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  • Is three or one Microsoft’s lucky number?

    Posted on 30th May 2013 by Andy.


     Last week Microsoft announced its latest games console designed to take on Sony’s forthcoming PS4 and reign supreme over the world’s gaming market. The company’s third entry into its increasingly popular console range is, confusingly, called the Xbox One as Microsoft thinks from now one this is the only black box you’ll need under your TV.

    It is an impressive machine, not only playing games but letting you watch DVDs, live TV, listen to music, make Skype calls and much more. A new feature is voice recognition so you can wake it up, load a game or change channel without lifting a finger. Each console also comes with a Kinect sensor for gesture control and motion capture, a Blu-ray drive and a 500GB hard drive. However, concerns have been raised about the need for it to always be online so games can be played and the fact that Xbox 360 games won’t be compatible with the new console. The shift to becoming an all-in-one entertainment centre was inevitable – the PS3 had led the way in many of these areas – and takes Microsoft into the same markets as GoogleTV and Apple TV. But many games fans remain worried about the change in focus. Although nothing has been confirmed it is thought that the Xbox One will be out at the end of the year and will be priced around about £400-£500. Expect more details to come out at the E3 consumer electronics show in June.

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