• CES Technology 2017

    Posted on 15th February 2017 by admin.

    The recent CES Technology Show in Las Vegas was THE place to see and learn of, the very latest trends in all things 'tech'.

    The 2017 presentations didn’t disappoint; from self-balancing Honda motorcycles, through the latest TV and computer developments, to Lynx - the humanoid robot powered by Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant.

    We’ve been told for years now, that ‘this will be the year of the automation of things’ and from the CES highlights that have made the news, 2017 certainly looks to be the year home automation gains credible traction.

    Whether you yearn for connected fridges, microwaves, vacuums, or robotic personal assistants that will fill your fridge, cook your food and keep the home clean, it now seems no longer the stuff of science fiction - the future is here, now.

    But if an addition to the family in the shape of a robot is one huge step too far and you’d prefer to remain very much in control, yourself, the home automation systems that Controliss battery powered and mains powered electric blinds can be integrated into, may be the perfect solution for you.

    Powered by technology from market leaders Somfy, all Controliss electric blinds are compatible with the systems that are leading this revolution in home automation.

    Whether your interest in joining this revolution comes from the security benefits of remote control blinds; the elegant practicality offered by wireless fitment; or the sophisticated functionality of programmable control, Controliss has the perfect solution to your needs.

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  • Shhh…. Lutron comes to Controliss!

    Posted on 22nd November 2011 by Jules.

    Having established ourselves as market leaders in the supply of motorised blinds, Controliss can now add Lutron approval to our repertoire! Lutron are undeniably the most highly regarded company providing progressive light control solutions for a diverse group of homes and facilities. Lutron have their name firmly established in the home automation market, offering fully integrated systems for light control, blinds and shading to complete home automation. Lutron boast an elite clientele around the world, all of whom, have dramatically benefited from the look, feel, and energy saving effects of Lutron products and systems: Caesars Palace, The Bellagio, Nasa Cape Canaveral, St Paul’s Cathedral and 1 Whitehall Place, to name but a few! We are privileged to announce that Controliss have been awarded a Lutron dealership and we fully intend uphold Lutron's esteemed position in the marketplace. At Controliss, we have always prided ourselves on providing a quality product at an extremely competitive price, with Customer Support that is second to none.  It is these attributes that equip us to move up into the realms of Lutron blinds dealership. We will not be relinquishing our established Controliss range of electric blinds, in fact on the contrary!  I can let you into a little secret, we are about to add to our inspiring fabric ranges for electric and battery powered roller blinds and launch a completely new designer collection of hand finished Roman blinds. The Lutron dealership broadens our horizons and allows us to promote a thoroughly bespoke service for electrically operated blinds with sophisticated technology. There are so many options available to our Lutron clientele, including roller blinds for skylights,  floor to ceiling windows, multi storey windows and complete curtain walls. Curtain tracks over 18 metres long, even curved curtain tracks for the most challenging spaces.  All equipped with superior Lutron motor technology and ultra-quiet electronic drives. In addition to the diverse fabric ranges offered by Lutron, there are also bespoke headrail and trim options, in fact almost anything is possible with Lutron!

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  • Home Automation For Your Pets

    Posted on 31st October 2011 by Chris.

    One of our predominant subjects of interest at Controliss blinds is technology and all things 'home automation' that make our lives easier. Controliss remote control blinds are built with aspiration to achieve this goal, and to add safety within your household. Because our complete range of mains and battery powered roller blinds are available with no draw cords, they improve safety in your home for young children and pets. Even if draw cords do not hang low enough to be reached by your pet from the floor, some cats or dogs may be able to jump up and get entangled, which could result in some serious harm if no-one is around to help them. Further more, our 240v electric blinds can be linked to your mains electricity using a fused spur, so that any wires can be concealed somewhere where they are out of sight and unreachable. Electric blinds are not the only appliances that can help towards ensuring that your pet is safe and healthy at home. Food and water can be provided without anyone being at home with a pet feeder and fountain. Lava Electronics  QPets AF-100 Large Capacity Automatic Pet Feeder, with a hopper capable of storing over 10 litres of dry pet food, can be scheduled to dispense a set amount of food, one to four times a day. This battery powered feeder also features an audio message recorder so that a personal message can be played when food is dispensed, it has a locking lid to prevent pets getting into the hopper to get more food than they should, and the food hopper and feeding tray are detachable for easy cleaning. Water is vital to your pets health and the fresher the water that is given, the more likely they are to drink it and therefore dehydration is avoided. Pet fountains are capable of keeping water fresh without constantly changing the water by constantly re-circulating it. On the market, are small pumpless filtered water fountains that are ideal for cats, or, for multiple pets or those up to the size of a large dog, there is the Jumbo Deluxe Fresh Flow Pet Fountain. This unit uses an ultra-quiet system to filter, oxygenate, and naturally cool the water that is automatically dispensed from a built-in reservoir when it is needed. Even exercise for your pet could be carried out by an automated device such as the FroliCat BOLT that can generate and aim a laser at the floor and walls for your pet to chase in a 15 minute play session. This device can be useful if you have to dash out while your cat - or even your dog - is demanding entertainment or it can serve as a handheld pet toy, with which you can have fun with your pet. With so many areas of pet care now covered by appliances that are designed with the highest consideration toward your pets welfare, you can worry less about your cat or dog on those busy days, or even when you are planning to have a long weekend away and do not want to inconvenience the neighbours by persuading them to perform regular checks.

