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  • The worlds biggest LED TV is ready to launch

    Posted on 1st May 2013 by Chris.

    If you had to dream up the most opulent and ostentatious display of wealth you probably wouldn’t even come close to saying a massive TV in your back garden. But if you have a spare £423,000 knocking around and a garden big enough you could become the envy of your neighbours with this C Seed 201inch LED TV. At the flick of switch this black monolith rises up out of your lawn like a missile preparing to launch. Within 15 seconds it has reached its full height or 4.6 metres. Then its 201inch screen begins to unfold like an emerging butterfly. In 25 seconds the seven panels on the screen have fully extended and you’re ready to start watching. The C Seed has been designed in Austria by the Porsche Design Studio deliberately to look sculptural as well as sleek and imposing. It is the world’s largest outdoor LED TV and employs the latest cutting edge technology to deliver a seamless experience. When not in use it is hidden away in its own underground storage, its fully water replant, features three-way audio, can rotate through 270 degrees to allow you to find the best viewing angle and wirelessly connects to your home’s media hub. It also boasts fantastic picture quality so you’re not compromising anything for the outdoor cinema experience. While a lot of home design brings something of the outside in, this takes a bit of the inside out. Although it’s possibly not best suited to the British climate but the C Seed is one a must have gadget for people that have everything, especially a large bank balance and a garden to match. Visit for more info.

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