• Let your blinds shine

    Posted on 17th October 2013 by Chris.


    The type of fabric that you choose for your blinds can make a real difference to the look of a room. When you go for shiny or metallic materials not only do they affect the way that natural and electric light can behave in your home, but they can also create a very dynamic colour palette. For instance, when your electric blinds open and close a lot of sumptuous, velvety fabrics will shine and shimmer chameleon-like as they fold or turn. So luxurious red Roman blinds might appear to have light red and pink tones or dark green blinds can shimmer with a flash of mint. In this way even the simplest of colour choices can appear more dynamic. Alternatively, you can go for subtler effects when you choose a roller blind. A wide range of the fabrics we stock also have metallic or shiny details. So even a light coloured blind can have some detail that catches the light and brightens a corner of a room. A lot of the fabrics available for our vertical and roller blinds also have a sheen or threads of metallic fabric running through them to create texture and dynamic qualities in the light. But it’s our range of venetian blinds that really catch the light. They come in a number of shades, including metallics, and also have a gleaming finish that really shines. This makes them ideal for modern, clean spaces and particularly kitchens and bathrooms. When you add that to our remote control options, which allow for small incremental adjustments and a variety of settings, not only are you controlling the light coming into the room but also how the light hits the blind itself. To make the most of these fabrics you should consider how the lighting in your room is positioned and how it reflects of the blind.

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  • Electric blinds style choices

    Posted on 14th June 2013 by Andy.


    When choosing which electric blinds to have in your home there are a few things that you’ll need too consider. For starters, what do they look like open, closed and all the points in between? How do they move and catch the light when they are being opened and closed? Whatever style you  choose will determine what material, colour and pattern you go for as well. Here is a selection of the types of electric blinds we make to help you decide what kind you would like to see in your home: Roller blinds Like the other blinds these are compact and ideal for varying lighting levels in a room. But roller fabrics also have a major advantage over other types in that they are made from one piece of material, so they can display patterned designs. Think of an electric roller blind as a large fabric canvas being unfurled against one wall of your home and you’ll begin to see the possibilities. They’re a great way of framing complex, regular patterns like flock as well as large asymmetrical designs like floral prints, which can be reflected in the other furnishings that you have. Venetian blinds The simple and practical nature of venetian blinds is that they are compact and unobtrusive. They allow a lot of control over the amount of light they let in while also enabling a degree of privacy. They are also best suited to minimalist interiors where the straight edges and plain colours won’t conflict. However, with a greater range of colours than ever you don’t have to settle for cold, characterless whites and creams when you can have something bold and striking. Vertical blinds A popular choice for formal interiors like offices or larger areas, thanks to their practical, unobtrusive design, vertical louvres are ideal for using bold colours and textured fabrics. Closing or even half closing the fabric louvres can change the whole look of a room, and not just because of the lighting change. In a big enough window a vertical blind can become the dominant colour feature and some textured fabrics, like those with reflective or metallic elements, will shift in tone as the light hits it at different angles. Roman blinds Because they are made from one expanse of soft fabric electric roman blinds are like roller blinds in that irregular patterns will work well, and like vertical louvres textured fabrics will look really effective. When raised the blind is gathered towards the top, creating an irregular, folded bunch that will obscure any formal, regular pattern. But roman blinds are a lot softer looking, which makes them an ideal antidote to the minimal, straight lines of verticals and venetians that can appear harsh.

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  • Warming Up For Winter

    Posted on 25th October 2011 by Jules.

    As our very late summer sun sinks away and the cold blustery weather forces its way upon us, all thoughts of flip-flops and cocktails subside, and are replaced by hotpots and Horlicks instead!

