• Iron Man's gestured control on the horizon

    Posted on 14th January 2014 by Ben.


    The kind of gesture-controlled, floating computer interfaces that Tony Stark uses  in the Marvel Comics inspired Iron Man movies have long been a goal for many tech developers. Displair is one company that has managed to create a viable ‘floating interface’ that it aims to put into production. The system works by producing a curtain of fine vapour on to which a computer interface is projected. Custom-built gesture recognition is then used to detect the movement of your hands as it touches and passes through the mist, allowing you to interact with the items in the display. So it can be used to manipulate objects that are rendered in 3D on the screen or to produce visual effects that ripple and burst as you put your hand into the mist.

    At the moment the price makes it prohibitive for home use but Displair is aiming at getting it into wider commercial use during 2014. But it does begin to show the way in which gesture-recognition and screen technology are combining to remove any need for physical computer interfaces. Find out more:

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  • How to turn your coffee table into a tablet computer

    Posted on 7th October 2013 by Andy.

    As a number of tech companies race to be the first to create technology that can turn any surface in your home into a touchscreen it looks like Ubi Interactive has got there first. Ubi’s system couldn’t be simpler as it uses Microsoft’s Kinect motion detection hardware, a projector and an app running on a Windows 8 computer. The system even calibrates itself. So, just by connecting equipment that can be found in most electronics stores and pointing it at a suitable surface you can have a multimedia touchscreen. Any wall or table in your home can quickly become a sophisticated computer that responds to the same gestures that you operate a tablet or a smart phone with, such as swiping or double-tapping. The app is available now in the US with prices starting at just $149 for a single 45-inch projection and going up to $1,499 for a 20-user 90-inch one. Find out more here:

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  • The spare room office

    Posted on 15th May 2013 by Andy.


    In February Yahoo! surprised a lot of people when they said that its employees should no longer have the opportunity to work from home. It raised a lot of eyebrows, not least because tech companies such as Yahoo! have made it easier than ever to work from home while staying in touch with the office.

    Their reasoning behind this change was to encourage greater collaboration and effectiveness, not least because a work environment is focussed on getting the job done and has fewer distractions.

    But sometimes you just can’t avoid working from home, so here are a few tips on how to create the ideal work environment at home:

    Create a distinctive workspace - This should ideally be an office in a spare room, but could be in an alcove below the stairs or in an underused corner of the dining room. The point is you need somewhere away from the distractions that your home can create. So avoid being in the same room as the TV for example. You’ll need room for all the essentials like a computer, printer and files, plus plenty of plug sockets. Having your work space somewhere out of the way not only keeps you focused on the task at hand but when you’re done you can switch off from work and walk away.

    Make sure your work area is light and well ventilated – In order to be most productive you want a space that isn’t too oppressive or stuffy. A window or lots of good quality lighting and white or plain, bright walls will make the space seem bigger and lighter. Use window blinds that allows flexibility and control of the light to ensure the suns glare doe not effect your computer monitor. A dark, oppressive space will only put you off from doing any work and create a negative association with it so Roller blind fabrics that give protection from harsh sun glare but still allow some light filtration are ideal

    Make yourself comfortable - You could be tempted to just set up on the dining room table, but the seating probably won’t be suitable for sitting long periods of time hunched over your laptop. Take the time to have a dedicated space where the seat, desk and computer are set up to be as comfortable to use as possible.

    Keep it organised – Ensure your desk is tidy and you keep your paperwork in good order. Don’t let a mess build up around your work area as it can lead to you becoming disorganised, which can lead to stress. If you can keep most of your equipment and paperwork in a cupboard or drawer that will help you stay focused. If your workspace is also part of your living room then being able to put it away out of sight will also help you switch off at the end of the day.

    Get a pot plant – Research has found that have found that people tend to have more creative and innovative ideas when they are close to nature. So if you don’t have a window looking out onto fields or trees get yourself a pot plant and opt for a green colour scheme.

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  • Control Window Glare

    Posted on 19th November 2010 by Lee.

    When we think about workplace safety, very few of us think about computer glare and the subsequent eyestrain and fatigue it can cause. Yet, computer glare is a problem which can be easily solved once you learn the basics. The first thing to do is to identify where the glare is coming from. Is it from an overhead lighting or the window? If the problem comes from overhead lighting, think of ways you can move your computer or laptop to a place where the glare can be eliminated. Ideally, the monitor should be at a 90-degree angle perpendicular from the source of light. If the glare comes from the windows, you can install Electric blinds to keep direct sunlight from reaching your computer screen. With easy-to-install instructions, Controliss window blinds are very easy to install with varying fabric weights from sheer to blackout they can provide great protection from glare. Controliss window blinds will also enable you to perfectly control the amount of light with a convenient remote control, so you don’t even have to leave your office chair to block the sun. Glare can also be removed by purchasing a glare protector for your monitor. A glare protector is a screen which you can place in front of your computer monitor to dim the brightness of the screen without affecting its visibility. It can also be extremely effective in reducing the harsh direct glare that causes annoying blind spots. These steps can provide you with a workplace that is safe and comfortable, especially for your eyesight. We spend so much time either at work or home using computers, it’s important to look for ways that you can reduce eyestrain and fatigue so you can create your best work without harming your overall health.

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