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  • Chromotherapy - The Colour Of Thought

    Posted on 14th July 2011 by Chris.

    When sunlight hits water drops in the air at an angle that causes light to be reflected within those water drops, the light is separated into the different colours of the visible light spectrum, and the result we see is an enchanting display of these colours in the form of a rainbow. Colour is something we acknowledge from very early on in life and different colours can create varying interior mood effects, which is why the Controliss electric window blinds collection is available in an incredibly wide spectrum of varying colour shades so the perfect room ambience can be achieved. The terms that define the appearance of a colour are Saturation; Hue and Dichromatism; and Brightness, Tint and Shade. The Saturation of a colour refers to it's intensity. For example, adding extra layers of paint when covering walls will increase the paint colour's saturation. Hue is the similarity (or difference) a colour can be described as having to the 'rainbow colours', such as 'dark green', whereas Dichromatism relates to a change of hue shown as the result of a change in depth or thickness of a material. Brightness describes the Tint or Shade of a colour. Tint applies to the lightness of a colour, achieved by adding white to it, while Shade is acquired by adding black to a colour. When the Tint or Shade of a colour is altered, the Hue usually remains the same. For example, pink can be described as a Tinted red, but the adjustment from red to pink does not require a change in the Hue. Chromotherapy is the use of colour to stimulate the mind and can alter your mood and behaviour. Also referred to as colourology or colour therapy, the roots of chromotherapy have been found to lay in ancient Egyptian culture, whilst also having connections to other ancient civilisations. But, unlike some ancient ideology, scientific studies are able to prove that different colours do generate different emotional reactions in individuals, often for the better. Taking that into consideration, it is important that suitable colours are chosen in your home to take advantage of these 'healing properties'. However, a notable finding in the colour psychology studies is that the reactions were not always the same from person to person, so it is advised that anyone who will be spending considerable time in a room is involved in the choosing of the room's colour before it is applied (especially if the choice of colour is particularly exuberant). The world is full of glorious colour, and so should your home be. There are countless ways you can introduce colour therapy into your house, and there are even devices that will gently change colour to create a comforting mood. So, however your day has gone, you should be able to depend on your home to surround you with a soothing and relaxing ambience.

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  • Cool Contrasts!

    Posted on 4th January 2011 by yasmin.

    Blue can be an extremely tricky colour to incorporate in to your living space as most consider it a cool, cold and sometimes depressing colour. However, if you contrast it right then the colour blue really can work in your home. Here I will provide pointers as how to use this cool colour the right way within your home. Colour contrasts - Instead of going all out and painting your walls blue, why not incorporate the colour blue into your rooms by mixing it with other more neutral colours. The key here is to create a coordinated and balanced look to your rooms. To achieve this it is advised that only two main colours are used, introducing a third colour could ruin the look unless it is done very subtly! For example petrol brown and blue are classical colour combinations, one creates a warm tone and one a cool tone. Why not mix the two together to complement each other. Why not team a light blue roller blind with petrol curtains. Alternatively you could go for an accomplished shade of blue such as the Controliss Liso Navy roller blinds. This will add drama to your chosen room as well as making it appear warmer due to the shade being stronger. A cool touch - Textures and fabrics are another way of incorporating blue in to your home. By using textures rather than block colours you will add warmth to the cool colour that is blue. Add a collection of contrasting blue cushions to your sofa or alternatively use textured wallpaper that includes a hint of blue. The sky is the limit - There are so many different tones of blue that the sky really is the limit with this colour. From navy blue to sky blue there really is so much choice out there, so why not find the right tone for you and add a cool touch to your home!

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  • Breaking The Colour Rules

    Posted on 16th December 2010 by yasmin.

    Who says that red and orange clashes? Yeah I can’t remember either. Blue and green should never be seen; again I can’t remember where this came from. Why not challenge the traditional design commandments with these confident, funky and fun ideas which will ensure that your home is set apart from the rest! Clash of the brightest - Those beautiful sunny shades of pinks, oranges, reds and yellows look fabulous together despite that old age rule that they clash and should not be seen together. Mix them in with simple flooring, classic pieces of furniture and there you have it, your very own ray of sunshine. The key here is to use blocks of colour instead of busy little patterns of colour. Why not make your flooring and blinds neutral using coordinating wood, this will add to the rich colours that surround your room as well as making a simple base for the explosion that is to come. Alternatively, if you don’t want your walls to be the main colour centrepiece then why not go for a neutral paint palette topped up with a beautiful range of funky oranges, ripened reds, sunset yellows and perfect pinks for your accessories including a bright roller blind such as our Liso Orange Burst. Blue and green should never be seen - These two lush colours are apparently sworn enemies, but why? Those emerald greens, tortoiseshell turquoises, sea breeze blues, they all add drama to a somewhat boring home, so why not try them out? The trick here is to break up blocks of colour by using subtle patterns and classic accessories. Why not have blue walls and green blinds mixed in with neutral carpeting or wooden floors. This will keep the walls and windows the main attraction with the inner room being where the contrasting neutrals are. Alternatively, why not keep your room neutral but add splashes of colour by painting your furniture in bright shades of blue and green! So there you have it, why not break all the colour rules and decorate with confidence and colour!

