• Balls to bathtime

    Posted on 14th November 2013 by Andy.

    Alexander Zhukovsky Bathsphere

    The bathroom was once an afterthought in many houses, something that has been seen as somewhere purely functional rather than something aesthetically pleasing. That has changed in the last 20 years as interior designers have challenged, not only the size and shape of traditional bathroom furniture, but even where it is located in the home. The bathroom has since become a byword for indulgence and many new concepts now reflect that. Take Alexander Zhukovsky’s concept for the Bathsphere for example. Not only does his crystal clear, suspended glass sphere take the humble bath and place it centre stage, but by making it entirely transparent removes pretty much any barriers (and privacy) between two spaces. Promising a haven of tranquillity accompanied by a sense of weightlessness the idea is beautifully simple. Water is pumped in through the top, allowing it to double as a shower, and drained from the bottom. Amazing to look at and sculptural in appearance it would be great to think that you could get in an out as elegantly as the execution of the idea. Somtething, along with how you’re supposed to clean it, that will only become apparent should Zhukovsky put it into production. Find out more:

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  • Roca’s eco-friendly Washbasin and WC combo

    Posted on 29th July 2013 by yasmin.

    Roca W+W Wash basin and WC

    Roca is a company that has grown from its humble roots as a Spanish radiator manufacturer to become an international business renowned for its stylish state-of-the-art bathrooms. In a bid to create a cool looking wash basin and WC, which is also eco-friendly, Roca has come up with the W+W - washbasin and water closet. It is a slick looking all-in-one unit that uses innovative technology to fill the WC cistern using the filtered waste water from the sink. The distinctive L-shaped design is compact enough to fit into most small bathrooms and saves you wasting too much water. It’s ideal for small city apartments or second bathrooms, although you may have to help any guests find the toilet since they probably haven’t seen one like this before. Find out more about Roca:

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  • Splinter Works striking designs

    Posted on 8th July 2013 by Andy.


    Worried that you may have the same furniture as everyone else? Is your living room starting to resemble an Ikea catalogue? Well UK design company Splinter Works can change all that. The company was created in 2009 by Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington with the idea of making inspiring sculptural furniture and to ‘elevate the experience of everyday life’. Their strikingly original twists on familiar objects are still functional and are always of a high quality of finish.


    Working on a commission basis as well as producing a range of limited edition furniture their work is very exclusive. Commissions involve working closely with clients to create pieces that meet their needs and personality. As a result a lot of their work can be location specific, resembling art installations as much as they do furniture. A prime example of this is Vessel, a carbon fibre bath in the shape of a hammock. It takes the idea of luxurious and relaxing baths to extremes to produce a bath that looks nothing like anything else on the market. Working across a variety of materials nothing is off limits to Splinter, resulting in some extremely experimental and theatrical designs that become the focal point to any space. Their breath-taking Tipping Point open-plan kitchen design remains user friendly while also appearing to defy gravity, thanks to clever design and some sleight of hand. The knife edge on which it appears to rest beautifully echoing kitchen utensils.


    They’re also happy to turn their hands to something smaller. The Tipsy stool also has fun with physics to create something that looks like it’s about to topple over, while the Stiletto table evokes the elegant lines of women’s shoes but creates something entirely new. Find out more:

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  • Boosting Bathroom Bliss

    Posted on 24th July 2011 by Chris.

    The bathroom is quite obviously of great importance, and constant use, in our everyday lives. Bathroom configurations are primary influenced by functionality, privacy and convenience. Remote control blinds will make an excellent addition to any bathroom, bringing convenient one-touch operation that gives extra privacy with minimal effort. Not only that, Controliss blinds would not look out of place next to many of the ideas that designers have made available or are proposing for our bathrooms. Motivated by the aspiration of turning a normal bathing session into a more enhanced experience, there are diverse technologically endowed shower or bath options currently on the market. One of which is Kohler's VibrAcoustic Bathtub which aims to invigorate and sooth, using the science of sound therapy, by synchronising preset music and sound vibrations with choreographed chromatherapy. One more idea for an improved bathing experience is Linea Aqua’s Apollo steam shower which is suitable for showering, can act as a steam sauna and can even give a hydro-massage. Including a built-in seat with back rest, the shower temperature can be controlled using a computerised LCD keypad or by remote control, while the mood lighting adds more relaxation. With clean water becoming an increasingly valued commodity, future bathroom technology shows consideration of practical ways to reuse waste water, since the transportation and treatment of our 'tap water' requires large amount energy and therefore has a serious impact on the environment. Designer Jang wooseok has a concept for a bathroom system that drains the water from the sink into a tank that will supply water for flushing the toilet. The first half of the water used to flush the toilet will be taken from the sink water tank, while clean water is dispensed from the sink tap and for the second half of a flush. There are many other bathroom appliances in development, if not already currently available, designed for the betterment of your bathing experiences while also helping to protect the environment. Just keep in mind that next time your bathroom is due for a refit, you could shape it into one that you can joyfully unwind in and still be using your water responsibly.

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  • Bathroom Blinds Light The Way

    Posted on 4th February 2011 by yasmin.