    We are currently involved in the conversion of an early 1900's barn , a beautiful brick built building that the developers are trying to coax in to the 21st century.  Creating a contemporary scheme within a traditional facade, retaining the character and integrity of the barn throughout. Having managed to achieve UV values in excess of those specified by Building Control, by utilizing specialist glazing and over specifying the insulation, the clients are keen to achieve a stylish, open-plan environment yet still feel nice and warm! In large, open-plan expansive spaces, underfloor heating is the perfect choice.  Underfloor heating ensures a clutter free streamlined look, no restrictions in terms of  furniture placement and most importantly in the current climate, the wet system is extremely cost effective to run.  UFH eliminates the hot spots that are created by radiators, the heat generated, whether a wet (warm water) system or an electric system, is more uniformly spread, evenly throughout the floor. Robbens Underfloor Heating is the system to be installed in the barn to all floors.  The ground floor and the bathrooms will all be finished in stone; the bedrooms are engineered wooden floors.  The system operates effectively with both flooring finishes, although it is worth seeking advice from your flooring supplier, if you wish to use beneath solid wood flooring. The UFH pipes are laid on top of the insulation in the floor, and then covered with a product called Gyvlon screed.  This is a liquid screed that is pumped in, and cuts down on the heavy labour, and time entailed if completed conventionally. Here is a photograph of the ground floor, prepared ready for screeding, which takes place tomorrow!

    Having gone to so much effort to ensure that the Barn is toasty all year round, we will be introducing our sophisticated Controliss 240v blinds to the full height glazing.

    At Controliss, we have a fabulous range of stylish, contemporary fabrics and as a member of the Controliss Design Team, I know that we have all of the Solar and Optical ratings of each and every fabric.

    From the funky metallic effect screen fabrics to the light and heat defensive blackout fabrics, we can be certain of retaining the heat generated without compromising the design aesthetics.

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  • And the bride wore...

    Posted on 3rd May 2011 by Andy.

    It was unbelievable how excited the royal wedding commentators were, literally screaming for Kate Middleton to get out of the car so they could see the wedding dress she had chosen and discover who the designer was.

    And the bride wore... Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.

    You’ve probably heard of McQueen before, the very lavish and bold designer who unfortunately passed away in February 2010. McQueen was well known for his couture pieces and fixation with British tailoring.

    Sarah Burton joined McQueen as an intern initially, and after 3 years was put in charge of women’s wear.

    After the death of McQueen the design house was urged to continue and Burton carried on his work, successfully producing a new collection and designing the brides and bridesmaid dresses for the Royal Wedding.

    As well as highly fashionable clothing ranges, McQueen has produced inspiring Home furnishings using his famous skull motif and lots on interesting creative designs, such as those produced for The Rug Company.

    Not only rugs but vibrant print wool cushions:

    And other accessories such as limited addition crockery pieces.

    So much like when it comes to fashion, it’s always sensible to have a statement piece, which you have splashed out on, but is timeless and can be utilised in many different ways. The same goes for home furnishings, and when it comes to McQueen there are some fabulous pieces out there, you’ve just got to have the time and patience to search for them, plus you don’t have to be royalty to own something by McQueen or Burton, in fact a lot of retailers, like high street fashion retailers, take on trends from the high class designers, such as Dwell, who offer fabulous “designer look pieces” but not at the high end price you would pay for a named piece.

    I must admit Kate Middleton did look amazing in the dress, and so did her sister, so hats off to Sarah Burton who created such an elegant timely look, fit for a Queen.

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  • Sleeping Beauty

    Posted on 20th January 2011 by Lee.