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  • Punk Pretty

    Posted on 16th December 2010 by yasmin.

    Want your house/apartment to be pretty yet still have an edge about it. Well why not try the punk look? It’s original, fun-loving, free-spirited, pretty and feminine with that added edge all rolled into one! This for me is one of the most exciting aspects of decor, creating something totally unique that has your very own stamp on it, so why not read on and give it a go? Simple yet naughty are the staple keys to this uber stylish look. You need to make sure that your original decor such as your walls, floors, curtains and blinds are simple and feminine and then the extra edge is added with the cool accessories and furniture of which you can then add into the mix at a later stage. You don’t have to go for an entirely white/neutral coloured space here, aim for simplicity but don’t over-aim for it, punk is a free- spirited creation, so remember it’s based on the notion of ‘each to their own’. I would choose a white backdrop with maybe a contrasting coloured carpet, or even wooden flooring. I would use the same principal for the blinds, perhaps our electric Roller blinds in one colour to proceed the edge but not overtake it as you want your accessories to do the talking.  Or you could always match your blind to your wooden flooring with our great range of wood blinds. And now for the added edge. As I have previously stated punk is all about self-creation. However, the best properties that I have seen of which I believe have that added edge are those who have centred their rooms around funky accessories such as artwork, strange furniture and other ‘out there’ accessories. Or you could even add vintage to the mix. It is your creation so go for it. So go on, punk it up, I dare you!

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  • The Source Of Inspiration

    Posted on 10th December 2010 by yasmin.

    Have you ever watched those home makeover programmes or flicked through interior decor magazines wishing that your home resembled something even half as gorgeous? Well why not make it so? There are many ways you can reinvent your house, and yes I know we are in the middle of a recession, but small changes really can change the appearance and ambiance of a room. Let there be light - Firstly, the mood of a room can be changed, just by adding a little light. Whether it’s blocking out street lighting from the outside via dark wood blinds or adding a large centrepiece lamp to your coffee table, either way a little light can go a long way. Alternatively you could embrace the winter nights, wrap yourself up in that ohh so cosy faux fur throw, light some candles and just watch the mood change in front of your very eyes! Window dressing - Whether it can be seen from the outside-in or the inside-out, dressing your window can really change the shape and appearance of a dull room. Whether you chose to embrace colour or eliminate texture is up to you. If its colour you choose to go for then why not go with something that stands out rather than blends in, this will really make a real impact on a room and you will get that desired change that you are after. For example, if your room is decorated with a palette of beiges, browns and earthy greens, why not dress your window with a gorgeously seductive yet classically demure Satin Rum Venetian blind. On the other hand, if you prefer textures then why not go with a beautifully textured Roller blind . The Controliss Textura Golden Roller blind is my favourite pick for the winter months. It is simple yet stunningly classy. Illumination - Finally, the most cost efficient and easy way to change the appearance of a room is to add a mirror. Whether it be a dramatically framed, classically cut mirror or a strange shaped modern mirror, it really will change your chosen room. You see, the thing with mirrors is that they make a space appear bigger than it actually is, changing your room in an instant. So, there you have it, small changes really can make a big difference!

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  • Edwardian Style Interior Design

    Posted on 6th December 2010 by jenny.