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  • Cooking Up A Storm The Smart Way

    Posted on 1st August 2011 by Chris.

    The evolution of the latest home automation 'mod-cons', that start out as a gimmicky gadget and then often become a common home appliance, is driven by our desire for added functionality and convenience. Many appliances can now fully automate - or lessen the effort required for - everyday tasks in all areas of the home. Our own remote control blinds can be fully automated to operate at certain times of the day, offering the highest in convenience for window blind operation. The kitchen is a major area for ever-improving functionality in appliances. Predictions for the kitchen of the future involve devices that utilise modern technology and materials to reduce the amount of hard work necessary to get what you want from your kitchen. Examples of the appliances that could be coming into the home kitchen include a remote controlled cooker that will switch itself on to be ready as soon as the user returns home, a smart fridge that incorporates a display to show information such as your nutritional needs, and the captivating idea of a 3D food fabricating printer. The sales of 3D printers has been rising since 2003 and, consequently, the costs have decreased. The 3D food printer is currently only at the design and development stage, but has the potential to transform the way we obtain certain foods by offering a choice of foods that can be fabricated, in the home, from liquids, gels or pastes that are loaded into the 'printer' in the form of cartridges. Another interesting development in kitchen technology, that is closer to becoming domestically available, is Philips Green Cuisine Concept. The Green Cuisine features a large centre island tabletop that will sense everything you set down on it and can cook or cool food and beverages wherever they are placed. In accordance with the increasing eco-friendly nature of home appliances, beneath the tabletop is a composter that could allow you to reuse much of your waste.

    Smart appliances can even be obtained today that are unlikely to look out of place once the kitchen is filled with future hi-tech conveniences. In particular, the stylish, yet practical, design of the Samsung RFG299 French Door Refrigerator shows a lot of consideration with regards to maximising the product's storage space. It uses urethane insulation, that allows the wall thickness to be reduced while remaining just as efficient with regards to power demand. This refrigerator also features a 7-inch LCD touch screen that allows control of the temperature and the water filter and provides access to calendars, schedules, nutritional facts and unit conversions, as well as the ability to showcase photos. Thanks to the continuing improvements in home appliance technology, the next time you are doing a tedious task at home and think: 'I wish there was an appliance that could help me with this', it is possible that someone somewhere could already be working on the appliance you need.

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  • Android@Home The Smart Device Mesh

    Posted on 12th May 2011 by Andy.

    Smart phones can do some pretty amazing things these days, people queue up to buy the latest mobile device whether it's the latest iPhone or Android based phone. The increasing functionality of these smart phones allow us can conduct business, surf the net, see where the nearest cinema is, the list is endless. Now Android@Home team at Google are creating functionality that will allow you save energy and achieve a wireless mesh home automation network that can be controlled with your favorite Android phone. Google's Android@Home is new technology that will allow you to remotely control appliances in your home from your phone. Their first project will be a remote controlled smart LED light bulb by Lighting Science and whilst some companies already do this kind of thing from phones and touch screens, sky-high pricing can make it extremely prohibitive.  Some might say it’s the lazy man’s dream but it has energy saving properties also. If you’ve left the house for work and forgotten to turn something off, you can just quickly do that from your phone. This exciting new discovery will be named Project Tungsten and it seeks to make appliances communicate with each other (like they have a life of their own? Sometimes the washing machine does) and you will eventually be able to control the dishwasher, washing machine and a whole array of products. This technology will be available on certain android phones and all you’ll have to do is download an app from the Android Market. Sounds pretty special doesn’t it. So if you would rather sit on the couch and switch the light on without having to move, or stream your music collection throughout the house from your mobile phone, the new Android@Home technology could be the answer, but what happens when someone asks you to put the washing machine on and your mum has just called? You can’t really have the excuse of “Sorry I’m on the phone”.

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