    The bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in a house and your accessories need to accentuate what room you have and not overcrowd it. Saying this, the bathroom is not just seen as a functional space anymore but it is also seen as a place of rest and relaxation. Taking these points into consideration, here I provide my top tips on how to best accessories your bathroom. De clutter - Perhaps it’s best to start with all that clutter that so many of us leave lying around our bathrooms; the products, the bottles, the mess! The best thing to do here is to start by decanting your bathroom, put all of your bath and hair care products into simple glass jars and bottles. This will ensure that your bathroom is less cluttered as well as creating the illusion of effortless coordinated glamour. If this approach isn’t for you then why not invest in some smart storage boxes to put all of your products in. Creating a neat, simple and mess free bathroom. Towels - Uniformed coordinating towels really do create an elegant yet uniformed look. Not only do they bring simplicity and symmetry to your bathroom, but they can also act as accessories which can be used to dress your bathroom. Window dressing - If you have a small bathroom then one of the best focal points to concentrate on is the window. Try to utilise lighter coloured fabric shades in your bathroom blinds as this will allow more light in through the window. But this doesn’t have to mean that your blinds are featureless, to add that extra something why not opt for a textured fabric blind such as our Viveza Pearl roller blind or our Textura Mist roller blind. These beautifully textured fabrics offer good levels of privacy but will allow welcoming sunlight to filter into the room. Roller blinds have always been one of the most popular window coverings for a bathroom and the safe 12V automation of the Controliss Roller allows complete control with the touch of a button.

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  • Introduce Some Vintage Sheek

    Posted on 8th January 2011 by yasmin.

    Has your home forever been screaming out for that vintage touch? But maybe you don’t quite know how to adopt the look? Well don’t fear, just simply take note of these little ideas that will be sure to add a touch of vintage to your home, without breaking the bank! Adding vintage touches doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to trawl pretty little boutiques and stores looking for the perfect accessories. No instead I would first advise you to look closer to home; after all vintage sheek is exactly that ‘vintage’. Why not take a sneaky rummage through your parent’s old treasures; you never know what you might find, a cool old print or a vintage tin cup that would look perfect holding your toothbrush. Or why not take inspiration from your own house and sand down and paint that old dusty mirror that has been in the garage for close to ten years! If you are lucky enough to be in possession of a large bedroom or bathroom then an ornate dressing table is the ultimate in traditional vintage chic. This doesn’t have to be expensive; however, you don’t have to order a nineteenth century dressing table. No instead why not seek out your nearest auction room or furniture flea market; there are definite bargains to be had in these places and you will be sure that the pieces will be vintage. If you already have the furniture, but what to add a vintage touch to your upholstery’s then fear not.  Vintage chick can be whatever you want it to be, however, when I personally think vintage I think of pastel colours. If this idea matches your palette then why not add that cottage vintage look to your home via our Liso Petal Bloom roller blinds , or alternatively our less girly textured woven roller fabric; Textura Myth. Both will create the perfect back drop for that vintage-esque home. Besides from window dressing why not add vintage touches via materials, textures, patterns and fabrics? The rose print has always been a vintage favourite as has lace and frills. The choices are endless, so why not add a touch of vintage to your home?

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  • Bathing Beauties!

    Posted on 3rd January 2011 by yasmin.

    I went into a hotel the other day, and I have to recall to you the bathroom. It was just beautiful, all cream, with accessories in the shades of cream, white and beige. It was truly stunning! So, with a bee in my bonnet, I have researched for you, how to perfect this bathing wonderland, watch and learn! The furniture - The bath, sink and toilet itself were all porcelain white; however, the added furniture of a sanded and painted wooden bath stand just added that personal touch of cottage cosiness mixed with sheer brilliance. This look is not hard to find, or create for that matter. All you need is an old piece of furniture, some sand paper and some cream paint, job done. The walls - The walls were all an off shade of white with the acceptance of one beige centerpiece wall from where a beautiful vintage style mirror was hanging. It always adds a touch of differentiation to have one wall a separate colour to the remaining three walls, make this your centrepiece wall from where to hang pictures or a mirror. The floor - In pure vintage style the flooring was wood, however, it again as the bath stand had been sanded down and painted in a beautifully subtle cream shade. The window - The windows were dressed in a beige Roller blinds, of a similar colour to the centrepiece wall. This look can be created with our very own Viveza Riviera Roller blind, or alternatively you could stick to cottage cosiness with our textured Precioso Whisper Roller blind. The accessories - Obviously, there were little accessories in a hotel bathroom. However, in a home you could accessories your beautiful new bathroom with all manner of accessories. From little trinket boxes, to candle holders, to little vintage perfume bottles, the choice really is yours. So with a little effort my dream bathroom can become your dream bathroom!

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  • Electric Blinds For The Bathroom

    Posted on 5th October 2010 by Lee.

    Luxurious Bathrooms With Electric Blinds Today the humble bathroom is taking on high tech, spa-like qualities to provide stressed-out individuals with a haven for relaxation. Television sets, radios, coffee makers, Jacuzzis, and saunas are finding their way in the modern bathroom. Bathroom window decorations are following suit, complementing your bathroom design style and providing privacy. At the forefront of technology of home automation for your windows are remote control blinds. Window decorations for the bathroom need to handle the humid conditions. Electric blinds in synthetic materials are well suited to the changing conditions, wipe clean and won’t encourage mildew growth. The Eco-impressions wood effect range offers the luxurious look of wooden blinds without the issues with warping that wood blinds suffer in damp conditions. Low voltage remote control blinds are the perfect solution for your bathroom and the easy motorised motion adds the wow factor. Preserve your bathroom’s indulgent beauty and privacy with the perfect window blinds. By choosing window blinds that are well suited to the unique environmental conditions of the bathroom for a long lasting and successful result. To discuss the ideal solution for your bathroom or home please feel free to contact us directly, we are happy to help and advise. With a wide range of high quality blinds for every room in the house we will help you achieve the best results.

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