    If you’re one of those people who are caught between austerity of the minimalist design style and the stuffiness of Victorian interiors, you may find Edwardian-style interior decorating a worthy compromise between the two styles. This interior decorating style emerged in the beginning of the twentieth century, spanning nine years of King Edward VII's reign.  Although it was short, the Edwardian period's influence in home decorating spans centuries and is still being felt even today. At the start of the 1900s, newly developed technologies in building, heating, plumbing, and electricity were incorporated into home design. While Victorian homes were characterized by hallways leading to respective rooms of differing functions, the Edwardian home had more of an open plan. This came about because efficient furnaces did not require rooms to be closed off to maintain heat efficiency. Pastel Colour Scheme Aside from the home layouts, Edwardian decorating style introduced our love affair with the colour white. Because the correlation between microbes and diseases were introduced in this era, a germ-phobic population preferred white on their walls because dirt can be better seen in these colours. If you want to have a taste of this early twentieth century style, go for a light pastel colour scheme inspired by flowers, such as primrose yellows and leafy greens. Simple Window Blinds Echoing the simple colour scheme is the simplicity of window decorations.  The Edwardian style home removed suffocating and ostentatious Victorian curtains and encouraged ventilation in rooms through simple window decorations. For a more modern take on lace curtains, the Controliss Voile Roller blinds will be perfectly in line with this scheme, giving you the transparency of lace curtains without the maintenance it entails. Fuss-Free Floors Edwardian homes did away with wall-to-wall carpeting that was extremely difficult to clean at that time. Hardwood floors replaced the carpets that covered Victorian floors. Instead, rugs were distributed on the hardwood floors to keep the atmosphere cosy. These rugs can be beaten up and cleaned outside. Steer clear from yellowy pine floorboards as this look will not be in line with the theme. You may stain floorboards with an oak-coloured varnish if you wish. Wicker and Bamboo Furniture After the basics have been covered, you may introduce wicker furniture that is reminiscent of this era. Flea market finds can be revived with a fresh spray of paint. You may include a wing chair to recreate the laid back comfort of this time period. Baroque, rococo, and empire style furniture will be at home in these surroundings. Homely Accessories To finish the look, go for homely accessories such as cushions with embroidered florals and pictures that are framed and hung midway on the walls. Dot the area with silver-framed photographs and other nostalgic items from this era, such as antique gramophones or silver tiered cake stands which can be purchased from specialty shops. Celebrate the homely simplicity of Edwardian-style decorating with the following tips and you’ll recreate a home that evokes lovely feelings and thoughts about the “hearth and home,” a true marriage of the informal and the feminine that is truly refreshing.

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  • The Best Colour Advice from Controliss

    Posted on 27th November 2010 by jenny.

    In life, too many choices are not a good thing and that's exactly why choosing a colour palette for your next interior decorating project can be so hard. While it may be quite tempting to play Russian roulette in choosing the colours you are going to use, there's a better way to choose the colours without leaving your decision to chance. Start with a favourite item, painting, or fabric. For inspiration, think about an object, work of art, or fabric that you love. This will help you find which colours you are naturally drawn to. Feel the colours in that object spring to life in your room by creating a mood board out of this favourite item. You can also look at your wardrobe and see which clothes you usually wear. Chances are, these are the colours that look best on you and which might be a good start for the colour scheme of your room. Pick the lightest colour as background. For your floor, walls, or ceiling, you can pick the lightest colour from your favourite item and use it to fill the biggest space in your room. This will be a nice background on which you can base all the other accessories. Work the medium tones into your furniture.  The colour of the fabric in your furniture or even in your window blinds could be the medium tones. Controliss Blinds has a wide range of colours you can choose from so visit our web site for the perfect window blinds for your renovation project. Pick the darkest colour for your accents. Look at the tiniest details of your favourite item and find the darkest colour. This colour will work well if you distribute this colour as accents throughout the room. The dark tones will create the drama that will make your room breathtaking. These simple instructions will help you create a colour scheme that is to die for. By basing the scheme according to your personal preferences, you can decorate a room that is truly your own.

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  • Create Serenity in Your Home with White

    Posted on 26th November 2010 by jenny.

    Refreshing and peaceful, white interior furnishings are globally revered by interior designers for  its serene minimalistic qualities. While some of us tend to veer away from white, afraid that it will be cold and clinical and those of us with children can be reluctant to introduce white furnishing for practical reasons. With children or without, applied correctly white furnishings can achieve beautiful results. All it needs is some creativity. For those with children, incorporate white into washable fabrics in your sofas. Some variants of white paint can be easily wiped clean without losing its sheen. If you have children, these are the best ways for you to incorporate white into your decor. White can best be warmed up with wood. White walls will look best with natural wood floors if the room is contemporary or traditional. If you are blessed with floorboards in great condition, white will highlight the lovely texture of wood. Add wooden furniture and you’ll have a great foundation for a perfectly balanced room. White can also be applied to the floors. Floors made with white tiles will give an airy feel in any room, widening the space because it reflects more light. Make your white floor warmer with rugs in neutrals or play with patterns for a more upbeat atmosphere. You can avoid the dullness of white by playing with texture. Layered textures will reflect light in different ways, adding more depth. White can be a perfect backdrop and foil for colours. Introduce colour in accessories and you’ll find that white makes the colours more vivid. White is the favourite of minimalist interior designers. White walls, white floors, and streamlined furniture are the best ways to incorporate sophistication in a minimalist home. If you want a more traditional style, then layer textures and still use white. A white crocheted bed cover will look wonderful in a bed with an antique headboard. White shades are often applied in window blinds and there are plethora of possibilities with different textured fabrics and finishes. Controliss electric Roller blinds in the minimalistic Liso Frost or the beutifully textured Viveza Pearl are firm favourites with interior designers and the pearlescent white and silver print finish  of the Plata Swan Roller blind with a contemporary iridescent pattern will add allure to your windows. Lighting can create a rather ethereal atmosphere especially if you have sheer Vertical blinds in Verso White which will soften the light coming from your windows. Using white in your interiors and especially in your windows is a great choice because it creates more space for you to think and relax in an atmosphere that feels airy and light.

