries. Controliss blinds will certainly impress your guests and give you something to talk about for dinner. Whether you’re displaying astounding views from the dining table or covering up less-than-desirable sights, Controliss blinds will give your guests something to remember after you’ve said your evening goodbyes.

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