• What’s big in interior design for 2014

    Posted on 3rd February 2014 by Ben.

    At this time of year style magazines and industry commentators try to predict and dictate the essential design motifs that will be on trend for the year ahead. Pantone have already thrown its hat into the ring when it declared Radiant Orchid as its shade for 2014. But what other colours, patterns and textures are also set to be on everyone’s lips this year?


    Blue One of the few colours that many designers are agreeing will dominate in 2014 is blue. It’s an ideal accent colour for most rooms whether it’s a kitchen in shades of light blue or a bathroom with a navy blue feature wall. More muted shades of Teal and Turquoise will also lend a stylish feel to a living room or bedroom. Corduroy Upholstery It sounds like a strange one but corduroy covered furniture is set to be big this year. It’s a fabric that you’ll either love or hate, with its connotations of bad 70s flares and geography teachers, but thick, bold textures are making a comeback and a set of electric roman blinds in a complementary material would tie your living room together nicely.


    Silver and gold There’s a definite move towards opulence and fussy detail this year, not least in the trend for pairing silver and gold together. In most spaces this can easily be pulled out with silver ornaments and gilt-edged mirrors. But patterns like flock print or stripes on your soft furnishings and blinds will help complete the look. Blinging kitchens The fashion for bling has also found its way to the kitchen with a move to the opposite end of the spectrum from the modern, clean minimalist kitchen of previous years. This look consists of dark shades, mixed with classical motifs such as ornate cornices and bejewelled details such as crystal cupboard handles. It can come across very Victorian in style and can be topped off with a big crystal chandelier for good measure. Neo-classical decoration If any of the above doesn’t make you feel opulent enough then another recurring motif for 2014 is neo-classical sculpture, or to put it another way - big faux Grecian and Roman busts. Alongside all the other bling that’s in this year your home could end up looking very Versace and distinctly decadent.


    Honey-toned woods A far simpler trend for the New Year is for honey-toned woods. So instead of the vintage, rough or untreated wood of previous years beautifully amber-toned wood with a smooth lacquered veneer is now in. It brings an easy warmth to any communal space such as your dining room and ticks both the natural and the stylish boxes.

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  • Cool Contrasts!

    Posted on 4th January 2011 by yasmin.

    Blue can be an extremely tricky colour to incorporate in to your living space as most consider it a cool, cold and sometimes depressing colour. However, if you contrast it right then the colour blue really can work in your home. Here I will provide pointers as how to use this cool colour the right way within your home. Colour contrasts - Instead of going all out and painting your walls blue, why not incorporate the colour blue into your rooms by mixing it with other more neutral colours. The key here is to create a coordinated and balanced look to your rooms. To achieve this it is advised that only two main colours are used, introducing a third colour could ruin the look unless it is done very subtly! For example petrol brown and blue are classical colour combinations, one creates a warm tone and one a cool tone. Why not mix the two together to complement each other. Why not team a light blue roller blind with petrol curtains. Alternatively you could go for an accomplished shade of blue such as the Controliss Liso Navy roller blinds. This will add drama to your chosen room as well as making it appear warmer due to the shade being stronger. A cool touch - Textures and fabrics are another way of incorporating blue in to your home. By using textures rather than block colours you will add warmth to the cool colour that is blue. Add a collection of contrasting blue cushions to your sofa or alternatively use textured wallpaper that includes a hint of blue. The sky is the limit - There are so many different tones of blue that the sky really is the limit with this colour. From navy blue to sky blue there really is so much choice out there, so why not find the right tone for you and add a cool touch to your home!

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  • Breaking The Colour Rules

    Posted on 16th December 2010 by yasmin.

    Who says that red and orange clashes? Yeah I can’t remember either. Blue and green should never be seen; again I can’t remember where this came from. Why not challenge the traditional design commandments with these confident, funky and fun ideas which will ensure that your home is set apart from the rest! Clash of the brightest - Those beautiful sunny shades of pinks, oranges, reds and yellows look fabulous together despite that old age rule that they clash and should not be seen together. Mix them in with simple flooring, classic pieces of furniture and there you have it, your very own ray of sunshine. The key here is to use blocks of colour instead of busy little patterns of colour. Why not make your flooring and blinds neutral using coordinating wood, this will add to the rich colours that surround your room as well as making a simple base for the explosion that is to come. Alternatively, if you don’t want your walls to be the main colour centrepiece then why not go for a neutral paint palette topped up with a beautiful range of funky oranges, ripened reds, sunset yellows and perfect pinks for your accessories including a bright roller blind such as our Liso Orange Burst. Blue and green should never be seen - These two lush colours are apparently sworn enemies, but why? Those emerald greens, tortoiseshell turquoises, sea breeze blues, they all add drama to a somewhat boring home, so why not try them out? The trick here is to break up blocks of colour by using subtle patterns and classic accessories. Why not have blue walls and green blinds mixed in with neutral carpeting or wooden floors. This will keep the walls and windows the main attraction with the inner room being where the contrasting neutrals are. Alternatively, why not keep your room neutral but add splashes of colour by painting your furniture in bright shades of blue and green! So there you have it, why not break all the colour rules and decorate with confidence and colour!