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  • Furnish Your bedroom with Passion

    Posted on 6th November 2010 by jenny.

    Sharing a home with someone you truly love is one of the best moments in your life and what better way to show your sweetheart with a beautifully decorated bedroom that signifies your smouldering love for each other. We're not talking about something as passé as sprinkling your bed with rose petals. Read on to find out how to create a romantic bedroom that is fit for your intimate and passionate moments. An accent wall that evokes romance can be created by covering your walls with subtle shades and patterns. This can then be paired with blackout Roller blinds in a provocative shade of red. Our line of blackout Roller blinds are available in a variety colours that ensure your bedroom total privacy. If you'd like the accent walls to be covered in a rich shade, soften the dramatic colour with neutral blackout roller shades, such as our Oscuro Cream or Estrella Ice which spells the ultimate in luxury with their smooth silk finish. Neutral colours in your furniture will allow you to play with bolder colours in your bedroom. Romance in furniture can be seen in intricate details and sensual curves. To create a feeling of indulgence, you can opt for a headboard that is upholstered in gorgeous velvet. After you've chosen your bed, match it with a bedside table which could hold a photo frame of you and your loved one for a constant reminder of your joyful moments. Fill your room with reminders of your love with choice accessories that evoke wonderful memories. Display your mementoes in creative ways. We suggest looking for ways to include red, the colour of passion and desire, in your accessories. Better yet, use this colour in your window blinds, such as our roller blinds in Liso Devil Red which projects a seductive yet subtle message of love. Transform your bedroom into a warm and cosy room perfect for cuddling and intimacy or ignite passion with low key lighting. You can install dimmers in your room so that you can adjust the level of illumination. This can also be done when you choose Controliss electric blinds through a remote control. Our blackout shades completely blocks out the sunlight, giving your room the feel of a perfect evening even when during the daytime. A romantic bedroom is the best way to show your love, so rely on your instincts and create a personalised design for one of the most private rooms in your home.

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  • Deck the Halls with Shades of Red

    Posted on 4th November 2010 by jenny.

    No other colour can strongly evoke emotions and instantly grab people's attention than red.  Many find red to be strikingly captivating and unusually irresistible.  Red tends to be one of the most stimulating hues and it has been carrying varied meanings, depending on culture, history, and perception. No wonder this colour also stirs up contrasting understandings about the real message it conveys.  Red can be taken as the colour that indicates power or signifies passion and romance. Still some associate red with blood and violence or bravery and sacrifice. There are cultures that regard red as a symbol of happiness and celebration.  But whatever meaning people identify red with, one thing is for sure: no one can undervalue the spell that red creates. Wouldn't you want to bring in some enchantment at your very own home and spread the magic when you're entertaining?  Take this chance to adorn the interior of your house with things that have shades of red. Create a mood comparable to that of a royal palace by putting some red tones on your walls and ceiling.  Welcome your guests with a cheerful mood by rendering some rich crimson shades all over your place. Add a Dash of Red to Your Wall Don’t grab a pail of red paint just yet. It’s not really that necessary to go that bold. You might not want to overwhelm your visitors or even your family by painting every corner of your home with bright red. You can simply use wallpaper with unique designs or hang a piece of artwork with red tones, especially in the living room. You may opt for something abstract and yet modern. Blocks of fiery and daring red would make an excellent wall décor. You can also try putting framed print of red fruits or flowers. Create an even more jovial atmosphere by installing red Vertical blinds with pink or orange undertones. The Controliss Vertical blinds in Lipstick has a wonderful pink undertone that will go well in any room. Maroon or crimson electric blinds with blue undertones, such as our Vertical blinds in Regal induce an enticing atmosphere. Jazz Up Your Living and Dining Room Create a buoyant ambience in your living and dining room by using deep red accents and furniture with shades gold and grey green. Feel free to have a vibrant red sofa that goes well with fiery pink and orange pillows. For your windows, install Liso Devil Red electric Roller blinds to create a seductive atmosphere. In the kitchen, you can also match red accessories with Satin Fire Red Controliss venetian blinds. Experiment more with red until you achieve the right palette for your home’s interior. Explore Other Red Shades Depending on the atmosphere or mood that you want to create, you can balance out solid red or any shades of red with green tones. Here is something you must remember in combining red shades with other hues: vibrant colours work well with other bright hues that have similar depth and fierceness. Whenever you mix various tones of red in the same place, keep in mind that sharp fresh shades hardly ever go well with rugged hues.  Solid and light-toned colours are never out of fashion, a mix of clean and dirty hues create an unnecessary clash of colours.

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