    Well you will be with these dreamy yet elegant ideas for turning your bedroom into a relaxing haven of bliss! And to set the scene - Imagine this; you’re tired after a long, hard day at work, you know your husband is working late at the office, so what do you do? What every woman longs to do when her man is out of the way; relax! After arriving home from work, you pour yourself a large glass of crisp white wine, run yourself a large, lush bath and begin the relaxation process. After you have prepped, primed, moisturised and conditioned, it is time for ultimate relaxation! Bed bliss - Having many textures and fabrics surrounding you in bed adds to the cosiness that you want to experience when you get into bed. Surround yourself with as many pillows and cushions as possible with a mix of fabrics such as silks and velvets, fabrics that are soft to the touch. A faux fur throw over the end of your bed will also ensure that your toes stay warm and cosy. Scented heaven - Go on, light a few scented candles and let yourself be taken aback by the fresh scents that come from them. The perfect lighting - Soft lighting is key to relaxation. Firstly, block out the outside streetlights with either our wood blinds, venetian blinds or blackout roller blinds, all of which will ensure you don’t see a peep of the outside world once you have closed them. Now for the lighting, soft lighting is best to set that relaxation mood so ensure that you have a bedside table lamp. All you need to finish off this haven of tranquility and relaxation is a good book, a hot cup of coco and a tired head. Good night, sleep tight, enjoy!

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  • New Country

    Posted on 18th January 2011 by yasmin.

    Update your country home with a palette of soft pastel colours; warm, inviting fabrics and luscious textures! The new country look can work brilliantly in any home, whether it's a modern apartment or a traditional country cottage that you call home. The style aims to look effortlessly comfy as well as classically relaxed. Light, pastel colours work extremely well here as do textured soft furnishing fabrics in gentle hues. Here I will explain how to achieve this look. The colour scheme - A neutral background highlighted with soft pastel colours such as cool blues, light teals and creams looks best to set the scene here. Add a touch of drama with cherry reds and darker teals on accessories such as cushions, rugs or throws. To compliment the scheme even further wood blinds are available in a variety of wooden stain finishes such as Milton wood or classic country style painted shades like the Controliss English Oak wooden blind collection. New country interior - You can take your pick of new country styles here which in turn means you have free reign on what fabrics and textures you want your room to adopt. Whether you are after an elegant new country home, a girlie floral new country home or a brightly patterned new country home, the fabrics and textures available will allow you to achieve your desired country effect in no time. If you have gone for a palette such as above, then why not add floral, tartan or faux fur to your upholstery, this will create an old country meets new country style. Lighting is key - Get the light right in your new country room; to go with the feel and style your room also needs to appear warm, friendly and inviting.  The key is to use different types of lighting to highlight specific areas of your room creating an ambience that invites a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

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  • Lighten Up Your Interior Space

    Posted on 9th January 2011 by yasmin.

    Ever wanted a bigger living space? Well stop wanting and start getting, if a bigger house just is not an option then why not transform the living space that you already have. You really can elongate a space by using clever tactics to deceive your room into looking bigger. Here I've outlined for you a number of small cost effective steps you can take in order to make your living space appear bigger than it actually is! Flooring - By using light wooden flooring consistently throughout a downstairs space creates a sense of continuity and makes a space appear more open-plan. Alternatively you could use a light coloured subtle carpet as this may create the same effect, but not to the same extent. Walls - If you only have a small downstairs living space then it would be advisable to stay away from dark coloured walls  and busily patterned wallpapers all over, as this will only make your room appear darker and more boxed in. Instead go for a light palette of soft pastel colours. Mirror image - Add width to a small room with the strategic placement of mirrors. The most cost efficient and conveneient way to change the appearance of a room is to add a mirror. Whether it be a dramatically framed, classically cut mirror or a abstract shaped contemporary mirror, it really will change the shape and appearance of your chosen room. You see, the thing with mirrors is that they make a space appear bigger than it actually is, changing your room in an instant. Let there be light - As with your wallpaper, your windows should not be dressed too darkly. The lighter you dress your window, the lighter your room will be and so the bigger the space will appear. Using contemporary light plain roller blinds fabrics like the Controliss Oscuro Cream roller blind, this will block out the street lamps at night, but will appear bright enough in the day. Alternatively you could go for our Textura roller fabrics for a cooler effect. So there you have it, four simple ways to make your living space appear bigger, good luck!

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