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  • Make a Splash with a Nautical Theme

    Posted on 24th November 2010 by jenny.

    The ocean has always captured the hearts of interior designers, making nautical themes one of the most time-tested and enduring of interior decorating themes. Seafaring decor is inspirational because it may lend an air of nostalgia for the ocean during winter, filling your thoughts with the soothing sounds of the waves repeatedly beating the surf and other summer memories. During warmer months, your coastal chic interiors will be all the more pronounced, making more vivid memories to take with you on cold months and the cycle continues. To take yourself on a constant summer vacation, go for nautical themes of indigo blue, shades of navy and chalky whites. Controliss have a collection of motorised Vertical blinds in various shades of blue, such as the appropriately named Yacht Blue or City Gulf. These blue hues will go well with whites and khaki to create a beach feel in your interiors. Add a touch of red here and there to add interest and keep your space from becoming too dreary. Aside from the colours, mimic the waves by varying the heights of objects, bringing dynamic movement into the lines inside your space. You can also play with textures with furniture, such as an old sea chest or a mirror encased in a bamboo frame. Add a woven sea-grass accent chair for additional texture. Try mixing up finishes, such as matte walls and high gloss finishes. This will bring in unexpected sheen into the room and creating more depth. For more traditional rooms, you can downplay its elegance with more casual fabric, such as cotton or linen or even add a casual chandelier made from capiz accessories. Bring in shell collections or coral you have brought from your beach expeditions and display them on coffee tables for a maritime theme. Better yet, hot glue these shells into lamps for lighting that’s truly nautical. Cushions can also be encased with sea motifs, such as fishes or seashells. Whatever decorations you make, always be inspired with the vitality of the ocean. Let yourself take a vacation whenever you come home with the nautical theme.

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  • Calming Hues, Dramatic Blues

    Posted on 27th October 2010 by jenny.

    The colour blue is often associated with the natural hues of the sky and the ocean. It also symbolises serenity, loyalty, and stability. Because of the positive vibes associated with this colour, blue is popular in many homes. However, did you know that blue can also inject drama into your space aside from the usual calm? The secret lies in the shade of blue you use. Controliss has an extensive colour palette of blues and they are often divided according to our inspiration from the skies to the seas. Read on to find out how to effectively use this cool shade in your choice of electric blinds. The Controliss collection feature versatile shades of the colour blue. If you have large windows in a large room, dark shades of blue such as Vertical blinds in Yacht Blue or Navy can be used without making the room feel claustrophobic. However, if your room is smallish, stick to lighter shades of Vertical blinds, such as the one in Cool Sky for an airy, refreshing atmosphere. However, if you feel this hue as too cold for your taste, we have a warmer shade of True Blue that will make any living room inviting. Adding an accessory in darker shade of blue, such as a dark blue area rug, on the floor can warm up the room, too. Blue can look wonderful in monochromatic, analogous, or complementary schemes. A monochromatic scheme can be executed with the use of blue paired with white. Achieve the monochromatic scheme by playing with different patterns and textures to create interesting dimensions of the colour. You can also create a relaxing marine theme in your bathroom by pairing the Esi-Clean Vertical Blinds in Marine with green and purple accessories for an analogous colour scheme. Find inspiration from nature in maintaining an organic analogous colour scheme. Never randomly combine warm and cool colours as this will spell disaster with the feel of the room. There is a way to legitimately mix warm colours with cool ones and that is through a complementary colour scheme. To work with a complementary colour scheme, consult the colour wheel and see which colours are opposite blue. Orange along with blue can be an exhilarating combination, but introduce orange in small doses, such as in small accessories and in patterned cushions. This will prevent you from creating a collision of two bold colours. Pair complementary colours in light and dark tones and bring a lovely contrast to a room. For example, you can paint the walls in a muted shade of orange and pair it with Satin Mirage Bay Venetian blinds. For accessorising your blue-schemed room, choose turquoise and fuchsia or even metallic fixtures such as silver and gold for elegance and style. With these suggestions on how to use blue electric blinds, we hope we have given you enough ideas to make your room as serene or dramatic as you’d like. Our collection of blue-toned Venetian blinds, Vertical blinds, and Roller blinds are a great way to introduce this soothing hue into your home.

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